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Best Black Friday Robot Vacuum Deals 2023

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Best Black Friday Robot Vacuum Deals in 2023

Hello, November is here, a time when the shopping frenzy sets in.

Everyone is curious about the best Black Friday 2023 robot vacuum deals.


Considering the crazy discounts we saw during last year’s event, the 2023 sale is expected to offer much crazier robot vacuum discounts and slashed off prices. This is following the intense competition we have seen, especially from Roborock, the relatively new Chinese brand on the block.

What is Black Friday?


For starters, Black Friday is an annual November sale event acknowledged in the entire world. The sale marks the beginning of the shopping season in readiness for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

According to shoppers, this is a time to shop for the upcoming holidays, but for retailers, it’s an avenue to dispose of the old stock in readiness for the new stock for Christmas shopping. That’s why many sellers are always willing to go way below the regular prices to empty their shelves.

black fridayThe sale is organized in almost all countries, with the US leading the pack for obvious reasons. While some countries have a different understanding of the word, one thing that remains consistent is that it is the biggest annual sale event.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US, and the word was coined from the fact that there were many accidents and catastrophes on that day. This is quite true because we’ve seen several accidents during Black Friday, often caused by the crowds of shoppers. But thanks to Amazon and the rest of the online retailers, now you can scramble for deals without leaving your house.

Also, some explanations suggest that it was a period in the calendar when retailers started making profits, thus moving from the red zone to the black zone.

In the UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, Germany, and the rest of the countries, there could also be different explanations, but one thing remains uniform; it’s the craziest sale of the year!

When is Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday 2023?

There are two main sale events in the upcoming shopping season: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2023 is set for Friday, 24 November, the day after Thanksgiving, just as usual. Many people have been asking whether Black Friday has been canceled this year. Well, the lockdown measures for the last couple of years caused by Coronavirus have made many businesses shut down, but then, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for eCommerce. While many physical stores will limit the number of customers, online shopping sites will still allow customers to place orders during Black Friday.

After Black Friday, we will have Cyber Monday 2023 set for Monday, 27 November. This sale was introduced to encourage shoppers to buy online. Even though Black Friday moves partly online, Cyber Monday is still on, so if you miss your favorite robot vacuum during 2023 Black Friday, you have another chance of getting a Roomba or Roborock vacuum at a discount during Cyber Monday.

Our Picks: Best Black Friday Deals in 2023?

Now that you know a thing or two about Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday 2023, let’s get to the main business of the day. What are the best Black Friday robot vacuum deals to anticipate?


iRobot Roomba

Arguably the best robot vacuum brand, iRobot, has been forced to drop its prices to keep up the stiff competition. The Massachusetts-based company has released several new models, which means they will have to slash down the new models’ prices.

The most expensive robot vacuum from the brand is the J9+ Combo, the combo model that can simultaneously mops and vacuums and which package includes the iRobot CleanBase unit to empty the dust box and refills bin automatically. Don’t expect many discounts on J7 or S9+, another top-ranked models with iRobot CleanBase unit, but the previous models, talk of the i3 EVO/i3+, Roomba j6+, i4+, and the 600 series, will have huge discounts.

But then, much focus during this year’s sale will be on the entry-level Roombas that have self-emptying; i3+ and i4+.

The latest Roomba, the J9+ will also feature during the sale.

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Eufy RoboVac


EUFY is a cheap and trendy brand. This year, EUFY has on sales several models, including Robovac X8, G40 Hybrid, G30, and L35. The Chinese brand has released several new pro models with auto-emptying station, including the X8 Pro and Clean X9 Pro.

To stay afloat, expect discounts of up to 50% on EUFY models.

If you are looking for a cheap robot vacuum cleaner, EUFY will be a good place to start your search. Some models retail at under $200 on a typical day, so don’t be surprised to find RoboVacs under $100 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In terms of performance, it might not be a good brand as Roomba, or Roborock, but still, it’s a worthy bargain.

Eufy Amazon Prime Day Deals 2024


ECOVACS Deebot is the most active robot vacuum brand on the market. The Chinese brand boasts over 50 products, with several new models released this year. The brand has some very affordable robot vacuums, talk of the Deebot OZMO N7, T8, Deebot N8 Pro. If you are looking for the best value for money, look no further, this is the real deal.

One of the best features of Deebot vacuums is the 2-in-1 cleaning performance. All the new models from the brand come with OZMO mopping technology, meaning they can vacuum and mop simultaneously. You don’t have to buy a separate robot for mopping. Besides mopping technology, there are models with intelligent navigation and floor mapping systems. The latest models from the brand, the Deebot X1, Deebot X2 and T20 OMNI, boast AI Technology, automatic mop drying and washing and bin self-emptying, making ECOVACS one of the best robot vacuum brands on the market.

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One of the best robot vacuum brands in 2023 is Roborock, previously known as Xiaomi. The company boasts top-range robot vacuums as well as cheaper options for budget buyers. We predict significant discounts on S8/S8+ Series, S7 Max Ultra, Q7 Max and Q8 Max Series. Just like Deebot, the high-end Roborock models feature 2-in-1 cleaning, meaning they can vacuum and mop at the same time. Considering the affordable pricing of these vacuums, you are guaranteed the best value for money.

Talking of Black Friday 2023, Roborock will want to give the top brands such as Roomba a run for their money so expect some fabulous deals. During last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the low-end models such as Xiaowa had discounts of up to 50%, while the high-end models had a 30% discount.

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After a long period of dormancy, Neato finally broke the duck and released new robot vacuums in 2020, the much-awaited Neato D8, D9, and D10. Besides, there are no other old models left in the Neato Amazon store. But these models are expected to have discounts of up to 40%.

Unfortunately, Neato Robotics doesn’t have much to offer with their new robot vacuums. But the good thing is that they use true-HEPA filtration, XXL wide brush (70% wider than other spinning brushes in robots) and XXL vacuum motor to remove the stubborn mess, so they are ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers. We are also glad that the navigation system and runtime have been improved in these new models.

Neato BotVac Amazon Prime Day Deals 2024


While it is a little-known brand, Coredy vacuums have been here since 2011. The most popular models are SL200, R550, R650 and R750.

The company has continued to raise the standards with some great vacuums, including a 2-in-1 cleaner that vacuums and mops, and even a 3-in-1 cleaner that vacuums, sweeps and mops. Their robots are equipped with a 3-point cleaning system, advanced LIDAR navigation and zig-zag path or y-profile cleaning for double coverage. You can choose a model with a500 ml dust bin or with a slim design. Meanwhile, the prices are very fair, and with Black Friday around the corner, we expect some fantastic Coredy vacuum deals.


While it’s best known for the range of blenders and food processors, Shark is also a household name in the vacuum industry. The company made headlines during last year’s Black Friday, and during this year’s sale, it’s also expected to present some great deals and discounts.

The choice of robot cleaners is big, but you can choose between a vacuum and mop model with sonic mopping and matrix clean, a model with a self-emptying station, or a model with AI ultra voice control . On sales, Shark will provide more than 20 robots at attractive prices.

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about iLife
If you are looking for a cheap robot vacuum, ILIFE has plenty of options in the A-Series, V-Series and T-Series. The Chinese company is best known for affordable robot vacuums with cutting-edge technology. During sale events, iLIFE manages to outshine competitors with crazy prices.

For example, the V80 Max, a mop and vacuum combo, is a best-seller with about 25.000 reviews on Amazon. This model has gyro navigation, app and voice control, a 750 ml dustbin, a tangle-free brush, anti-collision and anti-dropping sensors, and powerful suction power of 2000 Pa. Bestsellers attract up to 50% discounts.

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How to Select the Best Robot Vacuum

Now, when it comes to shopping, we wouldn’t recommend you just pick any robot vacuum cleaner that is cheap. If you are not sure what the best robot vacuum to buy, here are three important questions you need to address.

1. What Are Your Needs?


One of the things that make robot vacuums unique is that they are highly specialized to suit the specific cleaning demands of homeowners. So far, robot vacuums have been segmented depending on the cleaning they offer.

We have robot vacuums for hard floors, hardwood floors, carpets, pet hair, allergens, and even germs. That said, let your needs determine the choice of your vacuum.

Here are a few recommendations, but you can find our detailed robot vacuum buying guide here in this review of the best robot vacuums in the market.

saleIf you have hardwood floors, look for a vacuum with soft bristle brushes or rubber extractors because they are gentle on the fragile surface. You may also want to consider a mopping function that ensures floors are cleaned with minimal water as moisture is hardwood floor’s enemy number one. We have reviewed the best robot vacuums for hardwood floors.


For the quick shopper, some popular models suitable for hardwood floors include Roomba 694, ECOVACS Deebot T8, OZMO N7, Shark AV2610WA, Roomba i4 EVO/i4+, Roomba j7+, Roborock Q5/Q5+, among others.

For homeowners with carpets, a vacuum with high suction power is ideal. The higher the carpet pile, the more the suction required. On some specific rugs like shag, you also need to consider the brush and several other factors.


We have done a review of the best robot vacuums for carpets.

Some of the models that feature in the review include ECOVACS Deebot X1, Roomba S9+, Roborock S8/S8+, among others.

We also have robot vacuums that have been designed to handle pet messes. If you have ever been frustrated by the pet hair on your floor and carpets, look out for moderate suction so as not to blow away the pet hair, a tangle-free brush, and preferably, a robot mop. HEPA filters are also necessary to combat pet dander-related allergens.


This website also has a review of the best robot vacuums for pet hair. Among the ideal models for pets, we highlight bObsweep PetHair, Roomba j6+, ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+, Roborock S7 Max Ultra, ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Turbo and others.

Large apartments and high traffic rooms require a longer time to clean and mapping precision, respectively.

If you want the best vacuum for such tasks, make sure to go for a robot vacuum with a longer runtime and, if possible, one with auto-resume. For example, Roomba j9+, Roborock Q8 Max+, ECOVACS Deebot T20 OMNI, and Botvac D7 Connected.


For high traffic rooms, VSLAM navigation is the best because it uses sensors and a camera. Some of the best robot vacuums with VSLAM navigation include Roomba i5/i5+, Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and Deebot X2 OMNI. But still, there are SLAM-based robot vacuums such as Deebot T8 and T8 AIVI, Deebot N8 Pro, which have intelligent navigation and floor mapping systems.

Almost all robot vacuum manufacturers produce nowadays the mop and vacuum combo, for simultaneous cleaning of hard floors. Such robots are equipped with no-mop zones or carpet sensors to prevent them from mopping. Also, you can choose the mode – mop and vacuum, mop after vacuum, or vacuum only. The smartest cleaners have a docking station with automatic mop washing and drying for hands-free maintenance. Among combo bestsellers, we can recommend Roomba Combo j7+, Roomba Combo j5/j5+, Deebot T10 OMNI, Roborock Q Revo, and Deebot T9+.


For the smart home shopper, there are so many models in stock. For example, we have robot vacuums with Wi-Fi for Smartphone operation and integration with other connected devices like Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, SmartThings, among others. Ecovacs Deebot T20 OMNI is a great choice because it offers a wide range of smart features at a very low price compared to the likes of Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba Combo j7+, Deebot T9+, and the new Roborock S8 Pro Ultra.

2. What are the Best Brands?

The robot vacuum industry has attracted a lot of companies. Today, the market is flooded with all kinds of brands, from the trusted ones to cheap knockoffs.


As a rule of thumb, it’s better to buy from a trusted brand. Some of the household names in the market are iRobot, Roborock, Neato Robotics, SharkNinja, Dyson, Samsung, and the rest. Don’t shy away from the cheap Chinese brands like ILIFE and ECOVACS; they have some excellent products, unlike most of their counterparts.

But why should you buy these top brands if they are expensive?

  • First, one thing synonymous with top brands is reliability and value for money. Buying from a trusted brand guarantees you a good robot vacuum most of the time.
  • The second reason you need a top brand is the after-sales services. These little-known brands have very poor after-sales and customer support. They don’t honor warranties and finding replacement parts like filters, brushes, and accessories may be a nightmare.

3. What’s Your Budget?

Lastly, you have to set your budget. The robot vacuums market offers a range of options, from the cheap robot vacuums under $200 like most ILIFE robot vacuums to high-end models like ECOVACS Deebot X2 OMNI.


Typically, one would be more inclined to think that the expensive models are the best and the cheap ones are a waste of money. I agree with the rule of ‘you get what you pay for’, but things may be entirely different with robot vacuums. Some cheap models deliver excellent performance and, consequently, better value for money.

Black Friday 2023 Shopping Tips

Snapping deals during major sales is a hassle. When it comes to offline shopping, I don’t think there are any clever hacks other than having the muscle to power your way inside the store when it’s opened. Thanks to online shopping, you don’t have to scramble with physical strength.

Here are three essential tips for shopping online.


1. Window shop upcoming deals


Well, Black Friday deals are meant to be surprise deals but don’t let them catch you by surprise. Instead, make sure to do some window shopping to have an idea of what the upcoming sales include.

You don’t want to fall for a robot vacuum on the first day when there may be a better deal of a robot vacuum with mop on the second day. We understand this might be a hassle, and that’s why our editors will be updating this review with all the latest robot vacuum deals they discover.

2. Prepare a wish list

Black Friday deals are irresistible because of the crazy discounts. If you are the impulse buyer, this is not a sale you want to go into freestyle without any specific agenda.


Prepare a wish list and try to stick to it because the slashed prices might make you buy things you don’t need just because they are cheap.

For every item you have in your shopping list, browse for the best deals you have seen so far and prioritize the models based on their performance.

3. Watch out for flash sales

One of the exciting things about Black Friday is the flash sales. This is a timed event where you find select items at incredibly low prices.


Flash sales are just there to excite customers, but some people benefit from low prices in the long run. Usually, the stock for items on flash sales is always limited, so it’s a first-come, first-served basis.

Other helpful tips

  • Have a stable internet connection and a fast device.
  • Always be ready with your account logged in and shipping and payment details up to date.
  • Be patient when your favorite product is sold out; the seller might update inventory.
  • Try Amazon Prime for exclusive offers and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save on Black Friday deals?

The majority of retailers cut 20%-30% off. But the luckiest customers can find even more generous offers where prices are reduced by 50%-60%.


What is the best mopping robot I can buy on Black Friday?

Black Friday deals allow you to purchase a lot of excellent 2-in-1 vacuums for lower prices. Thus, many customers pay attention to Roborock Q REVO, S7 Max Ultra and Q5 mopping vacs. Also, Deebot OMNI models combine powerful vacuuming and mopping at a reasonable price.

Roomba vs Roborock: what to choose on Black Friday?

Both brands produce excellent robotic vacuums. iRobot Roomba has always been and remains the most innovative robotics company. Roborock offers almost equal quality and functionality for less money. That`s why you can safely buy any vacuum from the two brands. However, since iRobots are expensive devices, there is a reason to save about $100 and buy a discounted Roomba on Black Friday.

Is it worth buying a robot vacuum with Virtual Walls?

Yes, it is definitely worth choosing robots that have containment technology. But then, Virtual Walls is outdated, so if you have the budget, buy a robot vacuum with digital barriers instead.

Final Words

We expect to have plenty of Black Friday 2023 robot vacuum deals as each brand tries to assert itself in the competitive robot vacuums market.


Remember the date, Friday, 24 November, that’s when the 2023 Black Friday will start.

But if you ask me, every other day can be Black Friday if you are the savvy shopper who knows where to get the deals. There are always crazy deals out there; the problem is spotting them.

For us, we are still on the hunt, and that’s why you should bookmark this page if you want to get the best robot vacuum deals.

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