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Best Black Friday Vacuum Cleaner Deals 2020

Nest Black Friday vacuum cleaner dealsNovember is almost here, and that means time to shop till you drop. If you are looking for the best Black Friday 2020 vacuum cleaner deals, you are at the right place.

We have scoured the market to find you the latest deals and the discounts during upcoming sale.

Black Friday 2020

Coronavirus has crippled many industries, and while it has halted business, the lockdowns and containment measures have been a blessing in disguise to eCommerce.

So, while many events have been canceled, we are glad that Black Friday is still on.


This year’s sale is scheduled for Friday, 27 November, the day after Thanksgiving, as is the norm. It will be followed by Cyber Monday, which is set for Monday, 30 November.

Why Black Friday?

You may have saved enough to get yourself a vacuum cleaner, but our advice is to wait for the sale event. The reason is simple; there will be lots of deals and discounts during Black Friday.

There have been great vacuum cleaner deals and discounts in the recent Black Friday events where customers enjoyed up to 50% off on their favorite vacuum cleaners. This year, we expect to see the same, and that’s why we advise you to wait for Black Friday. But if you are too anxious to lay your hands on your favorite vacuum cleaner, you can snap a deal even before the big day.

  • Now that most stores will remain closed because of the Coronavirus, there will be intense activity on the online frontier. Start anticipating deals as early as mid-November. But before you start shopping, here are a few important things you need to be aware of.

How to select the right vacuum

First, assess your cleaning needs and know which type of vacuum will best suit your needs.

There are upright vacuums, canisters, and the stick/handheld model.

  • The upright vacuums are large but pack excellent raw power, so if you are looking for an all-round cleaner, these are the best.
  • Canisters are best for those who have large houses, especially with two or more floors. At least, canister vacuums are easily portable and still offer excellent cleaning performance.
  • Lastly, the stick and handheld vacuums are lighter and are ideal for light vacuuming. You can use them to vacuum upholstery, your car, and high above places where canisters and uprights can’t access.

The next thing to consider is your budget. While Black Friday promises lots of deals and discounts, be aware of the prices in general.

Some vacuums are expensive, while others are affordable. The expensive models are the best, but that is not to say there are no cheap vacuums you can trust.

Now talking of the prices, the household names will set you back more while the little known brands will at least save you a few bucks.

Best Black Friday 2020 Vacuum Cleaner Deals

Below are all the Black Friday vacuum deals waiting for you.

Dyson Black Friday Deals

dysonDyson is among the most popular vacuum cleaner brands.

The UK company is best known for their upright and canister vacuums, and stick and handheld models.

Dyson is also known in the robot vacuum industry through the Dyson 360 Eye. But the company doesn’t seem interested any longer in the Roomba dominated field.


Whether you are looking for a bagged or bagless vacuum, canister, or upright, Dyson has something for you.

The prices are not so friendly, but still, there are some worthy Dyson vacuum discounts.

Hoover Black Friday Deals

Hoover is a US brand, and arguably, the most popular in the US.

The company has been in business for over a decade.

In the US, the company is known for its floorcare products.

But in Europe, the brand has expanded to appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines in addition to floor care products.


Just like Dyson, this is an expensive brand, but considering the excellent performance, you shouldn’t mind forking out a few more bucks to bring a Hoover home.

If you are looking for the best Hoover vacuum deals, below are the best we found.

Shark Black Friday Deals

SharkFormerly known as Euro-Pro, SharkNinja is a US brand that is synonymous with the SharkNinja line of blenders and food processors.

The brand is also in the vacuum cleaners industry, where it boasts upright vacuums, canisters, stick, handhelds, and robot vacuums. Shark also has steam mops and irons.


Shark is a top brand and has highly specialized vacuums for different floor types and even pets.

Regarding the prices, Shark vacuums are also pricey, but you can take advantage of the Black Friday Shark deals below.

Rug Doctor Black Friday Deals

As the name suggests, Rug Doctor specializes mainly in carpets, and that’s where the Texas-based company thrives.

Rug Doctor logo

The company was established over 40 years and is a household name when it comes to carpet cleaning.


In the UK and US, Rug Doctor is known for its professional-grade DIY deep carpet cleaning machines.

If you have stubborn carpet stains, then a Rug Doctor vacuum will sort you out. Below are all the Rug Doctor Black Friday 2020 deals.

Bissell Black Friday Deals

BISSELLBissell, also known as Bissell Homecare, is a vacuum cleaner and floor cleaning brand based in Michigan.

The company was established over 140 years ago and is best known for its high-performance vacuums.

The company is the official sponsor of the Bissell Pro Cycling Team.

Unfortunately, Bissell vacuums are expensive, but this Black Friday, there are plenty of deals and discounts as listed below.

Dirt Devil Black Friday Deals

Dirt Devil logoDirt Devil is a US-based vacuum cleaner brand established in 1905.


Since then, the company has risen the ranks, and today, it offers some of the best affordable vacuums, including the stick, handheld and full-size models.

Dirt Devil is an inexpensive brand and this Black Friday, you can snap any of the below Dirt Devil vacuum deals.

Tineco Black Friday Deals

TinecoTineco is a pretty new vacuum brand, a brainchild of Chinese robot vacuums brand ECOVACS.

Tineco is not an all-round vacuum cleaner brand – it offers only cordless vacuums.

They bear the same resemblance of the Dyson V series only that Tineco stick vacuums are much cheaper than Dyson.

Below are the best Tineco Black Friday deals.

Miele Black Friday Deals

Miele is a German brand with wings spread all over Europe and here in the US.


The company boasts a wide product portfolio, including ovens and steamers, vent hoods, coffee makers, dishwashers, and washing machines.

The company also has some inexpensive vacuums cleaners.

Below are the best Miele deals and discounts this Black Friday.

Von Haus Black Friday Deals

Von HausVon Haus is a popular brand that manufactures vacuum cleaners besides other products such as garden tools, patio covers, DIY tools, etc.

In the vacuum cleaners category, the brand boasts stick and handheld vacuum cleaners. While it is an expensive brand, there will be plenty of Von Haus Black Friday deals, so be on the loop.

Deik Black Friday Deals

DeikDeik is a household name in the appliances industry and is best known for its vacuum cleaners.

The Turkish brand has affordable vacuum cleaners that cut across different categories, including stick vacuums, cordless vacuums, and even robot vacuums. Deik is not a very expensive brand, and during Black Friday, you can expect some deals and discounts. Below are all the Deik Black Friday deals for 2020.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Deals

ElectroluxElectrolux is a popular Swedish appliances company that boasts a wide range of vacuum cleaners. The brand boasts robotic vacuum cleaners, corded stick vacuums, bagged vacuum cleaners, and so on.

While it is an expensive vacuum brand, there will be crazy discounts during this year’s Black Friday.

There you have it, folks, all the best Black Friday 2020 vacuum cleaner deals.

How to Find the Best Black Friday Vacuum Cleaner Deals

Now that you know all the vacuum cleaner deals and discounts that will feature during this year’s sale, the big question is how you are going to snap them. Well, the thing is that Black Friday deals are always limited, and it’s not guaranteed that you will get what you want.

The most important thing is to know what you want. Like mentioned earlier, there are different types of vacuum cleaners, each designed for specific cleaning needs. A big mistake will be buying a vacuum cleaner because it’s cheap but doesn’t fit your cleaning needs. Make sure to check out our exclusive vacuum cleaner reviews to find out which type suits you best.

The next thing is to anticipate the deals and always be ready to check out once you add the item to your cart. It’s important to have your Amazon account logged in and the shipping and billing details updated.


The idea here is to check out as fast as possible because everyone else is after the deals.


That’s all we have for you in this round-up of the best Black Friday 2020 vacuum cleaner deals and discounts. We hope the article will help you snap the best deals during this year’s sale event.

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