Andry Sullivan – Reviewer and Designer

I am Andry Sullivan, and I am responsible for the reviews and content of the site. Robots and the Smart Home system gadgets are an endless, exciting, and inexhaustible topic, so that`s why I`m here.

I was always interested in how science and technology can penetrate any layers of human life and facilitate even the most everyday things. At the same time, it`s quite natural that many of us simply don`t have time or cannot keep up with such a variety of high-tech gadgets and trends. Everyone who decides to add smart stuffing for the home faces difficulties in choosing, while manufacturers regularly create something new.

Therefore, my colleagues and I decided to help others understand the intricacies and make the right choice. We try to talk about complicated things in simple words and be as objective and informative as possible. I love my job, and I`m happy if I could help you!