Best robot vacuums for hardwood floors

Today, we are going to look at the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors. What pushed us to do this review is the fact that most homeowners, especially those living in cold regions prefer hardwood floors. However, cleaning them is the elephant in the room considering no one would want to touch any cold when … Read more

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What is the best robot vacuum for pet owners?

I don’t really enjoy Vacuuming because it takes a lot of my time. But I like having a clean place and not having dust everywhere. I also have a dog who sheds like crazy. So, how can I get back my free time and still have a clean floor without lifting up my hands to … Read more

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Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Under $200 in 2018

Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming popular day by day. However, there’s a false notion that they are super expensive. If you have always believed that all robotic cleaners are expensive, you have come to the right place. You can get a reliable robotic vacuum cleaner for as little as $200. In this article, we have … Read more

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