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Roomba i3+ vs. Roomba i4+ EVO: Which Robot Vacuum is the Best?

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Roomba i3

Roomba i4


Roomba i3

4.2 out of 5
Main characteristics:
  • Dimensions 13.34" x 13.26" x 3.63"
  • Weight 11.4 pounds
  • Suction Power 10X power (1700 Pa)
  • Navigation iAdapt 2.0, Mapping
  • Multi-Floor Mapping No
  • Filter High-Efficiency filter
  • Dustbin 400-500 ml
  • Mopping with Imprint® Link Technology
  • Auto Dirt Disposal Just model Roomba i3+ (3550)
  • Runtime 75 minutes
  • WiFi Connectivity Yes
  • Imprint Link Yes
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Roomba i4

4.1 out of 5
Main characteristics:
  • Dimensions 13.34" x 13.26" x 3.63"
  • Weight 12 pounds
  • Suction Power 10X power (1700 Pa)
  • Navigation iAdapt 3.0, Mapping
  • Multi-Floor Mapping No
  • Filter High-Efficiency filter
  • Dustbin 400-500 ml
  • Mopping with Imprint® Link Technology
  • Auto Dirt Disposal Just model Roomba i4+
  • Runtime 100-110 minutes
  • WiFi Connectivity Yes
  • Imprint Link Yes
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Which one to choose Roomba i3 or Roomba i4?

Why Roomba i4 Better? or....?

4 reasons to choose Roomba i3

  • Large dustbin: Roomba i3 has a 0.5 L dustbin to ensure entire house cleaning without intermediate cleaning.
  • High-efficiency filter: Extra high-efficiency filters capture 99% of all dust and allergens and are kept in the dustbin with a full bin indicator.
  • Dirt detection system: Roomba i3 features a patented Dirt Detection System allowing it to concentrate more on the dirtiest sports.
  • Perfect dual-brushes for pet owners: Auto adjustable cleaning head with dual rubber brushes for all surfaces without getting tangled ensures removal of all mess from pets.

3 reasons to choose Roomba i4

  • Extended runtime for 20%: 2210 mAh battery of the Roomba i4 provides an opportunity to work for up to 100 minutes with automatic recharge and resume function.
  • Auto dirt disposal: i4 Roomba series is compatible with Automatic Dirt Disposal unit keeping dirt for up to 60 days in addition to a built-in 0.5 L dustbin. i4+ includes this unit in the package.
  • Intelligent mapping: Multiple sensors of this robot creates temporary maps for cleaning houses in neat rows for full coverage. You can also create virtual walls to create boundaries of areas that do not require cleaning.

Face to Face models Comparison Review

FeatureRoomba i3Roomba i4
Basic Information
Model Numberi3150 / i315020i4150 / i415020
Release Year20202020
Weight7.44 lbs7.44 lbs
Dimensions (Diameter x Height)13.34 inches x 3.63 inches13.34 inches x 3.63 inches
Price Range$300 - $350$350 - $400
Cleaning System
Cleaning System3-Stage Cleaning System3-Stage Cleaning System
Suction PowerPower-Lifting SuctionPower-Lifting Suction
Edge-Sweeping BrushYesYes
Dual Multi-Surface Rubber BrushesYesYes
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot CleanAuto, Spot Clean
Anti-Tangle TechnologyYesYes
Pet Hair PerformanceGoodGood
Navigation & Detection
Navigation SystemReactive Sensor TechnologyReactive Sensor Technology
Navigation TypeAdaptive NavigationAdaptive Navigation
Dirt DetectionYes (Dirt Detect Technology)Yes (Dirt Detect Technology)
Cleaning PatternSystematic Cleaning PatternSystematic Cleaning Pattern
Cliff Detect SensorsYesYes
Drop SensorsYesYes
Obstacle DetectionYesYes
Collision AvoidanceYesYes
Floor Tracking SensorYesYes
Number of SensorsMultipleMultiple
Maximum Cleaning Area Per ChargeUp to 1800 sq. ft.Up to 2000 sq. ft.
Battery & Charging
RuntimeUp to 75 minutesUp to 90 minutes
Battery TypeLithium-ionLithium-ion
Charge TimeApproximately 2-3 hoursApproximately 2-3 hours
Recharge & ResumeYesYes
Automatic Return to DockYesYes
Eco ModeNoNo
Dustbin & Filters
Capacity of Dustbin0.4 liters0.4 liters
Filter TypeHigh-Efficiency FilterHigh-Efficiency Filter
HEPA FilterNoNo
Full Bin IndicatorYesYes
Bin Full IndicatorYesYes
Automatic Dirt DisposalCompatible with Clean Base (sold separately)Compatible with Clean Base (sold separately)
Connectivity & Control
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
Voice ControlAmazon Alexa, Google AssistantAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Mobile AppiRobot Home AppiRobot Home App
App FeaturesScheduling, Custom Cleaning PreferencesScheduling, Custom Cleaning Preferences
Customizable CleaningYes (via app)Yes (via app)
Virtual WallsCompatible, but not includedCompatible, but not included
Smart Home IntegrationYesYes
Maintenance AlertsYes (via app)Yes (via app)
Upgradeable FirmwareYesYes
Voice PromptsNoNo
Remote ControlNoNo
UV LightNoNo
Noise LevelApproximately 65 dBApproximately 65 dB
Noise ReductionStandardStandard
Brush TypeRubber BrushesRubber Brushes
Brushless RollersNoNo
Auto-Adjust Cleaning HeadYesYes
AeroForce Cleaning SystemYesYes
Max ModeNoNo
Home MappingNoNo
No-Go ZonesNoNo
Number of Cleaning PassesAdaptiveAdaptive
Cleaning EfficiencyHighHigh
Cleaning Path Width7 inches7 inches
Return to Base After CleaningYesYes
Availability of Replacement PartsReadily availableReadily available

Key Differences:

  • Runtime: Roomba i4 has a slightly longer runtime (90 minutes) compared to the i3 (75 minutes).
  • Imprint Link Technology: Roomba i4 supports Imprint Link Technology, which allows it to work with Braava jet m6 mopping robot.
  • Price: Roomba i4 tends to be slightly more expensive than the i3, reflecting its additional features.

Both models share many similarities in terms of design, cleaning technology, and core functionality, making them both strong choices depending on specific needs and budget considerations.

Julian Smith

I need a robotic vacuum cleaner that is autonomous as much as possible for routine cleaning; for extensive cleanings, I expected to use my powerful Miele Classic C1. iRobot is a famous production company of robots, so I have decided to purchase their model. I wanted to buy a budget model with a docking station. That was my path to the comparison of i3+ and i4+. First, I was looking at the mode advanced model i4+, but in your comparison, their differences are only navigation software and runtime; I decided to save some money.
The i3+ cleans in rows and stays longer in dirty areas; that is all I need from the robot. I set the required cleaning rooms in the app and received a result. I like that it can go under my furniture, which is difficult to access with my Miele. 75 minutes is enough for my three bedroom 80 sqm house, bedrooms have low-pile carpets. I do not need a wet cleaning, so dry cleaning with 10x suction power is enough. The robot has an Automatic Disposable station, making this model autonomous, and you do not need to clean it every time.
I have had this model for 9 months already, and since then, I have had error 26 several times. This error appears if you do not clean a filter for a long time, which I honestly forget as all dust is collected in the Disposable Station. That is why I have already changed the filter twice (but the filter is non-washable; I do not think regular cleaning without water will reduce the frequency). And two times, I had error 34 because my Wi-Fi did not work, and Roomba lost connection with the app.
I definitely recommend this model as it is worth its money. The only thing is, please check if 75 minutes is enough for you; for a larger house, it will not be enough.


As I understand it, the main difference between the two models is battery life. Can I purchase the battery for my Roomba i3+ as the battery for the i4+?

Richard Harrison

The battery in all Roomba i models (excluding i8) is the same – Replacement Lithium Ion Battery. The difference is the robot software and operation logic, which allows i4+ to work longer with the same battery.


I have carpets in my bedrooms. Can Roomba i3+ and i4+ easily switch from hard floors to carpets? What is the height limitation for them?

Richard Harrison

Roomba i3+ and i4+ have adjustable heads to switch from one surface to another quickly. The height limitation is 5/8 inches or 1.6 cm. Please check your carpets; otherwise, you must manually bring the robot on it. Within this height, the head will be adjusted automatically to clean tiles, marble, laminate, and other types of floor.

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