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Best iRobot Roomba Black Friday Deals 2022

Best iRobot Roomba Black Friday Deals 2022

On the Friday following Thanksgiving, millions of people used to rush to the shops hoping to find the best deals and bargains of the year. This yearly tradition has become known as Black Friday. This day became the busiest shopping day of the year, but starting from the 2005 year after Black Friday, another event became popular for online shoppers – Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has become the most important day for online shopping with amazing discounts.

In this article, you can check out the Best Deals on Black Friday for TOP Roomba models in 2022.

This year Black Friday is scheduled on Friday, 25th November, the day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday is on Monday, 28th November. So you may also expect very interesting proposals from marketplaces during the weekend between these days.

iRobot Roomba Black Friday deals

  • 35% off – iRobot Roomba 694: $179 (was $274) at Amazon
  • 25% off – iRobot Roomba j7+ (7550) : $599 (was $799.99) at Amazon
  • 35% off – iRobot Roomba i3 EVO (3150): $229.99 (was $349.99) at Amazon
  • 30% off – iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum & Braava Jet m6 (6112): 1149$ (was 1599$)

iRobot® Roomba® j7 (7150) — $410, was $599 – Black Friday Deal – 32% OFF

One of the latest releases is the Roomba J7, J7+, and J7+ Combo, the newest kids on the block. To popularize these two models, expect huge discounts. These three models are among the best from Roomba. The three are self-emptying robot vacuums, although the base model, the J7, doesn’t come with the Automatic Clean Base unit.

The three models have the following features:

    Roomba J7
    View on Amazon

  • Precision Vision navigation to identify obstacles and hazards and create maps; with Dirt detect technology focuses on the dirtiest areas.
  • Cliff detects sensors to avoid falling and full suite sensors to clean around the obstacles and furniture.
  • Automatic emptying of the bin in the enclosed Automatic Clean Base unit (J7+ and J7+ Combo) can trap 99% of dust and pollen for 60 days (J7 is compatible but does not include this unit).
  • Powerful 3-stage cleaning system: 10x power-lifting suction for the stubborn mess, edge-sweeping brush cleans walls and corners, and dual multi-surface rubber brushes eliminate all dirt from all surfaces automatically adjusted to all types of floors.
  • Voice and app control immediate cleaning targeted areas with Alexa, Google Assistant, or iRobot Home App.
  • The application provides cleaning recommendations based on your habits or pets’ seasoning or allowing to set schedules.
  • Automatic recharge after 75 minutes of runtime and resumes.

To all the advanced features of J7 and J7+, the J7 combo adds a mopping function to achieve a 4-stage cleaning system. J7+ combo cleans hard floors from sticky mess and grease. It can vacuum and mop all at once, quickly transferring from the hard floor to the carpets and automatically lifting the mopping pad to avoid wet carpets.

iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO (3550) – 444$ was 549$ – Black Friday Deal – 19% OFF

The Roomba i3 and i3+ EVO are among the latest Roombas on the market. The two entry-level robot vacuums have automatic self-emptying bin technology, dubbed iRobot Clean Base. The only difference between these two models is the inclusion of the Clean Base unit. Unfortunately, the Roomba i3 doesn’t come with the Clean Base unit, but it is compatible with the technology.
The two models have the following outstanding features:

    Roomba I3
    View on Amazon

  • The same as for the J7 series 3-stage cleaning system – 10x power-lifting suction, dual multi-surface rubber brushes to prevent tangled hair and adjust to different floors, and edge-sweeping brush for angles and corners.
  • Auto-adjustable cleaning head to adapt its height between hard floors and carpets.
  • Floor tracking to clean the floor in neat rows.
  • Dirt Detect sensors to identify and clean the dirtiest spots and cliff sensors to prevent stairs and ledges.
  • Voice and mobile application control. Imprint Smart Mapping allows to set of schedules; the cleaning time can be estimated in the application.
  • It can be teamed with the Braava Jet M6 Roomba mop robot.
  • Battery life is 75 minutes with smart recharge and resume (the same as for J7).

The Clean Base of i3+ can keep dirt for up to 60 days to keep your hands clean.

Regarding cleaning performance, the i3 and i3+ are ideal for cleaning bare floors and pet messes. Moreover, during Black Friday 2022, expect the i3 and i3+ to feature at a more massive discount than last year’s sale. Now, they face stiff competition from the other entry-level Roombas that can empty their bins automatically. So if you want the best affordable Roomba with self-emptying, look no further; this is one of the best shots.

Roomba 600 series (614/671/694) – Black Friday Deal – 20% OFF

If you are on a budget, all your eyes should be fixed on the 600 series, one of the cheapest Roomba vacuums in 2022. They are entry-level robot vacuums designed for homeowners with small apartments and less busy homes. However, it’s a great option if you are a first-time buyer with bare floors, low-pile carpets and rugs, and maybe one or two pets.

Presented on Black Friday, models slightly differ from each other. Roomba 614 isn’t a suitable model for high-pile carpets and doesn’t have a navigation system. Moreover, iRobot 614 lacks Wi-Fi, so smartphone operation and Alexa compatibility are unavailable. Roomba 694 has Wi-Fi and is controlled via iRobot Home App with the possibility to add your cleaning schedule; another control option is via Alexa or Google Assistant. Also, it has dirt detect sensors as other more advanced models for cleaning dirtier areas harder. The Roomba 671 is the most advanced model of the three presented as it has an adaptive navigation system to clean around and under the furniture, in addition to all other features of Roomba 694.

The Roomba 614/671/694 has the following features:

  • Four cliff sensors to prevent falls, an RCON sensor to find a charging station, and a Light Touch sensor for cleaning around furniture and obstacles.
  • Standard suction, one side edge-sweeping brush, dual multi-surface brushes (1 bristle and 1 rubber) to be flexible for all types of flows – all for Roomba’s favorite 2-stage cleaning system.
  • Unique auto-adjustable cleaning head for floors with different heights.
  • Virtual wall barriers can be bought separately to set no-go zones.
  • Dust bin should be cleaned after each use; no auto-emptying base.
  • AeroVac filter to reduce air infiltration with dust, pollen, and allergens.
  • Battery life allows 90 minutes’ runtime with automatic docking when the battery is low.

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) – Black Friday Deal – 20-32% OFF

Even though we now have several new Roombas, including the recently released J7, the S9 is still the best robot vacuum from iRobot. There will be Roomba S9 Black Friday 2022 discounts, but don’t expect the best Roomba in the market to offer significant discounts, just like the i7 did when it debuted.

The S9 is one of the most expensive robot vacuums, but it’s worth every penny. It is the true successor of the iRobot 980 as it capitalized on the flaws of the Roomba i7.

The fantastic features of the Roomba S9+ are:

    Roomba S Series (S9 vs. S9+)
    View on Amazon

  • Perfect Edge technology for deep cleaning includes advanced sensors, a corner brush, and 30% wider dual multi-surface brushes for constant contact with all types of floors.
    vSlam navigation for creating precise maps to clean the home in neat rows.
  • Increased 40x powerful suctions or 2200 Pa makes floor and all types of carpets free from debris and pet hair.
  • 3D sensor with careful drive mode detecting obstacles up to 2.5 cm in height.
  • Spot-clean mess function for immediate cleaning with mobile applications or Google and Alexa voice assistants.
  • High-efficiency filter to capture 99% of dust and allergens.
  • Setting up cleaning schedules with customized settings for each room if required. You can set the start time when you are out and stop the robot automatically when you return.
  • Automatic emptying of the bin in the enclosed bag system of the Automatic Dirt Disposal Unit for 60 days.
  • Automatic recharge and resume while runtime is up to 120 minutes.

iRobot Roomba i2 (2152) – 299$ was 349$ – Black Friday Deal – 14% OFF

Another budget model is the Roomba i2 for hard floors and carpets, which is a competitor of the Roomba 614 described earlier, but with some differences, as intelligent options of iRobot OS to learn your habits and create effective favorite cleaning routes.

    Roomba I2
    View on Amazon

  • Dirt sensors for cleaning dirtier spots more thoroughly.
  • 10x suction, high-efficiency filter, one sweeping edge brush and dual multi-surface rubber brushes, auto-adjustable head – for effective 3-stage cleaning.
  • Maps your home and navigates in logical, neat rows.
  • Compatible with the clean base, but it can be purchased separately.
  • Seasonal and personalized cleaning suggestions in a mobile application.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.
  • With Imprint Link Technology can work in sequence with the Braava Jet M6 Roomba mop robot.

So, Roomba i2 is a smart version of Roomba 614 with the possibility to use the iRobot mobile application.

Roomba i4+ EVO – Black Friday Deal – 32% OFF

This model represents the middle-price Roomba series with Automatic Dirt Disposal Bin. It is ideal for pet owners to clean hard floors and carpets.
It is similar to the i2 model but with some advanced features:

    View on Amazon

  • The new mobile application allows targeted room cleaning and provides personal suggestions for cleaning. Setting schedules has never been so easy.
  • Automatic disposable bin to forget dirt for two months and keep 99% of particles up to 0.7 microns.
  • 10x powerful lifting suction, one sweeping edge brush, and dual multi-surface rubber brushes – represent effective 3-stage cleaning.
  • High-efficiency filter and auto-adjustable head to support flawless operation.
  • Smart mapping for navigation in rows with cliff detectors to avoid robot damage.
  • Dirt Detect Technology with dirt sensors for cleaning dirt spots more intensely.
  • Battery smart recharge and resume at the place where it stopped.
  • Alexa/google assistant for voice control.
  • Synchronization with Braava jet M6 for mopping after vacuuming in the perfect team for cleaning.

And it’s not just Roombas; there will also be Black Friday Braava deals for those who want a robot mop.

Braava 380t – Black Friday Deal – 20-30% OFF

Braava 380t Dimensions
View on Amazon

If you want a robot mop, then look out for Braava 380 discounts, which will definitely be plenty.

Before the release of the M6, this was the best iRobot mop, overshadowing the earlier Braava 240.

The 240 had a $100 discount while the Braava 380t attracted a $70 discount.

This year, there won’t be huge deals for the Braava 240 as it will hardly be in stock, but for the 380t, it will be business as usual.

Now, the Braava 380 will be a great model for those on a budget.

Otherwise, it’s not the best that money can buy.

However, it can handle the small to medium-sized apartments efficiently, but with a newer model on the market, why not try the new Braava?

Braava M6

Braava Jet M6
View on Amazone

This is the latest robot mop from iRobot and costs quite a fortune. However, as a new model, don’t expect big discounts.

It will probably have a 10 – 15% discount now that it is still the best robot mop from iRobot.

The Braava M6 is the ultimate robot mop. It has been designed to sync with the new Roomba S9+, and the i7/i3/i8 models.

As the Roomba sweeps and vacuums, Braava follows behind, wiping the floors.


The M6 is smarter in all ways compared to the Braava 380t, so it should be number one on your wishlist this Black Friday.

Why Buy Roomba During Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

It is always pleasant to buy something twice cheaper than the original price and to buy two things instead of one for the same price. So why should you miss the opportunity to buy a good Roomba robotic cleaner with the best discount?

The Roomba vacuums are good for many reasons:

    iRobot Roomba

  • They can automatically clean all hard floors, adjusting the suction power to the floor type and messy areas. Some models are combo and can mop and vacuum simultaneously for a complete cleaning process. It has a system of object detection to avoid pet accidents, cords, socks, and toys in real time.
  • The robots can be remotely controlled with iRobot Home App and Alexa or Google Assistant. You can schedule the cleaning while you are at work or sleeping.
  • The robotic cleaner with a multi-stage cleaning system is an excellent opportunity to keep your home tidy, even with pets and small kids, without hiring a cleaning service and your manual service.
  • The smart mapping system allows setting boundaries to avoid cleaning sensitive areas and customize areas where the cleaning is required the most.
  • It recharges automatically, making the whole process of cleaning absolutely independent from your tight schedule.

Many other top-tech features of Roomba robot cleaners depend on the model and its price; we advise you to go through the article to find the one required for your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful Roomba?

If you`re looking for the most powerful Roomba robot cleaner, we recommend you to purchase the S9 or S9+ models. These vacuums provide 2200 Pa suction.


Can Roomba robot vacuum cleaners perform wet cleaning?

iRobot does not provide Roomba models with additional mopping functions. But the brand produces a separate line of mopping robots called Braava. Some Roombas, for example the i7 and S9, can be synchronized with Braavas.

Are Roomba vacuums suitable for allergic people?

The majority of Roomba robots are equipped with high-efficiency filters that trap 99% of particles. Even such a level of filtration significantly improves the purity of the air and reduces allergy attacks.

Why are Roombas so expensive?

Roomba cleaners were one of the first robotic vacuums in the market. Even after all these years, this brand presents annual improvements and unique innovations like Auto Dirt Disposal Base, Smart Mapping, Imprint Link, iRobot Genius, etc. This combination of high quality, innovations, and brand recognition justifies high prices.

What Roomba robot cleaners are better for carpets?

The best Roomba for carpets is the S9+ which boasts 2200pa suction power. The Roomba 980 is also a great deal for carpets, but it has been discontinued.


There you have it, folks, all the Roomba Black Friday 2022 deals, and discounts.

Remember, Black Friday is not the only upcoming sale; there’s also Cyber Monday, a sale where more robot vacuum deals will feature.

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