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Best Black Friday Roomba Deals and Discounts

Best iRobot Roomba Black Friday Deals 2020

In this Black Friday Roomba discounts guide, find all the iRobot deals that will be available on Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021.

There’s no doubt that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has affected our daily norms. Many industries have been affected, but we are glad that the robot vacuum industry has remained afloat. All the robot vacuum brands, including iRobot, Roomba’s manufacturer, have remained in production, showcasing high-tech innovation.

What’s more? Most retailers who push these little gadgets to the market are still hosting all annual sale events, including Black Friday, the biggest sale event of the year. So if you are on the hunt for a Roomba, our advice is, wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In this article, we have scoured the market to bring you all the Roomba Black Friday deals featured in the upcoming sale.

Black Friday 2021

The 2021 Black Friday is scheduled for Friday, 26th November, the day after Thanksgiving, as is the norm. On the other hand, Cyber Monday 2021 will be coming on Monday, 29th November, and will feature several smart robot vacuum deals.

Why Buy Roomba During Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

You might have saved for a while to get yourself a Roomba in 2021. If you’re ready to get one now, we advise you to be a little patient and wait for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021.


If you want the best robot vacuum deals, this is the year’s biggest sale, and there will be plenty of discounts.

Over the years, homeowners have been taking advantage of this sale. While the end of November seems so far, there’s some good news.

In the past, most of the deals started flowing in from the 20th of November but considering the online shopping frenzy witnessed because of lockdowns and containment measures, expect early deals, as early as the beginning of November.

Why Buy Roomba?

iRobot Roomba
Now, why should you buy Roomba in a market that has dozens of robot vacuum brands?

Well, iRobot is the best robot vacuum brand. The Massachusetts-based company is the pioneer of robot vacuums and boasts the best technology in the industry. Most innovations, including the 3-stage cleaning system, Dirt Detect, self-recharge + resume, vSLAM navigation, mapping, and auto self-emptying, were pioneered by iRobot; other brands just replicated the technology.

To find out which is the best Roomba to buy in 2021, you can check out our exclusive Roomba 2021 comparison review, where we have listed the best models that should be on your wishlist, explored the different Roomba technologies, and how they work.

Best Black Friday 2021 Roomba Deals and Discounts

Without mincing more words, here are the best Roomba deals that will feature during this year’s sale.

Roomba 614

Roomba 614
View on Amazon

If you are on a budget, all your eyes should be fixed on the 614, one of the cheapest Roomba vacuums in 2021.

  • Well, this is an entry-level robot vacuum designed for homeowners with small apartments and less busy homes. If you are a first-time buyer with bare floors and maybe one or two pets, it’s a great option.
  • However, it isn’t the right model for carpets and doesn’t have a decent runtime and navigation system.
  • Moreover, iRobot 614 lacks WiFi, so smartphone operation and Alexa compatibility are not available.
To know how it compares with other Roombas, check out our Roomba 614 vs. 675 vs. 650 comparison review, plus the exclusive cleaning test results.

Roomba 690

roomba 690
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This is another budget robot vacuum from iRobot.

It was also among the cheapest Roombas last Black Friday, and in the upcoming sale, it should also feature as it has been resilient on the market and still boasts the tag of the best-selling Roomba on Amazon.

Last year, it sold at a 30% discount, and this year, we expect huge savings as well.


But considering it’s an old model, there will be limited stocks.

In case you find enticing Roomba 690 deals, should you snap it?

The 690 is not so different from the Roomba 614, only that it is a connected model.

  • It features 2.4GHz WiFi compatibility for mobile app operation and Alexa syncing.
  • The 690 is ideal for small to medium-sized apartments with bare floors and pets.
  • Carpet performance is not impressive, just like in 614.

Another noteworthy difference is that the 614 lacks any Virtual Walls device though it is compatible with the containment technology. On the other hand, the Roomba 690 works with Virtual Walls and includes one Virtual Walls node.

Roomba 675

Roomba 675
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The iRobot 675 should also feature in your Black Friday 2021 wishlist. But the big question is, should you buy this model?

Except for the aesthetics and finishing, the 675 is the same as the 690 in terms of features and performance.

  • But it costs slightly cheaper than the 690 because it doesn’t come with a dual wall virtual walls node.
  • For homeowners who have nothing to worry about where their robot vacuum goes, this is a sweet deal.

Roomba E5

Roomba E5
View on Amazon

This year, iRobot is expected to offer most of the deals it offered during last year’s Black Friday.


The Roomba E5 is a great vacuum considering it takes a step further from the 600 series and brushes shoulders with mid-tier models like the iRobot 890.

  • It features 5X the air power than the previous 600 series, making it ideal for low pile carpets.
  • The filtration system is also enhanced though it isn’t HEPA grade.

While it doesn’t have most of the bells and whistles that the latest Roombas have, it’s still worth the money now that you can snap it up for around $200, give or take.

Roomba 960

Roomba 960
View on Amazon

It’s highly unlikely we’ll be seeing Roomba 980 Black Friday deals in 2021, considering the fact that it was discontinued. Instead, you can find some fantastic discounts on the 960.

This year, with the likes of the i7, S9, i3+, i8+, and J7 on board, expect the 960’s Black Friday price to drop further below the $500 mark.

Now, should you buy it or not?

  • Well, the 900 series brings on board a VSLAM navigation, longer runtime, and auto-resume function.
  • It’s also smarter and offers advanced cleaning settings and feeds like cleaning reports.
  • Unfortunately, the 960 is not ideal for medium and high pile carpets as it relies on the same motor the 800 series has. It lacks a Carpet mode, and this is the main difference between the 960 vs. 980.
  • Another difference is that the 960 has a shorter runtime than the 980, so it isn’t the best for large apartments, though it can resume cleaning after recharging.
  • Lastly, it doesn’t have automatic self-emptying, so bin emptying is manual.

Roomba i7

Roomba i7
View on Amazon

The i7 series consists of the i7 (7150) and i7+(7550).

The two were fresh during the 2018 Black Friday sale, but unfortunately, the deals were not so generous.

Last year, at least the prices came down though there were limited discounts. But this year, expect some good deals now that the S9 and J7 are also available.

  • The new i7 tags along with one big technology; iRobot CleanBase. This is a self-emptying bin that can hold up to a month’s dirt.

    What’s more? Two disposable bags are provided, so you are covered for two months. The iRobot CleanBase comes with the i7+ model only, while the i7 doesn’t include the unit but is compatible with the CleanBase Technology.

  • There’s also iAdapt 3.0, which brings a new feature called Imprint Smart Mapping. This addition offers enhanced controls and customization. For example, you can now clean the kitchen alone instead of vacuuming the entire house. Imprint Smart Mapping basically gives the Roomba the power to learn and adapt to the floor plan of your home.

Roomba S9

Roomba s9
View on Amazon

Even though we now have several new Roombas, including the recently released J7, the S9 is still the best robot vacuum from iRobot.

Well, there will be Roomba S9 Black Friday 2021 discounts, but don’t expect the best Roomba in the market to offer big discounts, just the way the i7 did when it debuted.


The S9 is one of the most expensive robot vacuums, but then, it’s worth every penny.
It is the true successor of the iRobot 980 as it capitalized on the flaws of the Roomba i7.

This time, it comes with a longer 120 minutes runtime and steps up suction power to 40X or 2,200 Pa. Remember, the i7 only has 10X the air power of the 600 series, or 1,000pa. The S series also has CleanBase technology and is available in two models: iRobot 9150 (S9) and 9550 (S9+). The S series also has CleanBase technology and is available in two models; iRobot 9150 (S9) and 9550 (S9+).

The Roomba i3 and i3+ are among the latest Roombas on the market. The two are entry-level robot vacuums that have automatic self-emptying bin technology, dubbed iRobot CleanBase. The only difference between these two models is the inclusion of the CleanBase unit. The Roomba i3 doesn’t come with the CleanBase unit, but it is compatible with the technology. On the other hand, the i3+ comes with the CleanBase unit.

Regarding cleaning performance, the i3 and i3+ are ideal for cleaning bare floors and pet messes. During Black Friday 2021, expect the i3 and i3+ to feature at a huge discount than in last year’s sale now that they face stiff competition from the other entry-level Roombas that can empty their bins automatically. If you want the best affordable Roomba with self-emptying, look no further, this is one the best shots.

Roomba i8 and i8+

The Roomba i8 and i8+ are the other new Roombas on the market and feature the iRobot CleanBase system. But then, the i8 doesn’t come with the CleanBase unit though it is compatible with the technology. If you want a model that comes with the CleanBase unit, get the Roomba i8+.

The Roomba i8 and i8+ are much similar to the i3 and i3+, but then, this model comes with a few bells and whistles, and that’s why it’s a little bit more expensive. First, it has an Anti-Allergen system, a new technology designed to ensure that all captured allergens don’t sneak back into the atmosphere. If you have pets and allergies, this is something you will definitely like. Another unique feature is the iRobot Genius™, which offers personalized cleaning.

Roomba J7

Roomba J7
View on Amazon

iRobot has a habit of releasing a new model sometime in September, just before Black Friday. The latest release is the Roomba J7 and J7+, the newest kids on the block. To popularize these two models, expect huge discounts.

But then, are these two models better than the Roomba S9? Well, the answer is no. The S9 is still the best Roomba in town. Check out our exclusive Roomba S9 vs. J7 comparison to learn more. So, what does the Roomba J7 have to offer?

  • In terms of cleaning performance, the duo packs the same suction power and uses the same brush system that the Roomba i7 and i3 use. The two are also self-emptying robot vacuums, although the base model, the J7, doesn’t come with the Automatic CleanBase unit. However, the ceiling model, the J7+, comes with this unit.
  • In terms of battery and runtime, the two feature a larger battery that offers up to 110 minutes runtime and can recharge and resume cleaning automatically.
  • What’s more? The J7 series has an intelligent navigation and mapping system making it ideal for large apartments and high traffic rooms. Interestingly, they can detect and avoid messes such as dog poop.

There you have it, folks, all the best Roomba Black Friday deals, and discounts lined up for Black Friday 2021.

And it’s not just Roombas; there will also be Black Friday Braava deals for those who want a robot mop.

Braava 380t

Braava 380t Dimensions
View on Amazon

If you want a robot mop, then look out for Braava 380 discounts, which will definitely be plenty.

Before the release of the M6, this was the best iRobot mop, overshadowing the earlier Braava 240.

The 240 had a $100 discount while the Braava 380t attracted a $70 discount.

This year, there won’t be huge deals for the Braava 240 as it will hardly be in stock, but for the 380t, it will be business as usual.

Now, the Braava 380 will be a great model for those on a budget.

Otherwise, it’s not the best that money can buy.

However, it can handle the small to medium-sized apartments efficiently, but with a newer model on the market, why not try the new Braava?

Braava M6

Braava Jet M6
View on Amazone

This is the latest robot mop from iRobot and costs quite a fortune. However, as a new model, don’t expect big discounts.

It will probably have a 10 – 15% discount now that it is still the best robot mop from iRobot.

The Braava M6 is the ultimate robot mop. It has been designed to sync with the new Roomba S9+, and the i7/i3/i8 models.

As the Roomba sweeps and vacuums, Braava follows behind, wiping the floors.


The M6 is smarter in all ways compared to the Braava 380t, so it should be number one on your wishlist this Black Friday.

Black Friday Roomba Replacement Parts and Accessories

For those who already have Roombas, Black Friday is still a good time to shop for replacement parts and accessories.

You can buy filters, replacement brushes, bins, and any other parts that are worn out on your Roomba. You will find replacement parts from iRobot and other generic brands. While the generic brands offer affordable replacement parts, we strongly recommend buying original Roomba replacement parts. Also, make sure to match the part numbers to avoid buying the wrong replacement part.


Black Friday 2021 will also be a great time to purchase additional Roomba accessories. If you want to add another Virtual Wall device, there will be plenty in stock at massive discounts now that digital boundaries are taking over. For those looking for the iRobot CleanBase unit to complete their system, iRobot will also have plenty of discounts.

So, if you have been stuck with your iRobot vacuum that works with the iRobot self-emptying but doesn’t have the CleanBase unit, stay on alert.

How to find the Best Roomba and Braava Black Friday 2021 Deals

AttentionNow, one thing about Black Friday is that the deals are always limited. While crazy discounts are guaranteed, there will be minimal stock, so this is a sale even for the fast fingers.

This year’s sale is unique because few stores will be open considering the lockdowns and the Coronavirus containment measures.

In this segment, we have shared tips on how to find the best Roomba deals.

  • First things first – don’t go shopping without a particular Roomba in mind. These little helpers are designed for different cleaning needs. Make sure to read reviews adequately and find out which is the best Roomba for you. Many homeowners end up buying the wrong robot vacuum during Black Friday because they focus much on discounts rather than their needs.
    Check out our exclusive Roomba 2021 comparison to find out which is the best Roomba robot vacuum for you.
  • The next thing you need to do is to anticipate the deals. Now that you know a Roomba 675 will fit your budget or the new Roomba S9+ is what you want, know when the deals will drop. Here, it could be hectic to scour the internet looking for where the best deals are. Make sure to follow this page, and we’ll be updating the latest deals.
  • The last thing is about being a savvy online shopper. Remember, deals are limited, and you only have one after checking out. So, make sure to log in to your account with the payment and address updated before the deals go live. This way, you will be fast in adding the item to your cart and checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful Roomba?

If you`re looking for the most powerful Roomba robot cleaner, we recommend you to purchase the S9 or S9+ models. These vacuums provide 2200 Pa suction.


Can Roomba robot vacuum cleaners perform wet cleaning?

iRobot does not provide Roomba models with additional mopping functions. But the brand produces a separate line of mopping robots called Braava. Some Roombas, for example the i7 and S9, can be synchronized with Braavas.

Are Roomba vacuums suitable for allergic people?

The majority of Roomba robots are equipped with high-efficiency filters that trap 99% of particles. Even such a level of filtration significantly improves the purity of the air and reduces allergy attacks.

Why are Roombas so expensive?

Roomba cleaners were one of the first robotic vacuums in the market. Even after all these years, this brand presents annual improvements and unique innovations like Auto Dirt Disposal Base, Smart Mapping, Imprint Link, iRobot Genius, etc. This combination of high quality, innovations, and brand recognition justifies high prices.

What Roomba robot cleaners are better for carpets?

The best Roomba for carpets is the S9+ which boasts 2200pa suction power. The Roomba 980 is also a great deal for carpets, but it has been discontinued.


There you have it, folks, all the Roomba Black Friday 2021 deals, and discounts.

Remember, Black Friday is not the only upcoming sale; there’s also Cyber Monday, a sale where more robot vacuum deals will feature.

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