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Dyson V6 vs V8 – A Comparison Review

Dyson V6 vs V8When the inventor of Dyson vacuum cleaners-James Dyson first introduced the DC series to the world, it transformed the perspective of the world on how the cordless vacuums are viewed.

The transformation introduced new versatility and suction power that had never been witnessed before this invention.

There has been tremendous change since the arrival of the first Dyson DC35 to the market.

There has been the subsequent production of new designs with improved features of the original Dyson with the Dyson V6 and V8 being the best so far concerning their characteristics and high-performance rate.

Are you confused when it comes to differentiating between the Dyson V6 and V8? Worry not because you are not alone! Although the performance of Dyson V6 and V8 is excellent, the several alternatives can confuse you a lot. We’ve got a detailed comparison of the Dyson V6 and V8 below to assist you to choose the best one.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V6 Absolute
Dyson V8 Absolute
Carpet cleaning
Good for Pet Hair
Recharge and Resume
Run Time
Up to 20 minutes
Up to 40 minutes
Power suction
100 AW
115 AW
Cleaning System
15 small cyclones
2 Tier Radial cyclones
Cleaning Modes
Auto and Max
Auto and Max
Dustbin Capacity
0.4 L
0.54 L
Wi-Fi Support
HEPA Filter
Battery Capacity
2,200 mAh
2,800 mAh
Charging Time
3.5 hours
5 hours
3.5 hours
4.5 pounds
5.8 lbs
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Dyson V6 Absolute

Dyson V6 Absolut
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The Dyson V6 Absolute is a great stick vacuum and appears top on the line of cordless vacuum in the market today. It has excellent consumer ratings. It’s different from the other V6 machines from the attachments and tools that are included in its design plus the high filtration level it offers.

Every V6 machine comes with a different package, but the Absolute device stands out because it’s accompanied with two cleaner heads- the soft roller cleaner head for cleaning hard floors and the direct-drive head cleaner for cleaning carpets.

The smooth roller header has blue nylon and soft woven areas that help it unwrap black ant-static carbon fiber filaments and debris to eliminate fine dust.

The machine is also designed with a HEPA post motor filter, a feature you can’t find in the other V6 machines.

The Advantages of Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuum

  • The Absolute vacuum has the best suction power, and it removes a large amount of dirt. The boost feature is the best when extra power is required.
  • The machine has an excellent vibrant color and it also very lightweight.
  • With this machine, the attachments easily pop on and off, and they have ample storage space set for them because they can be mounted on the wall units.
  • You will enjoy the vacuum of your floors and carpets with a handheld vacuum all supported by this one machine.
  • The machine is designed with a storage unit that’s mountable on the wall, and this makes the machine much efficient to keep it on the way and let it charged.

Disadvantages of The Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuum

  • The machine has a poor battery life only able to serve for 30 minutes, meaning if you were to work on your entire house you have to do it various sessions to allow it time to charge.
  • Dyson V6 absolute has a small bin for collecting dirt, dust and pet hair. So, you will have to empty it many times. However, for convenience and lightweight, there was the need to make the machine with a small collecting bin to reduce the weight.
  • Efficient on removing pet hair
  • Excellent on bare floors and carpet
  • Cleans easily into tight areas and you can maneuver in all places
  • Moderately powerful for cleaning a stick vacuum
  • Has small footprint and can be mount on the wall
  • Lightweight
  • The filter can easily fall off
  • Expensive
  • Small dust tin requires regular emptying
  • Its trigger needs to be depressed frequently and its hard on fingers

Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolut
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Dyson V8 absolute is a massive upgrade of the previous DC59/V6 series with significant improvement in numerous crucial areas. The machine has the following noticeable features;

  • The most improved regions include the max switch that previously contained quirks and also the bin emptying elements have been upgraded.
  • The runtime of the machine’s lithium-ion battery has been improved from the previous 20 minutes to about 40 minutes which is equal to two runtime folds.
  • The machine has a HEPA filtration that can filter 99.98% of tiny dust particles. The filter can remove dust as small as 0.3 microns.

Advantages of The Dyson V8 Absolute

  • The machine uses cyclonic separation to maintain consistency when suctioning
  • With the ability to use the cyclonic cleaning technique, the machine is even able to clean the air. Micron particles as small as the smoke of a cigarette can be caught into the bin canister after they are strained off the air
  • It can cleanse the vacuum ranging from the floor to the ceiling
  • The machine comes with a complete HEPA washing filter.

The Disadvantages of The Dyson V8 Absolute

  • Dyson V8 Absolute has a short run time when in maximum power mode
  • Has a slippery grip
  • When in maximum power mode, it emits very high heat
  • Dyson V8 has good recharge features and lengthy battery life.
  • Flexible and versatile.
  • It’s quieter when compared to others.
  • More powerful and efficient than previous machine
  • HEPA filtration
  • Improved dirt emptying mechanism
  • Longer run time of 40 minutes max than its predecessor
  • Special tools for bare floor and carpet
  • Lightweight
  • Requires to be emptied more often
  • Expensive than other Dyson uprights found in the market
  • Although the dirty bin has been upgraded, it’s still small

Here’s a one on one comparison of the two models of Dyson V6 and V8 Absolute

Size and Dimensions

The Dyson V6 stick measures 9.8-inch wide, 47.5-inch high and 8.2-inch deep. When fully assembled the machine weighs about 4.5 pounds.

In comparison, the Dyson V8 is 9.9-inch wider, 49-inch taller and 8.9-inch deeper. When all the parts are assembled, Dyson V8 is approximately 5.75 pounds.


The Dyson V6 and V8 look almost similar to one another both in aesthetics and design. Regarding alignment, both the machines have a similar adjustment of the motor, dustbin, and cyclones. And in the two machines, the dustbin lies perpendicular to the cyclones and the motor.

Looking at the design of these two machines in the way their parts are designed, they are both created in parts, meaning the series of the machines’ parts can be built either as a stick vacuum or handheld vacuum.

The parts are made of motor containing cyclones, the cleaning head, the, and the extension wand.

The parts are designed with simple connections that assist every segment to snap on the next section, hence allowing simple cleaning of the heads or swapping out tools.

Ease of Use

When comparing the ease of use between the Dyson V6 and Dyson V8, their strength is almost similar, but there’re a few discrepancies to note. The method of setting up these two machines is straightforward. Both vacuums have pieces that are simple to connect.

For V6 accessories have a release latch embodied on the top of the vacuum itself.
The V8 accessories are optimized to be quick release. You only need to press a large red button found them on the attachment to release the accessory from the vacuum. It makes V8 vacuum easy to swap out its tools when working with it.

For use on a daily basis, the duo machines are similar as they have a switch with on/off mode that works similar to the function of a trigger. It means the vacuum only operates when you press the button down. The features help in battery conservation though it might be cumbersome for older users or users with weaker hands.


The difference between the V6 and V8 is seen when emptying the dustbin.

For V6 the latch at the back of the dustbin slides down to release the cap holding the dustbin so that the dirt can fall into the trash can. This method is, however, tedious as some debris like pet hair might get stuck in the dustbin needing you to pull it out by hand. Some people dislike this a lot.

While with V8 its much cleaner method. You only need to release the latch at the top of the dustbin and pull upward to empty the dustbin. The entire top of the vacuum slides off letting the debris to fall into the trash can.

Cleaning Parameters

The Dyson V6 and V8 both have two-tier they use, and they are also designed with 15 cyclones. The cyclone spins the debris, dust, and dirt in a series tin cyclone. By the use of the centrifugal force, the two machines can catch dirt particles equivalent to 0.3 microns in size.

The machines have washable filters that reduce the maintenance cost.
Dyson V6 and Dyson V8 have two main cleaning heads; the direct drive and fluffy cleaning head.

For carpeted floors direct drive does quite an excellent job while for the floors made of hardwoods the fluffy is the best option.

As per the inventor of the machines, here are the respective heads of teach vacuum cleaner:

  • Dyson V6 Absolute – Comes with one fluffy cleaning head and one Direct Drive cleaning head
  • Dyson V8 Absolute – Includes one fluffy cleaning head plus one Direct drive cleaning head.

Accessories and Parts

When comparing the accessories of Dyson V6 Absolute and Dyson V8 Absolute the most significant difference between these model types is seen in the number of cleaning heads and accessories.

However, the essential cleaning accessories are the soft roller and the Direct Drive cleaner heads which are mostly used for cleaning floors.

  • Soft Roller Cleaner Head: Specifically designed for cleaning large debris and dust from hard floors. The head has soft nylon bristles for picking large debris from the floor while the carbon filaments get rid of fine dirt and dust particles.
  • Direct Drive Cleaner head: Has a built-in motor inside the brush bar that facilitates the cleaning activity. The presence of stiff nylon bristles assists in removing pet hair from the carpets and rugs. It also removes dirt from very tight places.
  • Combination Tool: Helps in combining the brush tool and the debris tool to make it one tool. The tool removes crumbs and debris from stairs, sofas, and upholstery.
  • The Crevice Tool: Specifically designed to remove debris and dirt form very tight spaces like in between the seats and the cushions, along with the corners and the edges.
  • Hard Floor Tool: Optimized for cleaning hard floors such as the laminate, tiles and any other bare floors. It’s lightweight and smaller compared to the soft roller cleaner head. Its ha some added advantage as it can be used to clean low-pile carpets although Direct Drive Head performs the much better task on every carpeted floor.
  • Mini Soft Dusting Brush: Designed to remove dirt and dust from sensitive surfaces.
  • Stubborn Dirt Brush: Removes hard dirt from the surfaces and floors. Its name originates from its ability to remove very stubborn dirt because it’s made with extra stiffer bristles than the soft dusting brush.
  • Mini Motorized Tool: Optimized mainly to clean small spaced areas with different dirt ranging from human hair to pet hair. When using Dyson V6 and V8 like handheld vacuums, Mini Motorized Tool can be applied as a great cleaning tool for boats, cars, sofas, rugs, and smaller carpets.
  • The Charger: The charger can be plugged into the vacuum and the wall to charge the battery before the beginning of each cleaning session.
  • Docking Station: The dock is meant to be attached to the wall so that you can hang on your Dyson when charging. This accessory is much handy because for the users of Dyson V6 will have some rough time as it rarely stands on its own.

Before purchasing the Dyson vacuum of your choice, you must note that many Dyson’s accessories come in many cleaning kits, for instance, Dyson Allergy and Dyson Asthma kit, which comes with the following three Dyson’s accessories:

  • Mattress Tool
  • Flex Crevice Tool
  • Soft Dusting Brush

These cleaning kits are optimized to clean fibers, allergens, dust, dirt, and hair from difficult to access places in the home that all Dyson upright, cordless and canister vacuum cleaners cannot clean.

Both the V6 and V8 share the same accessories, but as for the V8, the accessories are quick to release as there is a red button which when you press the accessories are released from the vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dyson V6 vs Dyson V8: which vacuum is better for pet hair?

The vacuums feature identical motors and brush sets. Both models come with one soft cleaning head and one Direct Drive cleaning head for carpets. Still, Dyson V8 brush has more brush bar power compared with the V6 Absolute. It results in quicker and more efficient hair collecting. That`s why Dyson V8 Absolute is a winner here.


Dyson V6 vs Dyson V8: which vacuum has longer run time?

If you live in a large dwelling or need a durable cleaner, choose Dyson V8 Absolute. This vac provides up to 40 minutes of run time, while Dyson V6 lasts only for 20 mminutes.

Are Dyson V6 and V8 batteries removable? Can I buy additional units?

Yes, both Absolute vacuums come with removable batteries. The manufacturer sells separate battery kits, so you can buy a new one. Please look ft the official Dyson site or Amazon.

Do Dyson V6 and V8 cope with pollen and harmful particles?

Dyson V8 and V6 use HEPA filtration that traps up to 99% of dust. Filters do capture small pollen and pet particles. Thus, the vacuums help allergic people.

Price and Affordability

Generally, I can say that V6 has the solid value for the money you will spend on it. Currently, the machine is priced much reasonably, which is a rare thing to get for a Dyson. While the machine has limited run time, the maneuverability, overall design, general features, and the usability are worth and comparable to modern models like Dyson V8 and V10.

The Dyson V8 is much higher concerning price compared to the V6 model. With the high price at which it comes, you will enjoy twice the runtime, a re-designed dustbin, and a motor that generates about 20% suction strength that does cleaning and emptying the vacuum easier. Before the eyes of a middle-class consumer, these additions are added advantage that is valuable and worth its value.


Both the V6 and V8 vacuum cleaners are excellent performers when used for cleaning floors. The machines offer strong suction power that’s needed in any cleaning job.
However, I would recommend V8 as the most superior vacuum cleaner concerning performance as it has an upgraded bin design, longer battery life to ensure thorough cleaning. Dyson V8 has a bit lower suction power when in normal mode, but on maximum mode, the V8 engine is excellent working with.
Additionally, the V8 comes with Dysons best floor heads to ensure efficiency on the hard floor and carpet cleaning. All these features lack on the V6 vacuum cleaner; therefore the V8 wins my vote for the best Dyson vacuum cleaner.

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