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Roborock S50 vs S55 vs S51 vs S52 Vacuum Comparison

Roborock S50 vs S55 detailed comparisonDo you want to invest in a Xiaomi Vacuum 2 (S5) but you can’t tell the difference between the models?

In this Roborock S55 vs S50 review we have stripped down the models explaining the similarities and differences.

To ensure our readers get the most out of this review, and to ultimately make the informed purchase decision, we have compared and contrasted all the crucial features that determine the performance of a robot vacuum. So, without further ado, let’s get to business.

To start, it is important that we understand the difference between Xiaomi vs Roborock. Xiaomi itself doesn’t manufacture robot vacuums. It however sponsored the little known Roborock which manufactured the Mi robot vacuums as we know them.

Lately, the robot vacuum company that manufactured Xiaomi vacuums has branched out and is now building Roborock as an independent brand. The Roborock S5 series is the hot cake at the moment and includes the S50, S55 and S51. These vacuums have the latest motors for best-in-class suction, mopping function, Wi-Fi and a resume function just to mention a few.

Now, to the main agenda of the day, what makes these vacuums similar, and are there noteworthy differences?

Roborock S50 vs. S55 vs. S51 vs S52: what are the similarities and differences?

The S50, S51, and S55 are all from the same S5 series. With this in mind, they ought to have a lot of similarities. In the same token, they bear a few differences and the reason we have four variations in the same S5 series.

1. Aesthetics (white vs. rose gold vs. black vs Inter Milan blue)

There are four S5 series robot vacuums classified primarily from the color and finish. This is the major difference that set the models apart. Ignore claims that the difference between the models regards whether it is a domestic or international model.

We have the S50 which is the white version of the S5 and has a silver ring around it and also around the raised circular top that houses the sensors. There is also the S51, and this one is white but with striking rose gold accents around it and also around the circular top. Lastly, we have the S55, and this one is entirely black. It is ideal for most homes because black blends easily with any household interior.


NOTE: There is a limited edition model called Roborock S52 and this one is a dedication to Inter Milan FC fans. It has the trademark Inter Milan blue color and the club’s logo. Unfortunately, the S52 is not available in the US market unless you order it from China or Italy.

While color may not be a concern for many homeowners, some have a preference. That said, make sure you know what each model number represents.


The base model number is S5. The additional 0 is for white, 1 is for rose gold, and 5 is for black.

2. Design and dimensions

Just like all robot vacuums, the S5 vacuums are round shaped. If you have used the D5 Connected or D7 Connected, you understand the problem with cleaning wall edges, but at least here we have a side sweeping brush just like in the previous Xiaomi Mi vacuum.

As far as dimensions and weight are concerned, the four are also similar. The diameter is 13.78-inches, and they all stand at 3.78-inches. The diameter is really wide, but it won’t have problems as there are a few or no places it won’t pass. However, we feel Roborock could have improved on the height to at least make the vacuum low-profile. The small raised turret at the top which houses the sensors makes it unnecessarily taller and means that the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 won’t go under furniture and fittings with a clearance of 3.8-inches and below.

Regarding the weight, all S5 vacuums weighed 7.75lbs on our scale, but the package is much heavier because of the accessories included. They also have a special feature called carpet detector. This feature automatically adjusts the cleaning head when it detects carpets to ensure the brush is not so close to the carpet and there is enough room for air circulation. Without this feature, the cleaner would be too close to the carpet, and airflow would be restricted.


Unfortunately, when in the Mop mode, Roborock S5 can’t detect carpets so if you are not around, you may end up with a damp carpet something that is such a turn-off.

We understand that you want a low profile robot vacuum and that’s why you need to consider the dimensions.


But as we have seen, the Xiaomi S55, S50 and S51 all have the same design and dimensions, so any of them is a great option.

3. Cleaning orientation

An important consideration when buying a robot vacuum is the cleaning orientation. Here, we have two main aspects to discuss. First, what cleaning does the vacuum offer and second, which surfaces is the robot designed for?

So, let’s see what the S50, S51, and S55 offer.

The Xiaomi Vacuum 2 models are all the same in that they offer 2-in-1 cleaning. While most vacuums sweep and vacuum only, the Roborock S5 vacuums will mop your floor as well. That means when you buy any of the four cleaners, you don’t need to invest further in a robot mop. The water tank and microfiber cloth ensures the floors re sufficiently wiped after vacuuming leaving no traces of stains, pet paw marks, and other grime.

These vacuums have precisely the same cleaning features, and thus, the cleaning performance is the same across the board. This Chinese brand specially designed the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 to handle all types of bare floors including tile, linoleum, vinyl and ceramic among others. The mopping function makes it particularly great for hardwood floors as it replaces the traditional mop and bucket floor cleaning. It also minimizes exposure to moisture which is a leading cause of damage to hardwood floors. Besides bare floors, the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 also does a great job on low-pile to high pile carpets courtesy of the motorized brushroll and most importantly, high-suction power. The vacuum will also pick up pet hair, and other pet messes with ease making it an-all round vacuum cleaner like Roomba 980.


As far as cleaning orientation is concerned, there is no winner in the Roborock S50 vs. S55 vs. S51 debate. All the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 models offer the same 2-in-1 cleaning. None of them that is shorthanded, and that makes any of them a superb choice.

4. Motor performance

The performance of the motor and ultimately, its output is an integral part of the vacuuming process. Let’s go ahead and discuss the features and performance of the motor and find out if there is any particular model that has the edge over the others.

One thing you realize about the S55, S50, S52 and S51 is that they all have the same suction power – 2000Pa. That tells you one thing – they have the same NIDEC motor. The air duct is sealed smoothly and prevents any suction loss whatsoever. Of importance is the different power settings to suit the different vacuuming needs. We have the Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max modes. Max mode is the equivalent of Roomba 980’s Carpet Boost, but this time, the Chinese brand Roborock outshines the California-based iRobot by generating 2000Pa in high-performance carpet mode whereas Roomba manages 1670Pa only.


That tells you Roborock S5 is the best robot vacuum for carpets, better than the expensive Roomba 980 and D7 Connected.

Another aspect to consider here is the operation noise. You understand that a robot vacuum’s noise emanates from the spinning motor. With the efficiency of the NIDEC brushless motor, operation noise is drastically reduced. In addition to the motor’s efficiency, we also have silencer pads that work with the porous air screen to suppress the noise the motor produces. The Roborock S5 averages 60db, but of course, this is in the Balanced power mode. In Turbo and Max mode, the noise levels go up to 64db and 69db respectively while in Quiet mode, it operates at 55db which is very commendable.


Indeed, the motor performance is a critical aspect when buying vacuum cleaners, Roborock S5 is no exception. But the S50, S51, and S55 have the same motor specifications so if you are in a dilemma of which one to buy, just pick any and you are guaranteed the same performance.

5. Brush system

While the motor is an integral part of the vacuum, it is complemented by the brush system. Just any other brush will do a good job on bare floors, but for carpets and pet hair, you need to be critical in your assessment. So, which of the four Roborock vacuums has the best brush system?

There is no contest in this Roborock S50 vs. S55 vs. S51 comparison review. All the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 vacuums have a primary brushroll and a secondary brush.

The primary brush is motorized and is quite similar to Neato Botvac D7 Connected in that it is also a V-shaped bristle brush. The bristle design may be too tough on soft hardwood floors but does an excellent job scrubbing stains and agitating dirt stuck on carpets. Most importantly, it prevents tangling so you won’t find Roborock jammed because of the long hairs making it among the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair. It also prevents hairs and other dirt from getting to the inside components which risk damaging the motor. I’m glad Roborock included a cleaning tool for removing tangled hairs in and around the cleaner.

The secondary brush, on the other hand, is located on the right side of the cleaner.


Please note, the Roborock S5 models have a single side sweeping brush and not two like many websites suggest. This brush sweeps the dirt on the side of the vacuum sending it to the primary brush bar for agitation. It does a great job on the wall edges where the round design of the cleaner makes it impossible from the primary brush to reach.

The brush system is indeed an important factor to consider especially if you have pets including the long-haired dog breeds like Greyhound and Chihuahua. When choosing the perfect cleaner in the Roborock S50 vs. S51 vs. S55 battle, just go for any of them as they boast just the same brush system.

6. Mopping function

One of the best additions that the new Roborock S5 beats the old Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum with is the mopping function. Ideally, there are two mopping functions – dry and wet mopping. Let’s find out whether all the Roborock S5 vacuums have this function, and how it works.

The mopping function is a feature the S50, S51 and S55 all have. While they can all offer dry mopping, they also come with a 140ml water tank for wet mopping. The tank is easily detachable by clicking two buttons on either side. Attaching is also a buzz – simply slide it underneath the cleaner until you hear a click sound. The cleaner also features a microfiber cleaning cloth that is attached on the front of the vacuum, clinging to the floor without hemming. Even though the manufacturer has not mentioned whether you can add detergents to the water, we feel this may spice up your cleaning. Just add the regular cleaning agents and air fresheners if you like.

The Xiaomi Vacuum 2 is comparable to the ILIFE V7s Pro – another top Chinese brand that offers vacuuming and wet mopping as well.
This time, Roborock has a new approach to iLIFE’s i-dropping technology. To ensure efficient water usage, we have what the company calls ‘botanically biomimetic vascular bundle filter.’ This component ensures minimal water soaking of the cloth and prevents water leaks when the robot is stationary. We, however, wished that it would incorporate a feature to regulate the amount of water that drips like in the Deebot Ozmo 930. At least this way, you can soak stains and grime and wipe them out on the second pass. The filter, on the other hand, removes impurities while the modular design eases maintenance.


If you have a hardwood floor, you really need to consider a robot vacuum with an integrated mop. That’s exactly what the S5 series offers bearing in mind the S50, S51, S52 and S55 have the wet mopping function. With this vacuum, you can cut down the costs for buying a separate robot mop and most importantly, you will be left with a thoroughly cleaned floor. This way, you will also reduce the exposure you water and moisture to your floor.

7. Cleaning tests

As is our norm, we endeavor to give our readers a picture of how these robot vacuums perform in a real household setting. We did test the vacuum on different surfaces using the everyday household dirt and here are the results.

On bare floors, we scattered flour, rice, sugar, Cheerios, kitty litter and some pet hair before releasing the robot vacuum to work.

It ran in the Balanced power mode and sucked up all the dirt except for a few patches of flour that were left behind. Upon increasing the power setting to Turbo mode, Roborock S5 cleared all the remaining tiny particles of flour in a flash.

The secret is adjusting power depending on the kind of dirt you are dealing with with the large, heavy debris, and tiny particles calling for high power settings. But for the light stuff like pet hair, rice, sugar and kitty litter, the Quiet mode will work just fine.
The Roborock S5 features among the best robot vacuums for carpets.
We tried it on the low pile carpets in Balance mode, and it did an excellent job. It picked up most of the dirt we threw on its way except for the flour, and pet hair that stuck on the carpet fabric. Upon increasing power to Turbo mode, all the dirt vanished.

Next was the high pile carpets, and in Balanced mode, the results were not satisfactory as most of the small dirty were left behind, hiding in the deep carpet pile. In Turbo mode, at least there was some improvement only that the flour and sugar that hid in the deepest parts of the long pile remained untouched. We then activated the Max mode, and the beast was unleashed. With the action brush and super high suction, all the dirt was vacuumed.
To test the mopping performance of the Xiaomi Vacuum 2, we used flour and a few stains of fresh dog urine as well as honey stains on the hardwood floor. Then, we set it to the Mop mode, and it did an excellent job wiping out all the flour patches and clearing the fresh urine stains.

Unfortunately, the honey and other sticky dirt including old stains and grime overwhelmed it. To cap it all, the mopping function is only for the light-duty mopping needs but for bigger messes you need to invest in a bigger vacuum, probably a canister upright or a stick vacuum.

8. Filtration system

If you are looking for the best robot vacuum for pets and allergies, the filtration system is a crucial consideration. That said, let’s find out whether these vacuums are ready for the busy home with pets and allergy sufferers.

Xiaomi S55, S50, S51 and S52 all have an E11-grade filtration system. You will agree with me that this is not the best for capturing the minute allergens that lurk in our midst. Besides, the new filter system brings down efficiency from 99% down to 95%. But one thing we like is the fact that it is a washable filter as the filter cartridge is coated using waterproof Teflon. This means the maintenance requirements of the S5 are lower than other vacuums that have replaceable filters. You need to wash it weekly and replace it after a year or so.


Well, Roborock S5 may not be the best for allergy sufferers because it doesn’t have true HEPA filtration which is known to filter down to 0.3 microns. All these vacuums have the same EPA E11 grade filters so any of them will be fine.

9. Battery and power management

When buying robot vacuums, you also need to be aware of the battery performance and power management options of your preferred robot vacuum. A good robot vacuum should have a powerful battery as this translates to longer cleaning time and consequently, wide floor coverage. How the vacuum recharges, and whether it resumes cleaning should also be a concern.

So, which Xiaomi Vacuum 2 is the best here?

All the S5 vacuums have the same rechargeable 5200mAh Li-Ion battery. The battery can last the S5 for a cool 150 minutes, but as you may be aware, runtime depends on the power setting. Low-power settings guarantee longer runtime while the high power settings mean a shorter runtime. That means the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 will last longer on bare floors and a shorter time on carpets as the high-power mode will be activated. The S5 can clean an area of 2691 ft2 / 250 m2 on a single charge.


Now, when the battery is low, Xiaomi Vacuum 2 will go to the charging base just like the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum. Make sure you set up the docking station as precisely as described in the manual. It takes around 2 hours for the robot to recharge and in addition to the short charging time, it will resume cleaning automatically.

10. Navigation and maneuverability

The navigation of a robot vacuum determines whether it will be hitting obstacles and getting stuck or it will move around your house accurately and precisely. It is also about how the vacuum will scan and map your floor area and consequently, plan how it will efficiently cover the entire house in the shortest time possible. Large apartment owners and those with high traffic rooms should be really concerned whether Roborock S5 is the best choice.

As far as navigation is concerned, the S50, S51, and S55 have been engineered with a SLAM navigation system. Roomba is still ahead as it features a more precise VSLAM navigation that combines a real-time camera.


For the record, the S5 doesn’t have a camera for navigation.

The Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) technology works efficiently in localization. We have over 13 sensors which send invisible beams to the walls, and when the beams bounce back to the robot vacuum, it uses the SLAM algorithm to find its position. The obstacle and drop detection sensors, on the other hand, prevent the Roborock from hitting obstacles and dropping off the stairs.

We were satisfied with this system in an apartment with average traffic. However, in crowded rooms, the S5 seems to get confused at times and got stuck a few times here and there.

When it comes to floor mapping, the advantage of Xiaomi Vacuum 2 is that it uses a methodical and systematic pattern as opposed to moving just randomly. The robot vacuum will build a map as it goes about its work. You can also set the vacuum to make it save the maps it builds along the way.

Besides that, we have some really cool floor mapping features. The first is Zone cleaning, and this enables homeowners to contain the robot vacuum in specific places. Just draw a rectangle of the area you want the S5 to stick to, and it will do so. On the other hand, the Target clean function allows you to tap a specific spot on the app and the vacuum will go to clean that spot. Virtual Walls has also been included, and gladly, you don’t need any devices like in Roombas. Just draw the limits on the mobile app floor plan – the feature works exactly like Neato’s No-Go Lines.

Lastly, let’s talk about maneuverability, and here, we will focus on the wheels, turning and climbing angle of the Roborock S50, S55, and S51. We are glad the S5 has large offroad wheels that can climb all obstacles up to 2cm high. That means no dirt will block its way and no carpet will be too high for it to transition smoothly. Unfortunately, they leave marks behind, especially in the Mop mode. The robot vacuum also has a small omnidirectional wheel at the front for 360 degrees turn.


All the four Xiaomi Vacuum 2 robot vacuums have the same LDS navigation system which is SLAM based. While it may not be the best for high-traffic rooms, the floor mapping system makes it great for multi rooms and large apartments. The Zone Cleaning, Target Cleaning, and Virtual Walls are also noteworthy features.

11. Smart connectivity

In this smart home era, everyone is shifting to smart appliances. But not all brands have so far migrated to smart technology so it would be essential to know whether the Xiaomi S5 models support Wi-Fi or not.

We are glad that the S50, S55 and S51 all come with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This means they can be operated via the Android/iOS mobile App. So far, Xiaomi Vacuum 2 doesn’t have its Home app yet, but this is something that shouldn’t bother you as it works seamlessly with the Mi Home app.

Besides the mobile app, the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 works with Alexa and Google Assistant. We expect more 3rd party platforms to be supported through the firmware updates from Roborock.


For smart home enthusiasts in a dilemma, pick any of the four Xiaomi Vacuum 2 robots – they all have Wi-Fi and support Alexa.

12. App features

The quest for a smart and convenient robot vacuum doesn’t end at buying just any Wi-Fi robot vacuum. It is imperative that you carefully analyze the mobile app features. Let us see what the S5 has to offer here.

On the app, the robot displays a lot of useful data. The time zone is clearly displayed. Homeowners can also view the cleaning history on the floor planner. This data helps you understand where the Roborock has cleaned, and the area that is yet to be touched. The battery status is also displayed.

An interesting feature is the manual control – this is some joystick which you can use to control the robot’s movement and direction. You can move the robot forward, left or right from a simple touch.
You can also toggle between the different cleaning power settings; Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max. We also have several cleaning modes to choose from including the schedule mode which allows you to program the vacuum for seven days straight and Mop mode which activates the clothe and water tank system.

Which is the best Roborock S5 robot vacuum?


Now, we have compared all the important features that should advise your purchase decision. What we have noted is that there is no difference between these vacuum cleaners except for the aesthetics and maybe availability as the rose gold model is hard to come by in the US market. However, you can get it in the Chinese market.

As a recap, here is a description of the terms that have greatly confused customers.

  • What is Roborock S5? – Also known as Xiaomi Vacuum 2, this is a name used to refer to all the Roborock vacuums that fall in the S5 series. They include the S50, S51, S52, and S55.
  • What is Roborock S50? – White & silver S5
  • What is Roborock S51? – White & rose gold S5
  • What is Roborock S55? – Pure black S5
  • What is Roborock S52? – Inter Milan themed S5
There is neither a winner nor a loser in the Roborock S50 vs. S55 vs. S51 debate. But here is a summary of the things we liked in the Roborock S5 plus the aspects we think could have been improved on.

What we liked about Roborock S5 (S50, S51, S52 and S55)

  • 1. High suction power – The new NIDEC motor plus a smoothly sealed air duct generate up to 2000Pa in Max mode which is higher than what the competition, including iRobot Roomba 980 (1670Pa) and Neato Botvac D7 Connected (1500Pa), offer. In their respective carpet cleaning modes
  • 2. Mopping function – The S5 comes with a mopping cloth and a water tank for wet mopping. You don’t have to buy a robot mop like Braava Jet or Scooba.
  • 3. Zone cleaning – You can sketch a rectangular map on the app where you want the S5 to clean
  • 4. Target point – This feature allows homeowners to send the robot vacuum to a specific place by tapping the area on the app.
  • 5. Extended runtime – The high-capacity 5,200mAh battery guarantees longer runtime, and besides that, the vacuum will resume cleaning after recharging.
  • 6. Lower maintenance – Even though the filters are not true HEPA, we like the idea of washable filters which cut down the maintenance costs.

What we disliked about Roborock S5 (S50, S52, S55, and S51)

  • 1. No carpet detection – The S5 lacks any mechanism for detecting carpets when in the Mop cleaning mode
  • 2. SLAM based algorithm – The latest robot vacuums use a VSLAM based navigation which is more accurate and efficient than SLAM.
  • 3. No manual scheduling – You need to have the mobile app and stable internet to program the S5. This is because the scheduling function is not accessible from the physical control buttons.

Even though the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 has some shortcomings, it is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners at the moment for;

  • Bare floors – It sweeps and vacuums effectively, and besides that, the wet mopping wipes out all the dirt, stains and grime.
  • Carpets – The Carpet Boost mode shoots suction power to 2000Pa while the bristle brush agitates the dirt for deep carpet cleaning.
  • Homes with pets – The tangle-free bristle brush and super suction will pick up pet hair on hardwood floors, and carpets as well.
  • Busy homes – You can easily point specific spots where you want the vacuum to clean, and it will accurately do the job, so you don’t have to vacuum the entire house unnecessarily.
  • Large apartments and multi rooms – The Zone cleaning feature and Virtual Walls enables homeowners to plan the cleaning with efficiency. The powerful battery and resume function, on the other hand, guarantees entire floor coverage.
  • Smart home – The S5 is Wi-Fi enabled; it works with Alexa and Google Assistant as well.

Roborock vs other brands

1. Roborock S5 vs. Roomba 980

Which is a better robot vacuum between Roomba 980 and Xiaomi Vacuum 2? We have compiled the key features that make each brand stand out. Here is our analysis.

Why buy Roomba 980 over Roborock S5

  • Renowned brand – iRobot is definitely the best robot vacuum brand while Roborock is a relatively new brand.
  • Dirt Detect – This is a unique feature that only Roombas have. It uses acoustic and optical sensors to locate spots with concentrated dirt.
  • VSLAM navigation – The inclusion of a real-time camera in Roomba makes it a better robot vacuum for high traffic rooms and large apartments.

Why buy Roborock S5 over Roomba 980

  • 2-in-1 cleaning – The S55 and S50 will vacuum and mop simultaneously whereas Roomba 980 vacuums only.
  • Stronger suction – The NIDEC motor in the S5 delivers 2000Pa suction while Roomba does 1670Pa
  • Powerful battery – The S5 is equipped with a 5200mAh battery while Roomba packs a 3300mAh battery.
  • Zone and Target cleaning – The S5 has zone cleaning and target cleaning, features Roomba 980 lacks.
  • Manual control – This vacuum has a controller that can send it forward, left or right.
  • Washable filters – You don’t need to replace the filters now and then like in the Roomba thus bringing maintenance costs down.

The S5 boasts a lot more extras than Roomba 980, and for that reason, it is our winner in the Roomba 980 vs. Roborock S55 battle.

2. Roborock S5 vs. Roomba i7+

The S5 beats Roomba 980 in terms of extras so let’s find out whether the new kid on the block from iRobot may overturn things.

Why buy Roomba i7+ over Roborock S5

  • CleanBase Technology – The new Roomba i7+ is the only robot vacuum with a self-emptying bin and can go for a month without you having to empty the bin manually.
  • VSLAM navigation – This robot vacuum will do a better job in high-traffic rooms because of the inclusion of real-time camera data in navigation.
  • Dirt Detect – Roomba i7+, just like other Roombas will find areas with concentrated dirt and switch to Spot mode.
  • Full bin indicator – Roomba has a full bin indicator while the S5 lacks such a feature.

Why buy Roborock S5 over Roomba i7+

  • 2-in-1 cleaningRoomba i7 will only sweep and vacuum but Xiaomi Vacuum 2 sweeps, vacuums and mops simultaneously.
  • Powerful suction – The NIDEC motor delivers up to 2000Pa in Max mode while Roomba i7+ does an average of 1000Pa.
  • Powerful battery – The 5200mAh battery does 150 minutes while the Roomba i7 has a 1800mAh battery that lasts around 75 minutes
  • Target Cleaning – Roomba i7+ has Zone cleaning but lacks any feature to send the robot to a specific spot. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has both features.
  • Manual control – Xiaomi Vacuum 2 can be manually controlled but Roomba can’t.
  • Washable filters – The maintenance of the S5 is less demanding because of washable filters compared to the replaceable filters.

At least Roomba i7+ comes with zone cleaning and the revolutionary self-emptying bin. That’s quite a matchup for Roborock, but still, the Chinese brand has the edge not unless you really want the CleanBase technology and VSLAM navigation.

3. Roborock S5 vs. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum

The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum is among the vacuums manufactured by Roborock when the brand was still under Xiaomi. Let’s find out whether the new independent brand beats the old Xiaomi vacuum.

Why buy Xiaomi Mi over Roborock S5

  • Affordability – Xiaomi Mi vacuum is the best if you want a cheap robot vacuum as it costs almost half the price of the S5.
  • Magnetic tape – If you don’t fancy the invisible Virtual Walls barriers, Xiaomi Vacuum 1 comes with physical magnetic tapes, but the S5 doesn’t have this.

Why buy Roborock S5 over Xiaomi Mi

  • 2-in-1 cleaning – The S5 comes with a mopping cloth and water tank for wet mopping besides sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Powerful suction – Xiaomi Vacuum 2 features a powerful motor which delivers 2000Pa compared to Xiaomi’s 1800Pa.
  • Carpet Boost – This function is activated when on carpets and delivers far much better performance than Xiaomi.
  • Zone and Target cleaning – The S5 features zone cleaning and target cleaning but Xiaomi doesn’t have any of these.
  • Manual control – The S5 can be remotely controlled to move forward, left or right.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Xiaomi Vacuum 2 offer mopping function?

Yes, the S50, S51 and S55 all have a water tank and a microfiber cloth for mopping the floor as it sweeps and vacuums. It can also be used to dry a wet floor.

Can you add soap or cleaning solution to the water tank?

Well, the manufacturer has not specified whether you can add a cleaning solution to the water in the tank. In our tests, we used just a little soap, and it worked just fine. However, there may be concerns with some cleaning agents that may end up blocking the capillaries that soak the mopping cloth. It is imperative that you add just a little cleaning solution and make sure it is evenly mixed with the water. After mopping, remove the water tank and rinse it.

What is the difference between Roborock s50 and s55?

Both Roborock S50 and Roborock S55 are models of one S5 series. Moreover, they feature absolutely the same characteristics and functions, including brush system, power, battery capacity, vacuuming and mopping, etc. The only difference between the robots lies in their colors. While the S50 has a white case with silver inserts, the S55 cleaner is completely black.

Does Roborock s51 and S52 work with Alexa?

Roborock S51 and S52 (as well as the S50 and the S55 models, too) support a WiFi connection. Consequently, they also work with voice assistants like Alexa and Google.

Roborock S50 vs S55 vs S51 vs S52: which model is more powerful?

As far as all these vacuum cleaners belong to the same S5 series, and their only difference is the color, they feature the same suction power. Each robot provides up to 2000 Pa suction in Max mode.

Roborock S50 or S55: which vacuum is the best for carpets?

If you`re looking for a robot vacuum for carpet cleaning, you can safely choose any of the two Roborocks – the S50 or the S55. They have the same high 2000 Pa suction, roller brush with rubber blades and bristles, and Carpet Boost technology. So, they both are great for low-pile and medium-pile carpets.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, the Roborock S50 vs. S55 vs. S51 vs S52 comparison review. Indeed, the terms used to scribe the models are confusing. It is imperative that you understand the Xiaomi Vacuum 2, Roborock S5, and S50/S51/S55 refer to one model.

The only difference might be the color options. We hope that this review has been resourceful and will help you make the right purchase decision.

Just like other Chinese brands like ILIFE and ECOVACS, Roborock offers some great deals and discounts.

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