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Best Roborock Amazon Prime Day Vacuum Deals 2023

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Roborock Prime Day Vacuum Deals 2023

What are the best Roborock Prime Day Deals? In this round-up, we have listed all the best deals from Roborock that will feature in the upcoming sale. Also, find out more about Amazon Prime Day, Amazon Prime, and more.

The Memorial Day 2023 sale was a success, but it will surely not match the upcoming Amazon Prime Day 2023 sale. If you were shopping for a Roborock vacuum, but you missed a deal in the Memorial Day sale, wait for Prime Day. There will definitely be loads of Roborock deals just like in last year’s sale.

One of the best robot vacuum brands today is Roborock. The Chinese company is known for innovative products at affordable prices. It is also known for offering jaw-dropping discounts and price drops during annual sale events, including Amazon Prime Day.

What is Amazon Prime Day

For starters, Amazon Prime Day is an annual sale event organized by eCommerce conglomerate Amazon. It is the equivalent of Walmart+ Weekend. While from a commercial perspective, the event is to increase sales, the main aim of Prime Day was to appreciate its Prime service members. Amazon Prime subscribers get treated to crazy discounts plus loads of other perks during the two-day event.

The history of Amazon Prime Day goes back to 2015, when it was held first. It was held during Amazon’s 20th anniversary and has been hosted yearly though at different times. For example, the first two Prime Day events were one-day events held on July 15, 2015, and July 12, 2016. The subsequent events have been two-day events but held on different months and dates.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Right now, the focus is on the 2023 Prime Day. At the moment, there is no clear date on when the event will start but what we know for sure is that it will be held in July. Of course, it’s hard to predict the exact dates, but from all indications, the 8th Prime Day could come on July 11-12, 2023.

How to Strike Prime Day Deals

Now, one thing about Prime Day, unlike Black Friday, not every Amazon shopper can get a piece of the cake. Prime Day deals and discounts are set aside for Amazon Prime members only. That said, if you are not a Prime subscriber, you could be on the losing end. So, the big question is, What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives members premium services and, of course, access to Prime deals. The perks include same-day or two-day shipping so you can get your Roborock in a record 2 hours. There are several other benefits.

Membership costs $14.99 a month or $139 annually. Fortunately, there’s a 30-day free trial, so don’t fret. You can join the over 200 million Prime subscribers in this year’s sale. Students are also eligible for a 6-months free trial and subsidized subscriptions.

Best Roborock Prime Day Deals 2023

Now, onto the day’s main business, what are some of the best Roborock robot vacuums that will feature in the upcoming sale? Our editors are busy compiling a list of the products that will undoubtedly attract huge discounts. Here are the highlights.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra
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Amazon on Prime Day will put on sale the most innovative model from Roborock – S8 Pro Ultra. This model provides a total hands-free cleaning experience of mop and vacuum to save you time. You can forget about cleaning and robot maintenance. The standard package includes the RockDock Ultra for self-washing and self-drying the robot with mopping pads. It has two containers for clean and dirty water; this station automatically refills the robot with fresh water.

Its suction power achieves 6000 Pa for deep cleaning bare floors and carpets. With DuoRoller Riser Brushes, this robot vacuum cleaner can collect pet hair, long hair, and all dirt and dust. A mopping pad with double sonic vibration (mop pressure is 6N) ensures the cleaning of tough stains and a compelling collection of all spills.

The robot is equipped with a carpet sensor, so it automatically lifts the mopping pad and boosts the suction power for effective carpet vacuuming. The smart LiDAR navigation system with reactive 3D obstacle avoidance in real-time prevents hitting all objects with sizes above 2.0 inches, even in the dark.

You can control the robot through a smartphone or voice. In application you will receive suggestions regarding no-go zones, as the robot has 3D mapping 2.0 technology to recognize and remember up to 4 levels if needed. S8 Pro Ultra has unique off-peak charging that charges your robot 30% faster comparing standard chargers. This model is available in black and white color.

However, this is the most expensive Roborock robot vacuum; we can suggest cheaper models with similar technical characteristics and significant discounts on Prime Day in this article.

Roborock S8 / S8+ Series

Roborock S8 / S8+ Series
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The closest for functionality to S8 Pro Ultra are S8 and S8+ models. Also, each model is available in black or white. The difference between these models is the Self-Empty Dock that holds up to 60 days of dust in a 2.5 L dust bag and keeps the robot clean with automatic emptying (S8+ has this dock, S8 does not). Unfortunately, there is no mopping pad cleaning and drying function as in S8 Pro Ultra.

These robots can mop and vacuum in one go. The suction power is again extremely high – 6000 Pa. The moping pad has only one vibrating sonic platform for high-sped scrubbing at 3000 times per minute, but for vacuuming and dust collection, two brushrolls are installed. Robots create 3D maps using LiDAR precise navigation with detailed furniture images (up to four levels are supported).

In the smartphone application, you can set custom cleaning schedules for particular rooms or areas of your home, including time for a robot charging to save costs for electricity. No-Go Zones are set automatically to prevent traps in tight corners.

The robot is equipped with a mop pad lifting feature to raise the pod for 5 mm. The carpet detector can work incorrectly if you have high pile carpets (more than 5 mm).

Roborock Q Revo

Roborock Q Revo
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Q Revo is one of the youngest models in the Roborock robot family. It is equipped with two spinning mopping pads rotating at 200 rpm for shining hard floor, and one red all-rubber brush brushroll catches all dirt and hair without hair wraps.

The Dock station has a self-washing and self-drying station at 45 degrees C of warm air for pad cleaning. The Dock station has a detachable base design for easy cleaning. During the cleaning and drying process, the canister inside the robot will be refilled automatically from the 5L water tank.

Q Revo mop and vacuum in go. To prevent carpet mopping, it has installed a carpet sensor to lift the pod for 7 mm. The suction power, meanwhile, in 5500 Pa, allows for collecting all dust from all types of carpets. The robot has 30 water flow levels to adjust each type of bare floor.

Off-peak charging is a perfect opportunity to schedule the charging time to avoid peak hours with high-cost of energy. The latest Roborock models have fast chargers allowing them to charge 30% faster than the old model Roborock S7.

Reactive Tech Obstacle avoidance might not be as precise as for S8 models, but still, you can be sure that your fragile furniture or pet mess will be avoided. With LiDAR navigation, your home will be scanned, and optimal cleaning routes will be created.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra

Roborock S7 Max Ultra
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S7 Max Ultra are new black and white models that can mop and vacuum for ultimate cleaning. Close to S8 Pro Ultra, but with less suction power, 5500 Pa, than you can expect from these models exceptional results. The runtime is promised for this robot; if you need more quick charging is also available for this model. The large 200 ml water tank with auto-refill in the docking station is enough to clean 3230 sqft of hard floor. One dock station is multi-functional; it washes and dries the pads, auto-empties the dust bag, and refills the water tank with fresh water. The dock can handle debris for up to 7 weeks in a 2.5 L dust bag.

The control functions are variable, from voice control using Alexa, Siri, or Google Home to smartphone applications. The application allows you to customize the cleaning process by setting a suction power, scrubbing intensity, route, and no-go zones for specific areas of your home. To prevent accidents, you can turn on child locks on your robot.

S7 Max Ultra has LiDAR navigation and quick 3D mapping like the latest models. The robot has many sensors – cliff, obstacle, and carpet.

In the application, you can control the Dock Station. The dust bag has four levels of emptying – smart, light, balanced, and max. You can also choose washing mode (light, balanced or max) and drying mode (2, 3, or 4 hours).

Roborock S7 MaxV Series

Roborock S7 MaxV Series
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If you are more interested in everyday house cleaning with the budget model, then S7 MaxV Series with 5100 Pa suction power in Max+ mode is suitable for you. These models are different with the inclusion of the Empty Wash Fill Dock. S7 MaxV Utlra has in the package this self-refilling and self-emptying dock; S7 MaxV is compatible with this dock but not included. As with other Roborock models with this dock, you can forget about regularly emptying the dust bin; the dust is held for seven weeks; the freshwater is automatically filled, and mopping pods and brushes are automatically washed.

VibraRise sonic vibration technology is used to mop the floors, allowing to scrub the flow with 3000 cycles per minute. The mop automatically lifts on the carpets using an ultrasonic carpet sensor. The multi-directional floating brush with red rubber fins is used for effective vacuuming and collection of all hair and dust; it is especially good for cleaning uneven surfaces. You can use smartphone applications and voice via Alexa, Google Home, or Siri Shortcuts to control these intelligent models.

These S7 MaxV robots have an RGB camera with LED lights to navigate at night and during the day and recognize all obstacles accurately. Reactive 2.0 technology with LiDAR navigation includes 3D scanning of objects to use cleaning patterns 70% faster and 22% smarter. You can use the camera to make calls through your robot while you are not at home. It is a great option if you have pets.

Q5/Q7 Max Series

Roborock S6 MaxV
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If you have a tight budget but still want a smart robot with innovative moping and precise navigation, then Q5/Q7 Max is right here for you. These two series are the most affordable from Roborock Prime proposals this year. We expect a significant discount on these excellent models, which were introduced a couple of years ago but have already become popular. You can purchase Q5 or Q7 with Self-Empty Dock or without. This Self-Empty Dock is the same for both models and provides only a 2.5L dust bag for seven weeks’ storage of debris, with no washing and drying functions.

Q5 and Q5+ can only vacuum the flow, and their suction power is 2700 Pa for cleaning floors and carpets. The Li-ion battery is enough to clean up to 3230 sqft or 180 min in quiet mode; if the power is low, the robot automatically goes for recharge and then resumes to the same spot for cleaning. This model has prescience LiDAR navigation plus SLAM for creating accurate cleaning routes and safe cleaning without ledges and drops. It can create 3D maps in real-time up to 4 levels on which you can set 10 no-go zones or 10 invisible walls (on each level) in the smartphone application. As usual, the owner has advanced control via a smartphone application and is limited via voice control devices (Alexa, Siri, Google Home).

Q7 Max and Q7 Max + are more powerful mop and vacuum robots; they have deep cleaning with 4200 Pa of suction power. With carpet sensors, they boost suction for maximum suction debris from low and high-pile carpets. Using a smartphone application, you can control water flow levels (30 types) for simultaneous vacuuming and mopping for various floor types. To simplify maintenance, the dustbin and water tank are combined. Q7 Max has the same battery as Q5 and can clean for up to 180 minutes in quiet mode. This model is equipped with an upgraded multi-directional floating main brush to minimize hair tangling and deep cleaning. All navigation abilities and mapping features are the same as for Q5, but you can additionally set no-mop zones.


Surprisingly, with Prime sale, you can purchase a more functional and powerful Q7 Max model cheaper than Q5.

S7 Series

Roborock S7
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The Roborock S7 is among the latest models in the Roborock lineup. It’s an expensive model, but Roborock S7 Prime Day deals will definitely attract huge discounts. The S7 is an all-around robot vacuum that can handle bare floors, carpets, and all kinds of pet messes, from pet hair to urine stains and paw marks. It can also empty itself automatically. S7+ comes with Self-Empty Dock that automatically empties the robot’s dustbin and holds for 120 days.

Under the hood, the S7 comes with a 3-stage cleaning system where dirt is agitated, lifted, and sucked into the 470ml dustbin. It also includes a robot mop with high-speed sonic mopping, eliminating stains, grime, and stuck-on dirt. A unique feature of the S7 is a large water tank with a 300ml capacity. This is among the robots with the largest water tank that we have tested, so it’s best for large apartments.

The intense suction power of 2500 Pa allows you to suck all dirt from bare floors and carpets. Mopping constant pressure in 600g provides effective mopping for shining floors. The automatic lifting pad ensures proper mode of carpet cleaning (only for low-pile carpets, not higher than 4 mm) and proper robot storage in the dock. Reliable LiDAR navigation with SLAM and real-time building allows tracking cleaning routes and scheduling cleanings through a smartphone application. For a quick start, you may use voice control devices.


It’s hard to pinpoint any shortcomings of the Roborock S7 and S7+. Perhaps, the only thing we can say is that it’s expensive, but it’s worth every penny at the end of the day. The good thing is that it will attract a huge discount during the upcoming sale to rival the S7 MaxV.

Roborock Dyad Pro

Roborock Dyad Pro
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Even though Roborock specializes in robotic pool cleaners, it has one stick vacuum that will be presented on Prime Day. This easy-handling model simultaneously mops and vacuum wet and dry stains. With an absolutely high suction power of 17000 Pa, you can rely on the perfect results. Moreover, two mufti-rollers rotate in opposite directions for better picking up wet and dry debris; the cleaning head can turn in different directions for 80 degrees. It has 900 ml of clean water tank and 770 ml of dirty water tank. The water flow and the suction power are automatically adjusted where required. You can rely on 43 minutes of high-quality floor cleaning.

Dyad Pro has a docking station where rollers are automatically cleaned and dried with hot air to remove all odors after all. You can add a cleaning solution to the dispenser that will be automatically added to clean water for more effective cleaning. To increase functionality, change cleaning modes, and control self-cleaning and drying in a docking station, you may use the Roborock app. The voice alerts inform about problems or other errors during cleaning or standup mode.

This model is new and appeared on the market only on 11 March. 2023. Do not expect a significant discount.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, all the best Roborock Amazon Prime Day deals to be on the lookout for. Remember, Prime Day deals are exclusively for shoppers who have subscribed to the Amazon Prime service. So, if you are not a member, sign up today for the service or give the free trial a shot.

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