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Roborock H6 vs. Dyson V11 Review

While Dyson has been a dominant force in the stick vacuums category with their Dyson V series models, Roborock could have caught up with the UK brand with their new Roborock H6 handheld vacuum.

In this article, we have compared the Roborock H6 vs. Dyson V11 to see how the two fare as far as cleaning performance and features are concerned. But just before that, here is a summary of the key similarities and differences that buyers need to focus on.

Dyson V11 vs. Roborock H6 Similarities

  • Design – The two models are both stick vacuums that can transform into handhelds
  • Display – Roborock H6 and Dyson V11 feature displays though the panel technology is different
  • HEPA filtration – The two vacuums use HEPA grade filters, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Dyson V11 vs. Roborock H6 Differences

  • Suction power – Dyson V11 has higher suction power compared to Roborock
  • Dust bin – The V11 holds more dirt than Roborock
  • Battery – Roborock H6 has a more powerful battery than Dyson.
Roborock H6
Dyson V11
Carpet cleaning
25000 Pa
125000 rpm
OLED screen
LSD digital
Run Time
up to 86 mins
60 minutes
Power suction
140 AW
185 AW
Cleaning Modes
Eco, Max, Auto Carpet Boost
Eco, Auto, and Boost
Dustbin Capacity
400 ml
750 ml
Wi-Fi Support
HEPA Filter
Battery Capacity
Charging Time
300 min
240 min
78 decibels
72 decibels
8.4 x 4.3 x 43.3 inches
49.6 x 9.8 x 10.3 inches
3 pounds
6.68 pounds
Check Price

Roborock H6 vs. Dyson V11 Face to Face Comparison Review

Now, it’s time for the detailed review of these two cordless vacuums. To make sure readers get the most out of it, we have compared all the important aspects that are considered when buying stick vacuums.
Without further ado, here is the Dyson V11 vs. Roborock H6 comparison review.

Design and Aesthetics

Roborock H6

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As for Roborock H6, we still see the 2-in-1 design where the vacuum is primarily a stick vacuum but transforms into a handheld as well.

The unit stands at 43-inches, and the cleaning head is 8.46-inches while the weight is 3.08lbs.

This vacuum is available in a single color option; charcoal grey and red.

Cleaning Performance

In this section, we want to find out how the two compare when it comes to cleaning performance. Remember, they are both ideal for cleaning bare floors, carpets, pet hair, and other daily household dirt.

Suction Power

Dyson V11

Suction Power Dyson V11
Dyson still has the lead when it comes to suction power. It puts up an impressive 185AW courtesy of the three-speed motor that has Eco, Auto, and Boos modes.

While it boasts the highest suction power, it also has high operation noise.

Cleaning Head

Roborock H6

Cleaning head Roborock h6
As for the Riborock H6, there are two variants.

There’s a model with a soft roller brush and another with a standard brushroll.

The former is ideal when cleaning the fragile bare floors like hardwood while the other one is for cleaning the stubborn stains and grime on ordinary hard floors.


Roborock H6

Filter Roborock h6
We are also glad Roborock has used a full HEPA filtration. There is a five-stage system in place coupled with two HEPA grade filters, which ensure even the smallest particles in the atmosphere are captured.

It’s also worth mentioning that the entire unit is fully dressed, so no allergens will escape from the 0.4L bin.

Cleaning Tests

To give trades a glimpse of how these vacuums performed, we did thorough tests on different surfaces, using the common household dirt. Below are the results.
Cleaning test

Battery and Runtime

Roborock H6

Run Time roborock h6
When it comes to the H6, Roborock incorporated a lithium polymer battery, a technology we’ve never seen in cordless vacuums. The 3,610mAh battery offers an impressive 90 minutes runtime in low power mode and 10 minutes when Carpet Boost is activated.

This one too is inbuilt, so there are no options for using an extra battery. The recharge time is around four hours as well. One thing this battery guarantees is a longer life cycle – up to 600 cycles.


Roborock H6

Display roborock h6
Roborock H6 is also a great choice when it comes to usability.

It’s much lighter than Dyson, so reaching those awkward heights is effortless. This model also has a display, but an OLED, unlike Dyson’s LCD. The display shows a countdown of the remaining cleaning time, just like Dyson.


Roborock H6

Accessories roborock h6
As for Roborock H6, there are also two models, with the difference being the primary brushes.

One has a soft roller brush while the other has a standard brushroll.


Overall, this is the best choice as it has the most number of tools, including the carpet brush, motorized mini brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and a wall mounting holder.

Roborock H6 vs. Dyson V11

Now we have come to the end of this comparison review. As you have seen, both models have advantages and disadvantages.

So which is the best choice? Well, there is no ultimate winner as it all depends on your cleaning needs, as well as the budget. Below are some recommendations from our experts.

Who should buy Roborock H6?


  • This Chinese brand is a great purchase for buyers on a budget as it’s slightly cheaper compared to Dyson V11.
  • It’s also appealing because of the longer runtime offered, so it’s best for handling larger floor areas.
  • The H6 also tags along with more tools and attachments, so it’s more versatile.
  • Finally, this model is ideal for those looking for the best handling as its lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roborock H6 vs Dyson V11: which vacuum has more accessories?

Roborck H6 and Dyson V11 offer the same number of accessories. Each kit includes 6 elements. However, Roborock H6 comes with 4 additional tools and two main motorized heads. And Dyson V11 uses one main head and five extra tools.


Dyson V11 vs Roborock H6: which vacuum has longer run time?

Both models are cordless and work on batteries. Dyson v11 lasts for 60 minutes in Eco mode. Roborock H6 is equipped with an innovative Lithium-Ion Polymer battery. It provides more energy for 90 minutes of operation. So, Roborock H6 offers longer run time in comparison with Dyson v11.

Is Dyson V11 heavy in handheld configuration?

Dyson V11 stick vacuum weighs 6.68 pounds. While used as a handheld model, it becomes even lighter. The majority of customers affirm it`s very comfortable to lift and easy to handle.

What is the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair?

Dyson V11 and Roborock H6 are equally excellent models for hair cleaning. They boost suction to extreme levels, especially on carpets. Also, both vacuums use motorized cleaning heads for more efficient hair lifting and picking. You can set mini motorized tools for extra challenging pollution. However, Dyson V11 uses a more powerful 525W digital motor. So, it is slightly better for pet hair.

How can I empty Roborock H6 dust cup?

Roborock H6 offers the one-touch easy emptying. You should only place the cup over the bin and press the release button that opens dust cup lid. You can also remove front and rear filters and wash them together with the dustbin for perfect cleanliness.

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