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Eufy 15c max vs Eufy 30c

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EUFY logoWe can safely say that Anker is one of the leading companies in the field of robotics. Although this brand can be considered a newcomer, the company has already released several models that are in no way inferior to other vacuum cleaners.


Its Eufy robots combine high product quality, efficiency in use, and an optimal price.

And today we’ll have a close look at two robot models – Eufy 15c max and Eufy 30c.
These vacuums have some difficulties with navigation, but they’re one of the best at suction power and have excellent price.
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Which one to choose Eufy 15C Max or Eufy 30C?

3 reasons to choose Eufy 30C

  • Virtual walls technology: By setting 13” boundary strips, Eufy 30C cleans only required areas.
  • Multi-functional smartphone application: The smartphone app helps set schedules, find the robot, receive notifications and control the Eufy 30C.
  • Large wheels: Eufy 30C is equipped with large wheels to roll over the height difference up to 0.63 inches between different surfaces.

Eufy 15c max

Eufy Robovac 15c Max
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RoboVac Eufy 15c max is one of the leaders in the Anker range of robot vacuum cleaners. This model meets all the necessary requirements for robot cleaners to provide quality cleaning.

Eufy 15c max supports Wi-Fi connection and voice control, charges independently, and cleans any surface from hard floors to medium-pile carpets.

This black ultra-thin vacuum cleaner can increase the suction power from 1300Pa to 2000Pa thanks to BoostIQ technology, still ensuring quiet cleaning.


This model is one of the most powerful robots of this manufacturer.

A three-stage cleaning system that uses two side brushes, a central bristle brush and powerful suction ensures a decent cleaning for up to 100 minutes in an area of 120 square meters.

However, this model is not suitable for large apartments and multi-story buildings, as the navigation system is rather weak.

  • compact dimensions
  • great suction
  • several cleaning modes
  • BoostIQ technology
  • in-built sensors
  • powerful battery
  • nice dustbin
  • mobile app and voice control
  • quiet work
  • affordable price
  • weak filter
  • no virtual walls
  • no Dirt Detect function
  • navigation based only on sensors

In general, this model is a relatively affordable and reliable robot vacuum cleaner.
The average price for Eufy 15c max is about 250-300 dollars. Despite the disadvantages, it has powerful suction, quiet operation, a good battery, and a number of other advantages, which we’ll present in more detail below.
If you live in a small apartment or single-story house and have a pet, then feel free to buy the 15c max.

Eufy 30c

Robovac 30c
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RoboVac Eufy 30c is an earlier model of a robot vacuum cleaner compared to Eufy 15c max.

So it is somewhat inferior to the previous model in some characteristics but has its advantages, too.

The robot has a standard design and a set of tools for dry cleaning. The three-stage cleaning system helps pull dust and other dirt out of hard-to-reach areas and catch it with 1500Pa suction.

It can be controlled through the app or from the remote control. In addition, you can also give commands to your robot vacuum cleaner using voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Unlike more expensive models, the 30c vacuum moves and cleans the room in a chaotic manner. It means that the robot does not follow any logic and does not even remember the cleaning route.


Navigation is performed due to sensors. However, the final cleaning result is satisfactory and no worse than that of comparable devices equipped with great intelligence.

However, chaos-based cleaning takes more time.

So, work lasts for 100 minutes. The robot charges from the station and then continues cleaning.

  • compact dimensions
  • capacious dustbin
  • high suction
  • BoostIQ technology
  • wide range of sensors
  • powerful battery
  • virtual walls
  • mobile app and voice control
  • affordable price
  • no Dirt Detect function
  • weak navigation
  • weak filter

It is a great model for flats and small offices with different flooring.


eufy 15c max and 30c navigation

Eufy 15c and Eufy 30c use infrared sensors. They are set all over the case and trace the approaching of barriers. On the bottom of the robots, there are also cliff sensors, thanks to which vacuums can’t fall down elevations.

When the robot approaches the drop, sensors recognize lighting change as the drop looks darker than a plain surface. Sensors send an alarm signal, and your smart assistant changes the direction.


We should note that sensors are the only possible way of navigation that’s used on both Eufy robots. There is no additional laser navigation or mapping, so robots move somewhat chaotic.

If you want to limit the cleaning area, you can use special limiters or virtual walls. This system is possible on the 30c device. Eufy 15c max doesn’t support such technology.

Filter System

If you suffer from allergy, have pets or small children, you should pay double attention to air filtration. That’s why a good robot vacuum cleaner must have not only brushes but also reliable filters.


Eufy company equips all its models with highly-efficiency filters that absorb dust and small particles. But it has some difficulties with capturing pollen.

Nevertheless, besides the primary filter, Eufy 30c and Eufy 15c max use the additional dual-layer filter.

Suction Power

eufy 15c max and 30c suction

The cleaning result will directly depend on the suction power of your cleaner. A powerful vacuum cleaner copes equally with hard floors and carpets, with small and large debris. Its powerful suction also traps particles at a distance, which means that garbage will be collected from a larger area in hard-to-reach places.

An additional excellent skill is the ability of a vacuum cleaner to alter the suction depending on the cleaning mode or type of flooring.
  • Both Eufy models propose high suction and so-called BoostIQ technology. You’ll get almost a perfect result with 1500 Pa suction of Eufy 30c.
  • And Eufy 15c max guarantees up to 2000 Pa suction in Max mode. Engineers also equipped it with BoostIQ technology that can distinguish carpets and increase suction on such floors.

Run Time

Eufy 15c max and Eufy 30c have the same battery capacity of 2600 mAh. Such batteries give 100 minutes of work in Auto mode and 40 minutes in Max and BoostIQ modes.

After discharging, robots go to the dock and stay there for five hours till the battery is full again. Then the work continues.

Dustbin Indicator

No matter how smart and independent your robot is, it still needs periodic maintenance and care.

You should charge replaceable accessories, clean the brushes and case, as well as empty the dust collector. During the cleaning process, the dustbin accumulates a lot of dirt. Therefore, container cleaning is not the most hygienic process. It’s better for everyone if you have to implement it rarely.

Some of the latest models of robotic vacuum cleaners have already learned how to inform their users of full bins with the help of Full Bin Indicators. They also can empty the dustbin on their own at the station. This technology is called Automatic Dirt Disposal.


Our competitors, of course, do not know how to cope with dust collectors on their own. But their 600 ml containers are sufficient enough for long-term cleaning without the need for emptying. And they don’t have Full Bin Indicators, so you’ll have to monitor the condition of the bins.



A too noisy vacuum cleaner will become a problem for those around you and your family. It’s especially unlucky that you cannot program it for night cleaning, although this time is very convenient. Therefore, before buying, pay attention to decibels produced by your vacuum cleaner.

  • Eufy 15c max is very silent as it has 55 decibels. Such a noise level allows you to run the robot whenever you want. It will stay quiet even during Max mode cleaning.
  • Eufy 30c is noisier as it produces 68.4 decibels. So we don’t advise you to run it in cases you need silence in the house.


Additional accessories included in the kit allow you to carry out further maintenance of the robot vacuum cleaner for free.

For example, replaceable filters and additional brushes cost money. But if the manufacturer took care of you and put a few additional elements in the kit, then you won’t have to buy them at your own expense in the future.

Also, accessories such as virtual walls, for instance, can expand the capabilities of the robot.

Let’s see what the manufacturer of our models offers us in addition to the robots themselves.

Eufy 15c max
  • Charging base,
  • one remote control,
  • AC power adapter,
  • one set of high-performance filters,
  • four side brushes,
  • one cleaning tool,
  • five cable ties,
  • a worry-free 12-month warranty.
Eufy 30c
  • one charging dock,
  • four side brushes,
  • one remote control with 2 AAA batteries,
  • 13.2 ft boundary strips,
  • an additional set of high-performance filters,
  • five cable ties,
  • one cleaning tool,
  • a 12-month warranty.

Tests on different types of floors

The manufacturer of both robot vacuum cleaners claims that they can handle any flooring. But is it really so?

  • A set of brushes and a cleaning system allow robots to cope with hard floors easily. And you can be calm about your expensive parquet or tile – the vacuums won’t damage or scratch it.
  • At the same time, the declared suction power makes robots suitable for carpet cleaning. Plus, BoostIQ contributes to this process.
  • None of the models will get stuck when moving from a hard floor to a carpet, as they can overcome small elevations and have good passibility.

Thus, the declared characteristics of robots allow us to conclude that Eufy 15c max and Eufy 30c are perfect for any floor cleaning. However, some users warn that due to inaccurate navigation and blind cleaning, robots can skip areas of the floor and leave hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EUFY 30c and 15c?

Suction power is the key difference between the models. While the 15C provides 2000 Pa in BoostIQ and Max mode, the 30C can reach 1500 Pa suction. Besides, the vacuums have different kits. Eufy 30C uses 13.2 ft boundary strips, and Eufy 15C does not have any.


Which EUFY 30c or 15c is best for pet hair?

Being a more powerful vacuum, Eufy 15C is better for pet hair. Its 2000 Pa suction compared to 1500 Pa of Eufy 30C gives the vac a nice advantage. All other features including brushes, dustbins, BoostIQ, and filters, which are important for hair cleaning, coincide.

Does Eufy 30C run longer than Eufy 15C?

The robot vacuum cleaners use the same battery and have the same run time. They work for 100 minutes in Standard mode, for 60 minutes in BoostIQ, and for 40 minutes in Max mode.

Why is Eufy 15C more expensive than Eufy 30C?

Eufy 15C is a newer model with greater suction power. These are the reasons for higher price.

What is louder Eufy 30C or Eufy 15c max?

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Eufy RoboVac 30C produces a noise level of approximately 55-60 dB, depending on the cleaning mode. On the other hand, the Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX is slightly quieter, with a noise level of around 40-55 dB. Therefore, in general, the Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX is quieter than the Eufy RoboVac 30C.



Both Eufy 15c max and Eufy 30c show themselves worthily in all characteristics. They qualitatively clean any floor, purify the air, and provide remote control. It should be noted that the models are very similar in many respects.

That’s why all of the above arguments significantly complicate the issue of choice.

  • Taking into account the equal low cost of both robots, we believe that the 30c still gives a little more control freedom, since it supports a virtual wall system. Therefore, it is suitable for larger apartments.
  • But the 15c max copes better with a large number of carpets due to the higher suction power. You should also choose this vacuum cleaner if you have small children or skittish pets, as it provides silent cleaning in any mode.