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EUFY Robovac 11s vs. 30c Face to Face Comparison

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EUFY logoIn this Robovac 11s vs. 30c review, we are comparing an entry level EUFY robot vacuum to one of the best selling models from the Chinese brand.

Should you buy the cheap 11s or you’d rather top up and get the newer 30c?

We will be answering all these in today’s EUFY comparison review.

But first things first; a short introduction of the company. EUFY is a Chinese brand, a subsidiary of Anker Innovation which is famous for its batteries and portable power options. As for EUFY, it is popular for the Robovac series of robot vacuums. The brand also has a clone of Alexa called EUFY Genie, smart lights, and even smart surveillance cameras.

Face to Face Robovac 11s and 30c comparison table

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What we liked in the Robovac 11s

The EUFY Robovac 11s came to replace the Robovac 11. Here are some of the things we liked about it.

  • Slim design – Unlike the older 3.1-inch EUFY 11, the 11s is 2.85-inches thin. The low-profile design enables it to go under furniture.
  • Improved suction – BoostIQ technology increases suction to 1300Pa, which is more potent than the EUFY 11 that produces just 1000Pa.
  • Quiet operation – Gen 2 motors are not only efficient but quieter at 55dB.
  • IR Remote – You can control your EUFY from 13 ft. away using the supplied IR remote controller.
  • Larger bin – With the Robovac 11, you get a larger 0.6L bin up from the 0.55L bin in the Robovac 11.
  • Improved climbing threshold – The 11s has a 0.63-inch Bing threshold, up from 0.59-inches.

What we liked in the Robovac 30c

The EUFY Robovac 30c came to replace the Robovac 30. Here are the things we fell in love with.

  • Higher suction – Robovac 30c delivers 1500Pa in Max mode.
  • Low / High power – The 2nd Gen motor can run in two power modes for efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Smart connectivity – Robovac 30c comes with WiFi for Smartphone operation, and voice control.
  • Boundary marking – Even though digital boundary marking technology is the best, we still appreciate the physical markers supplied with the Robovac 30c.
  • Find me – Quickly locate where your robot is hiding by the tap of a button.

Robovac 11s vs. 30c similarities

  • Design & dimensions – Both Robovac 11s and 30c share the same round shaped design. They are also 2.85-inches thin and weighs around 5.75lbs.
  • Filtration system – EUFY uses HEPA style filters in the two vacuums. While they are 99% efficient, they won’t filter down to 0.3 microns like true-HEPA filters.
  • Brush system – The two vacuums share the same primary V-shaped brushroll and two side brushes.
  • Navigation and mapping – Both vacuums use a set of drop and obstacle detection sensors for navigation. There are also laser sensors for localization.
  • Battery and power management – The EUFY 11s and 30c share the same 2600mAh battery that lasts 100 minutes on average. They recharge automatically but lack a resume function.

Robovac 11s vs. 30c differences

  • Cleaning performance – The 11s is designed for bare floors, low carpets, and pet hair while the 30c can handle bare floors, pet hair, and low to medium pile carpets.
  • Suction power – EUFY 11s comes with a Gen 2 motor that delivers 1300Pa and runs on a single speed. As for the 30c, it runs on normal and Max mode with a yield of 1300Pa and 1500Pa respectively.
  • Smart connectivity – EUFY 11s lacks WiFi, whereas the 30c supports 2.4GHz WiFi and works with the mobile app and voice controls.
  • Boundary marking – The EUFY 30c comes with a 13ft. physical boundary marking strip but the 11s lacks any form of boundary marking.
  • FindMe – This is a feature that is found exclusively on the Robovac 30c and 35c. Older models, including EUFY 11s, lack it.

Who should buy the EUFY 11s

Even though it is an old model, the Robovac 11s is still a worthy vacuum. Buy this model if you have;

  • Tight budget – It costs much lesser than the EUFY 30c
  • Bare floors and low carpets – The 1300Pa is just enough for hardwood, tile, and vinyl as well as low pile carpets.
  • Pet hair – The bristled brush picks up pet hair very well, and the V-shaped design prevents tangling.
  • Back and mobility problems – This model comes with an IR remote controller, so you don’t have to bend down to access the control buttons.

Who should buy the EUFY 30c

The Robovac 30c has improved features than the 11s. Buy this model if you have;

  • Bare floors and carpets – The normal mode is excellent on bare floors while on carpets, BoostIQ is activated and steps up pressure to 1500Pa.
  • A smart home – This model is smart home ready courtesy of WiFI compatibility. Control it from the Smartphone app or using Alexa / Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best EUFY RoboVac 11s или 30c?

Eufy RoboVac 30C overpasses its rival in some crucial characteristics, so it is a better robot vacuum cleaner. The 30C features a WiFi connection, which means the support of the smartphone app and voice assistants. Its kit also includes 13.2 ft of boundary strips, and its suction power reaches 1500 Pa. At the same time, Eufy 11S has neither a WiFi support nor limiting strips, and its maximum suction is 1300 Pa.


Is EUFY a Chinese company?

Eufy is a subsidiary of the famous Anker Innovations company, which was established in China in 2011 and since then has been producing electronics. So, yes, Eufy is a Chinese brand.

Does Amazon own EUFY?

Eufy is a property of Anker company. Anazon doesn`t own this brand, but it performs as a retailing platform where Eufy is sold.

Which vacuum model Eufy 30C or 11S has longer run time?

Both robot vacuums have the same battery capacity and offer maximum 100 minutes of run time at Standard mode, 50 minutes at BoostIQ, and 40 minutes at Max mode.

Eufy Robovac 11s vs 30c: which robot is better for pet owners?

Robovac 30c has greater suction (1500 Pa vs 1300 Pa of the 11s). It also provides HEPA filtration and virtual wall support. Eufy 11s does not use these two fuctions. So, the 30c better suits pet owners, as it collects more hair, eliminates allergens, and can avoid pet bowls during cleaning.


From this Robovac 11s vs. 30c comparison review, it is clear the newer EUFY 30c is the best choice. In fact, it is better than the EUFY 30 courtesy of its smart connectivity. If you want value for money, it should be number one on your wishlist.

However, if you are new to robot vacuums and you want to first try it out with a cheap robot vacuum, the EUFY 11s is your match!