A Comparison of iLIFE Vacuum Cleaners V3s vs. V5s vs. V7s vs. A4 vs. A4s vs. A6 vs. X5

iLIFE is a well-established company that boasts a range of products. Their product portfolio is built largely on the A Series and the V Series. However, there’s the little known X Series. In A-Series the, we have the iLIFE A4 and A6 while in the V-Series there is the iLIFE V1, V3, V5, and V7. These vacuum cleaners have different technologies and retail at different prices.

Even though many customers only know that iLIFE is a top brand, there’s the dilemma of which iLIFE vacuum cleaner to buy. This is apparent from the fact that there are several iLIFE models in the market. For that reason, we decided to do this review that seeks to enlighten readers on how the iLIFE vacuum cleaners compare in terms of features and performance in this iLIFE vacuum comparison review. It will, in turn, help you know which iLIFE vac is the best for you, both in terms of your cleaning needs as well as your budget.

A Summary of the iLIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

To make it easy for you to understand how the iLIFE vacuum cleaners compare, we will use a table to show whether or not a feature is available in a particular iLIFE vacuum cleaner. This will be backed up by a discussion of these features in detail. Without further ado, let’s go straight to the iLIFE A4 vs. A4s vs. A6 vs. V3s Series vs V5s Series vs V7s Series review.

 DesignOrientationNoiseSuctionCleaning AreaRun TimeFilterCheck Price
3-inchesVacuuming, Sweeping & Dry Mopping55dB600Pa120 - 150 sq.m.90 – 100 minsHEPACheck Price
iLIFE V3s Pro
3-inchesVacuuming, Sweeping & Dry Mopping55dB600Pa90 - 150 sq.m.110 - 120 mins.HEPACheck Price
3-inchesVacuuming, Sweeping & Dry Mopping52dB600Pa120 - 150 sq.m.90 – 110 mins.HEPACheck Price
iLIFE V5s Pro
3-inchesVacuuming, Sweeping and Wet & Dry Mopping55dB850Pa90 - 150 sq.m.110 - 120 mins.HEPACheck Price
3-inchesVacuum & Sweep55dB1000Pa180 - 200 sq.m.110 - 120 mins.HEPACheck Price
3-inchesVacuum & Sweep55dB1000Pa180 - 200 sq.m.120 - 140 mins.HEPACheck Price
3.03-inchesVacuuming, Sweeping and Wet & Dry Mopping55dB850Pa180 sq.m90 mins.HEPACheck Price
2.8-inchesVacuum & Sweep55dB1000Pa180 - 200 sq.m.140 - 160 mins.HEPACheck Price
3.15-inchesVacuuming, Sweeping and Wet & Dry Mopping52dB400Pa80 - 150 sq.m120 - 150 mins.Dual HEPACheck Price
iLIFE V7s Pro
3.15-inchesVacuuming, Sweeping and Wet & Dry Mopping60dB400Pa150 - 200 sq.m.140 mins.Dual HEPACheck Price

Before we go any further in this iLIFE vacuum comparison, it is important that we acquaint ourselves with the iLIFE models. We will skim through all these models and discuss the notable things about them. We will also see their major pros and cons in summary.

#1. iLIFE V3s Series – best selling robot vacuums

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The V3s Series consists of the iLIFE V3s and the upgraded version, the V3s Pro. This vacuum cleaner comes with more advanced features than the V1 and the price is enticing. The multiple cleaning modes, improved navigation, and powerful suction make it great for pet hair. Here are a few pros and cons of the V3s that make it among the best selling robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

Like earlier mentioned, the iLIFE V3s Series is available in two options, the V3s and the V3s Pro. The V3s Pro is very similar to the V3s but has a few tweaks that make it superior. By design, they all stand at 3-inches and can go almost anywhere in your house. They also have large RoadRover wheels for ease of movement. When it comes to navigation, the V3s has a full set of advanced sensors for precise navigation.

  • Large RoadRover Wheels – The large wheels make it possible for the V3s to go just anywhere.
  • Remote with LCD – The iLIFE V3s comes with a remote control with LCD for easy operation.
  • Vacuum and Mop – This vacuum cleaner can sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously.
  • Pet Hair Cleaning – The HEPA filters and high suction power make it a great cleaner for pet owners.
  • Extensive Cleaning Area – This cleaner has been optimized to clean an area of between 120 – 150 sq.m.
  • Affordable Price – When you look at its performance and features, the V3s is very affordable.
  • Troubled navigation
  • No Wet Mopping – Even though it comes with a mop function, it is only for dry mopping and not wet mopping.

In terms of cleaning performance, this vacuum can sweep, vacuum and mop. It has elaborate brushes that sweep the sides of the cleaner as well as wall edges. There’s also a powerful motor that delivers up to 600Pa of suction and this is one area that the V3s Pro has been made better.


The Pro version has been engineered with AirWay technology for more vacuuming performance. The V3s Pro also has better battery life as it can do 110-120 minutes compared to the V3s which does 90-110 minutes.

Even though the V3s Series only comes with dry mopping, it is still a great vacuum cleaner, especially for pet owners. Besides offering excellent cleaning, it has a remote control, Schedule cleaning and self-docking.

#2. iLIFE V5s Series with dry & wet mopping

iLIFE V5s Series
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Another superb set of iLIFE vacuum cleaners is the V5s Series. This vacuum cleaner is quite similar to the predecessor, the V3s Series. However, it brings on board several new features including dry & wet mopping.

The ILIFE V5s Series boasts an impressive cleaning system. It adopts the 1st Gen CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning system that guarantees comprehensive cleaning. Besides, there’s a powerful motor that delivers exceptional suction power.

With the V5s, it does 600Pa while in the V5s Pro, it does 550Pa in normal mode and up to 850Pa in Max Mode. Max mode has higher suction power and that’s what makes the V5s Pro a better cleaner for carpets. In addition to this, the V5s Pro has wet and dry mopping with i-Dropping technology for efficient water use.

Other features of the V5s Series include a full set of advanced sensors, cliff sensors, and obstacle sensors among others. It also has Schedule cleaning, four cleaning modes, self-docking among others. Unfortunately, for such a top-level vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t have Wi-Fi. However, its price is justifiable.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the ILIFE V5s Series.

  • RoadRover Wheels – The V5s has been equipped with large RoadRover wheels for smooth navigation.
  • 3-in-1 Cleaning – With this cleaner, you can sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously.
  • Wet & Dry Mopping – Unlike the V3s, the V5s has both dry & wet mopping.
  • Dual-Charging – This cleaner has self-charging and can also be charged manually.
  • Remote Control – For easy operation, the V5s Series comes with a remote control.
  • No Wi-Fi – For such an advanced robot vacuum cleaner, we expected it to have Wi-Fi for Smartphone compatibility.

#3. iLIFE V7s Series

iLIFE V7s Series
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This is the cornerstone of the V Series and comes in two versions; the iLIFE V7s and iLIFE V7s Pro. Although they owe much of their features to the V5s Series, the V7s Series is a smarter hybrid robotic vacuum cleaner. It blends aesthetics and performance making it such a great purchase for anyone looking for a revolutionary vacuum cleaner.

The V7s Series is among iLIFE’s best robot vacuum cleaners. It maintains the CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning system and includes Dual HEPA filters for better performance. This cleaner can sweep, vacuum and mop (dry & wet) and has been specially built to tackle stains and grimes. It comes with a large 0.45L water tank with i-Dropping technology and a large 0.5Lb dust tank with dustbin detection. Its suction power is however very low. 400Pa is only ideal for floors and not carpets.

The V7s is further packed with some awesome features including a remote control, four cleaning modes, schedule cleaning and so much more. Even though it lacks Wi-Fi and high suction power, it is still a great vacuum cleaner for mopping floors.

  • 3-in-1 Cleaning – The V7s can come in handy in sweeping, vacuuming and even mopping.
  • Dry & Wet Mopping – This cleaner can offer both dry and wet mopping.
  • Large Capacity Tanks – ILIFE included large capacity dust and water tanks for less human intervention.
  • Improved Battery Runtime – These cleaners have better battery runtime compared to their competitors.
  • Larger Cleaning Area – The cleaning area is also impressive considering their price.
  • Sleek Design – The V7s been labeled a real beauty. It combines an appealing design and a superb finish.
  • No Wi-Fi – Again, the V7serioes lacks Wi-Fi which is such a shortcoming for the best vacuum cleaner in the iLIFE V7s Series.

#4. iLIFE A4 – strong and sturdy design

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The A4 is among the players in the iLIFE A-Series. This is a middle range robot vacuum cleaner that combines simplicity and reliability. It is simple in design and reliable in performance.

Unlike other ILIFE models, the A4 has a simple yet very tough design. The main shell has been crafted from high-grade material that is resistant to scratches and most importantly, durable and hardy. It maintains the low-profile design with only a few more pounds above the popular models like the V3s Series, or the V5s.

In terms of performance, this cleaner is ideal for all floor types and also carpets. This makes it such a versatile robot vacuum cleaner. It packs the CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning system and HEPA filters to guarantee deep cleaning of carpets as well as floors. The high-performance motor guarantee suction powers ranging from 700Pa – 1000Pa depending on the surface and mode you are in. Besides sweeping and vacuuming, it also offers mopping function, something that makes the A4 a great bargain when it comes to buying robot vacuum cleaners. Its battery life is also very impressive. It can run for 110-120 minutes, also depending on the cleaning mode and surface.

The iLIFE A4 also has a dependable navigation system, schedule cleaning, self-recharge and several other features that make it stand out from the crowd. However, its price tag is quite high considering this cleaner offers nothing much than what its mates offer.

  • Price is affordable
  • Tough Design – This robot vacuum cleaner boasts a tough and solid design.
  • Versatile – The A4 can be used on all floor types including linoleum, tile, hardwood and even thin carpet floors.
  • 2-in-1 Cleaning – The iLIFE A4 can vacuum and mop simultaneously.
  • Max Mode – This cleaner has the unique Max Mode that boosts air power to deliver suctions of up to 1,000Pa.
  • Quite Expensive – When you weigh what the A4 offers and what other cheaper ILIFE robot cleaners do, the A4 is expensive.
  • No Wet Mopping – This cleaner has been specially made for dry mopping only.

#5. ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The A4s is the A4’s sibling and have a lot of resemblance in terms of features and even price. For this reason, there will be no much to talk about.

However, it’s worthy to note that most review gurus point out that the A4s has better performance on carpets and even allergens. The battery life is also improved.

  • Two charging modes
  • Remote with LCD
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • No wifi

#6. iLIFE A6- most expensive iLIFE vacuum cleaner

ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
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The A6 is among iLIFE’s latest products and boasts of some of their new technologies like the Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-Stage cleaning system. In addition to this, it has a sleek and low-profile design that boosts its maneuverability greatly. Even though it may sound quite expensive, the A6 is real value for money.

The ILIFE A6 was a statement by ILIFE. They sprung back with a new cleaning system, the Gen 2 CyclonePower. This system has a new BladeAway spiral blade rubber brush, a large dirt bin and powerful suction power. On top of this, the motor has been optimized to ensure efficiency. It can produce a cool 1,000Pa when at its best. Besides, this motor operates with very low noise causing minimal disturbance.

To ensure all the areas are covered, the A6 has a very slim design. In fact, it is the slimmest robot vacuum cleaner in the market. It can creep under beds, sofas, toilets, around chair legs, deep corners and other hard-to-reach areas where dirt hides. The high capacity battery, on the other hand, ensures that floors are cleaned on time and as per schedule. It can run for 160 minutes and can cover and clean an area of 180-200 sq.m. Besides, it has ‘Electrowalls’, a feature that allows you to restrict the A6 using invisible barriers.

  • Advanced Cleaning System – The A6 has been built with the all-new Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-Stage cleaning system.
  • Slim Design – Also, the ILIFE A6 is the ultimate winner when it comes to slimness. It stands at only 2.8-inches, 0.8mm lower than the Roombas.
  • Extended Battery Life – This cleaner can do an impressive 160 minutes on a single charge which is unbelievable.
  • Boundary Marking – This is the only ILIFE model with boundary marking courtesy of the ‘Electrowall.
  • Large Cleaning Area – With the ILIFE A6, you are guaranteed cleaning an area that ranges between 180 and 200 sq.m.
  • Vacuum and Mop – This robot cleaner has been specially designed for vacuuming and mopping.
  • Quite Expensive – The A6 is quite expensive compared to the other ILIFE robots. But again, it is worth every penny.
  • No Wi-Fi – Being among ILIFE’s best products, the A6 lacks Wi-Fi, a major determinant in today’s market of robot vacuum cleaners.
  • No Wet Mopping – One let down with the ILIFE A6 is that it lacks wet mopping.

#7. iLIFE X5 – great vacuum cleaner

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The iLIFE X5 is a little-known vacuum cleaner. Popularly known as the Chuwi X5, it is very similar to the A4 in terms of performance. Most notably, it has 4 cleaning modes and a precise navigation system. Even though I find it quite expensive, it is still a great vacuum cleaner that should be on your list if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner under $300. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.

Even though the X5 is a little-known robot vacuum cleaner, it packs some very resourceful features. First, its high maneuverability ensures it cleans each and every part of your house. The 3-stage cleaning system, on the other hand, delivers exceptional results.


Unfortunately, this cleaner is not ideal for carpets because its brush is not motorized. However, it has a high suction power of up to 850Pa. In addition to this, it can offer both dry and wet mopping. ILIFE equipped this vacuum cleaner with a 0.3L water and dirt bin for lesser human intervention.

Besides its superiority in cleaning, the ILIFE X5 has a superb navigation system and also, boundary marking to help you restrict the cleaner from reaching specific areas. There is also a remote control for easy operation. Other features include HEPA filters, Schedule cleaning, low-noise operation and so on.

  • Cleans Everywhere – The X5 has been specially designed to fit under most furniture. Remember, it is in these hard-to-reach areas that dirt hides most.
  • Vacuum and Mop – The X5 has been designed to offer vacuum function and mopping simultaneously.
  • Dry and Wet Mopping – The ILIFE X5 can offer both dry and wet mopping.
  • High Suction Power – This cleaner can deliver 550-850Pa which is very impressive for such a low-budget cleaner.
  • Large Cleaning Area – With this cleaner, you can clean an area of 180 sq.m.
  • Remote Control – With the supplied remote control, the operation is very easy.
  • Not for Carpets – This cleaner will not work on carpets.
  • Shorter Runtime – The X5 can run for an average of 90 minutes which is not quite good compared to the other ILIFE models.

The iLIFE Vacuum Comparison; V1 vs. V3s vs. V5s vs. V7s vs. A4 vs. A4s vs. A6 vs. X5

Having used all these iLIFE models, we thought it was wise if we compare all of them and see how they match up one another when it comes to features, performance, and pricing. In this comparison, we are solely going to base on the major features that you need to consider when buying vacuum cleaners. These factors include floor priority, cleaning systems, navigation technology, convenience features and battery life among many others.

1. Design and Maneuverability

Most dirt hides in hard to reach areas. With this in mind, vacuum cleaners are made in low-profile designs to make sure they maneuver under furniture, beds, kickstands and deep corners. This is an area where iLIFE really laid emphasis on. In general, we can say that iLIFE vacs have low-profile designs but, just how low is it?

The Chuwi V1 is a top performer here. It stands at only 2.95-inches making it among the smallest vacuums in the entire market. It can creep underneath beds, sofas, kickstands and even curtains to ensure no place is left untouched.

The V3 and V5 stand at 3-inches high while the V7 stands slightly higher at 3.15-inches. On the other hand, the A4 and A4s stand at 3-inches too while the A6 is 2.8-inches high.

Here, the ultimate winner in terms of design is the iLIFE A6.

2. Floor Priority; Which Floors do the iLIFE models Clean?

Before buying any robotic vacuum cleaner, it is imperative that you make sure it suits your floor type. There are vacuum cleaners that offer the best cleaning in certain floor types and end up with average performance on others. It is also important to mention that there are those cleaners that have been made to adapt to different floors meaning they can clean just any type of floor. With this in mind, let’s look at what types of floors do each of these vacs from iLIFE clean.

All iLIFE vacuum cleaners have been designed to clean almost all floors. They can clean hardwood, tiled, and thin carpet floors. I must say that the V1 and V3 performed dismally on carpet floors. However, when it came to the A4, A4s, A6, V5 Series and V7s Series, the performance was exemplary.

We find the iLIFE A6 and the iLIFE V7s Pro to be the best from our tests. These two cleaners did exceptionally well in all floor types.

3. Orientation; What Cleaning Functions Do they Have?

As technology advances, many vacuum cleaner brands are incorporating more functions in their vacuum cleaners. For example, instead of having a vacuum cleaner and another machine for mopping, these two functions are being integrated into one machine.

The iLIFE V1, A4, A4s and A6 have been built for Vacuuming only. Besides, they all come with brushes for agitation and sweeping. However, their performance as far as vacuuming is concerned is different. The iLIFE V1 offers average performance while the A4 and A4s offer impressive performance. On the other hand, the A6 is exceptional.

The X5, V5s Series, and V7s Series can vacuum and mop at the same time. With these cleaners, you don’t need to buy a separate mopping machine. The icing on the cake is with the V5s and V7s that come with the new i-Dropping technology to ensure that water is used efficiently.

The V5s Pro, X5, V7s and V7s Pro all offer both wet and dry mopping as they come with water tanks. On the other hand, the V3s, V3s Pro, and V5s only offer dry mopping.

In terms of orientation and versatility, we find the iLIFE V5s Pro and V7s Pro to be the best. They both offer vacuuming, sweeping and wet & dry mopping. What makes these two better than their closest competitor, the X5 is the i-Dropping technology that ensures efficient water use. The X5 does exactly what the V5s Pro and V7s Pro does but doesn’t have the i-Dropping feature.

4. Cleaning Modes

Different times call for different cleaning modes. This is the main reason why many vacuum cleaner brands insist on having multiple cleaning modes for versatility. Older models of iLIFE have a single cleaning mode while others have up to 5 cleaning modes.

The worst performer in terms of cleaning modes is the Chuwi V1. It only has one cleaning mode, i.e Auto. Back then, this was not a major deal but right now, it is.

The X5, A4, V3s, V3s Pro, V5s, V5s Pro, V7s, and V7s Pro all have 4 cleaning modes. These are Auto, Edge, Spot and Schedule Cleaning modes.

On the other hand, the A4s and A6 have 5 cleaning modes. These are Auto, Edge, Spot and Schedule Cleaning.  In addition to this, these cleaners come with the MiniRoom mode that comes in handy when cleaning very small rooms.

Here, the A6 outshines the rest of the cleaners because it has 5 cleaning modes including MiniRoom. The big deal, however, is the blending of MiniRoom mode and the 2nd Gen CyclonePower.

5. Cleaning Technology

iLIFE has developed its own cleaning system just like iRobot. It is commonly known as the CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning System and has been optimized to guarantee unsurpassed cleaning. It is important to note that there is the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation of this technology.

This system uses an advanced spinning side brush which sweeps dirt and debris that are along the path of the vacuum cleaner.  On the other hand, the high-grade spiral brush system extracts dirt and debris before suctioning them into the large dirt bin. The Ultra Performance Filters have the ability to filter very small debris, allergens, and even pet hair. They also prevent clogging.

The iLIFE V3s, V5s, V7s, A4, A4s and the X5 use the 1st Gen CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning System.

On the other hand, the 2nd Gen CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning System has been introduced in the new iLIFE A6. The 2nd Gen has 10X more suction power and brings on board V-Shaped brushes.

Here again, the A6 takes the prize for having the latest version of CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning System

6. Suction Power; How is the Vacuuming Performance?

Suction power refers to the vacuuming performance of the robotic cleaner. More suction power guarantees deep cleaning and suctioning of even the smallest dirt and debris. A good vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor that enables it to achieve the high suction power to effectively vacuum floors and carpets. So, let’s see how the iLIFE vacuum cleaners compare in terms of suction power.

The iLIFE V1 has impressive suction power. For such an entry-level vacuum cleaner, 500Pa is very impressive. This makes the V1 a reliable low-budget vacuum cleaner for carpets and rugs.

On the other hand, the V3s, V3s Pro and V5s deliver around 600Pa which is enough to clean carpets, rugs and hardwood floors. For tiled floors, this suction power is also able to vacuum dirt that sticks in between the tiles.

The V5s Pro and the X5 also have similar vacuuming power at different settings. For the V5s Pro, the base suction power during normal operation is 550Pa while in the Max Mode, it can go up to 850Pa. This is the same case with the iLIFE X5.
The A6 produces around 960Pa in normal mode and up to 1000Pa in Max mode.

Here, the A6 and the V5s Pro are close rivals. The A6 has 10 times more suction power whereas the V5s Pro has Max Mode thus making it hard to call the winner.

7. Filtration System; What Type of Filters are Used?

iLIFE has always trusted the HEPA filters that have so far proved to be the best. These filters have been designed to ensure they filter out even the smallest particles. They have been built to filter allergens, pet hair and even for air purification.

Unlike other types of filters, these particular filters are not washable. All you need to do is tap them in the bin and brush the remaining dirt. You are required to replace these filters every 3-6 months depending on your usage. ILIFE has provided an extra filter for your first replacement.

The iLIFE V1, V3s, V5s, V5s Pro, A4, A4s, A6, and X5 have single HEPA filters while the V7s and V7s have dual HEPA filters for detailed filtration. On the other hand, the V3s Pro has double HEPA filters and the new AirWay technology which guarantees powerful suction. This makes the V3s Pro a great vacuum cleaner for pet owners.

In this category, the V3s is the king courtesy of the dual HEPA filters and AirWay Technology.

8. Side Brushes

Earlier models of vacuum cleaners left a trail of dirt on their path. ILIFE had a solution to this even before they released the iLIFE V1 back in 2013. They engineered a side brush system that sweeps the sides of the vacuum cleaner to ensure no dirt is left behind as the vac moves.

All the iLIFE vacuum cleaners have dual side brushes except the V7 Series which have on one side brush.

9. Dry Mopping; Can it Mop without Water?

One thing we like about iLIFE is how the brand adapted to emerging technologies. Among the best new technologies, they worked n is the 2-in-1 function that combines vacuuming and mopping. They have several vacuum cleaners that offer both mopping and vacuuming. In this section, we will discuss one of the mop functions – dry mopping.

Only the iLIFE V3s, V5s, V7s and X5 have this feature. These vacs come with a fine microfiber cloth that is used for dry mopping. In this mode, the vacuum cleaner mops all the already cleaned areas to ensure no dirt is left behind.

The V7s has a 77.5 Sq-in. micro fiber cloth while the V5s has a 55 Sq-in. microfiber cloth. The V3s has a much smaller one but made from the same material as the V5s and V7s.

We have given the crown of dry mopping to the V7s Pro because it has a larger mopping microfiber cloth and also, the mopping area is larger than what the V3s, V5s, and the X5 can cover.

10. Wet Mopping; Can You Use Water to Mop?

The answer is definitely yes. Several iLIFE vacuum cleaners can offer wet mopping. These include the; V5s Pro, V7s, V7s Pro and the iLIFE X5. Wet mopping uses water from the tank provided to slowly mop floors after they have been brushed and vacuumed. This feature is great and convenient in a vacuum cleaner as it cushions you from the costs of purchasing a different robot for mopping.

The iLIFE X5, V5s and V7s offer reliable mopping. These vacs beat other newer models like the A4s and A6 which don’t have mopping function.

However, the V5s Pro and V7s Pro remain superior because they have the i-Dropping technology, something the rest of the vacs with wet mopping lack. This technology ensures efficient water use.

When it comes to wet mopping, the V5s Pro and V7s Pro are the ultimate kings with the V7s Pro ahead because of a larger mopping cloth and water tank.

11. Dust Box Capacity; How Much Dust Can they Hold?

Dust box capacity really matters in vacuum cleaners. A large dust box is the best as it reduces the number of times you are required to empty it. ILIFE has really tried to expand their dust boxes without compromising on the design of the vacs. Here is how they compare.

The iLIFE V1, V3s Series, V5s Series, A6 and the X5 each have a 0.3-Liter dust box.

On the other hand, the size has been improved tremendously in the iLIFE A4 and A4s which have a 0.45-Liter dust box while the V7s Series has a 0.5-Liter dust box. The V7s Pro in particular also co comes with Dirt Bin Detection which notifies users when the dirt box is not present or is installed incorrectly. This prevents the vac from sucking debris into the inner components which may damage the vacuum cleaner.

In terms of dust box capacity, the V7s Pro takes the crown because it has the largest capacity and also comes with the unique Dirt Bin Detection technology.

12. Water Tank Capacity

Several of the iLIFE models that offer wet mopping come with water tanks. The question is, just how big are these tanks. Here is how the V5s Pro, V7s, V7s Pro and the X5 compare.

The V5s Pro and X5 each come with a 0.3-Liter water tank. This is enough to clean your entire house with ease. On the other hand, the V7s and V7s Pro come with a much larger 0.45-Liter water tank.

Here again, the iLIFE V7s Series takes the day. However, more credit goes to the V7s Pro as it also combines i-Dropping technology.

13. Navigation; How Precise is iLIFE’s Navigation

When it comes to navigation, iLIFE is not that good when compared to the likes of the Roomba which has an elaborate navigation system. Generally, ILIFE relies on Smart Sensors. This technology comes with a set of sensors that guide the vacuum cleaner when it is cleaning. It also has obstacle and cliff sensors for the robot’s safety. All iLIFE vacs use this technology. However, there are some that come with extras that make their precision better.

The A4, X5, V1 and V3s Series are all equipped with several smart sensors that guide it when cleaning. These sensors also help the vac position itself in the middle of the room whenever it runs out of charge. This enables homeowners to locate them easily for manual charging. There’s also the OBS All Terrain Detection System that prevents collisions while Cliff Sensors prevent falls.

With the V5s Series, V7s Series and A6, there is a full set of Advanced Sensors for precise navigation and safety. From my experience, however, I find the A6’s navigation system to be more precise and efficient especially in methodical cleaning.

14. Cleaning Area

Different vacuum cleaners can clean different floor areas. Cleaning area is an important consideration especially for those with busy schedules. It is important that you get a vacuum cleaner that matches your entire house’s area. If you have a big house, get a vac with a larger cleaning area. To help you make the best choice, we have reviewed the cleaning areas of all iLIFE vacuum cleaners.

The iLIFE V1 can clean an area of 90 – 110  Sq. M.  while the X5 does  110  Sq. M.

In the V 3s Series, the V3s does 120 – 150 Sq. M. Whereas the V3s Pro can manage 90 – 150 Sq. M.

On the other hand, in the V5s Series, the V5s can clean 120 – 150 Sq. M. while the V5s does lesser by cleaning 90 – 150 Sq. M.

When it comes to the V7s Series, the V7s and V7s Pro can clean 80 – 150 Sq. M. and 150 – 200 Sq. M. respectively.

The A4, A4s and the A6 are the real champs here with an average of 180 – 200 Sq. M. each.

15. Boundary Marking; Can You Restrict iLIFE Vacuum Cleaners?

Boundary marking is a pretty new technology that has been perfected by iRobot. This technology allows homeowners to restrict their vacuum cleaners from accessing certain areas in the house. Unfortunately, iLIFE has embraced this technology very late. None of the older models have this technology. In fact, it is available only in the iLIFE A6 and X5.

Only the iLIFE A6 and X5 have this feature. They use Virtual Walls to block the vac from reaching specific areas.

16. Docking; What Happens When They Run Out of Charge?

Being robotic cleaners, these iLIFE models should be able to work independently. For example, when they should start cleaning, they are supposed to leave the Home Base and start cleaning autonomously. Same applies when they run out of charge or after finishing a cleaning session.

Unfortunately, the iLIFE V1 doesn’t have the self-recharge and resume capability. In the event it runs out of charge, you will have to plug it into a power source manually. However, after finishing cleaning, it will go back to the storage point by itself.

On the other hand, the iLIFE V3s Series, V5s Series, V7s Series, A4, A4s, and X5 have self-recharge and resume capabilities. In case they run out of charge when cleaning, they will automatically locate the charging base and recharge. After getting enough charge, they automatically go back to finish up the cleaning.

On the other hand, the iLIFE A6 has Self Charge & Resume with Gen 2 Energy Base Charging Station. This integrated Charging Base has been engineered in line with the 2nd Gen system for optimum efficiency during charging. This vac will also resume cleaning when it gets fully charged. This makes the A6 the best in terms of self-charging and resume.

17. Remote; Do iLIFE Vacs Come with Remote Controls?

Most homeowners like convenience in whichever vacuum cleaner they use. One of the most important aspects they look at is remote control. With a remote control, homeowners are able to control and monitor their vacs remotely, from an average distance of around 15 feet. ILIFE is among the robotic vacuum cleaner brands that make vacs with physical remote controllers. Let’s see which iLIFE vac has a remote controller and which one lacks.

The iLIFE V1 is the only iLIFE vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a remote controller. It is not also compatible with one.
The rest of the vacuum cleaners come with remote controllers thus making it very easy for homeowners to operate them.

18. Operation Noise; Are iLIFE Vacuum Cleaners Very Loud?

A good vacuum cleaner should be optimized for low-noise operation. Such a vac will be working without disturbing your peace. This is especially for the comfort of those who like to vacuum their house at night when there is little interference. To ensure low-noise operation, the motor should be optimized to guarantee efficiency.

The V5s and V7s Series are the quietest iLIFE vacuum cleaners. They produce something in the region of 52 dB on average.

On the other hand, the rest of the vacs produce an average of 55 dB. These approximations are subject to the cleaning setting and assume the vacuum cleaner is in standard condition.

However, it is important to know that it all depends on some other factors like the cleaning mode as well as the floor surface.

19. Battery Type and Capacity

The kind of battery technology and capacity of a vacuum cleaner really matters. I must say that iLIFE has never disappointed when it comes to battery technology and capacity. Unlike iRobot which still has vacs that use NiMH batteries, iLIFE has insisted on Li-Ion batteries which are more efficient and have longer life cycles.

All iLIFE vacuum cleaners come with 2,600 mAh Lithium-Ion batteries. Please disregard what most websites suggest about the V1 having a 2,200 mAh battery.

20. Battery Life; For How Long Can they Clean?

Battery life is an important consideration when shopping for vacuum cleaners. Here, you should focus on its run time and also charge time. There’s also the need of analyzing other aspects like capacity and even number of charging times.
Even though most people think that battery capacity determines run time, it is not the case. For example, iLIFE vacs have the same battery capacities but different running times. Factors like cleaning mode, power needs, and features determine the vacs power needs.

The iLIFE V1 and X5 run for approximately 70 – 90 mins and 90 mins respectively. This is very impressive considering the V1 is an entry level vac and the X5 has more power needs and that’s why it runs for 90 minutes.
On the other hand, the A4, A4s, and A6 run for 110 – 120 mins, 120 – 140 mins, and 140 – 160 mins respectively. This is very impressive and can’t be compared to what the Roomba and Neato vacs offer.

On the other hand, the V3s and V3s Pro run for 90 – 100 mins and 110 – 120 mins respectively. Note that the Pro series may run for a lesser time depending on the cleaning mode.

When it comes to the V5s and V5s Pro, run time is approximately 90 – 110 mins and 110 – 120 mins respectively subject to the cleaning mode.

Lastly, the V7s lasts for 120 – 150 mins while the Pro Series can average 140 mins. This makes the V7s Pro a real competitor with top vacs like the Roomba 980 and Neato D- Series.

21. Smartphone App Compatibility

Time and again, we have criticized iLIFE for not having Wi-Fi, at least for App connectivity. Most of their vacs connectivity ends at a remote control. When you compare these vacs to other players like DEEBOT, Neato, and iRobot, they score very low because they lack Wi-Fi.< However, iLIFE made an improvement and built the iLIFE V7s with Smartphone App compatibility.
You can now connect to iLIFE V7s your with Home Apps via Bluetooth. We find this quite convincing but again, iLIFE must up their game to compete well with the likes of the Roomba which has Wi-Fi.

Head to Head Comparison of Specific Models

V3s Series Vs. A4

The V3s and V3s Pro compete favorably with the iLIFE A4. Here, we are going to put the A4 and the V3s Series head on and see how they rank against each other.

iLIFE V3s vs iLIFE A4

The A4 beats the V3s in terms of cleaning area. It is also far much better when it comes to suction power and is a better in vacuuming than both the V3s and V3s Pro.

On the other hand, the iLIFE V3s Series offers dry mopping, something the A4 lacks. In terms of cleaning abilities, the V3s is also better. It can clean carpets, floors and pet hair while the A4 is only ideal for floors and carpets.

V5s Series Vs X5

The V5s Series also rivals the X5 in a great fashion. Let’s look at where the battle is.

5s Series Vs X5

First, the iLIFE X5 cleans a larger area than the V5s. It can do 180 Sq. M. while the V5s averages 150 Sq. M. Another aspect where the X5 wins is boundary marking. You can restrict the X5 from reaching certain areas with Virtual Walls. The V5s lacks any boundary marking technology.

On the other hand, the V5s also wages war on the X5 in several areas. First, the V5s series beats the X5 when it comes to battery run time. The V5s Pro also has both wet and dry mopping whereas the X5 only offers dry mopping. In terms of design, the iLIFE V5s stands at only 3-inches while the X5 is slightly higher.

V7s Series Vs. A6

The V7s and A6 are the latest and best vacuum cleaners from iLIFE. Just like the rest, the competition is stiff.

One area where the V7s is beaten hands down is in the cleaning technology. The A6 uses the new 2nd Gen CyclonePower Cleaning System while the V7s is still in the 1st Generation. The 2nd Gen motor in the A6 also offers more suction power than the 1st Gen motor in the V7s. Besides, standing at 2.8-inches, the A6 is also the best vac in terms of height. The A6 also cleans a larger area and has better run time.

On the other hand, the V7s Pro has both wet and dry mopping, a feature the A6 lacks. The V7s is also compatible with Smartphone App via Bluetooth while the A6 is not. The dust tank in the V7s is also larger compared to that in the A6.

So, Which is the Best iLIFE Vacuum Cleaner

Deciding on which is the best vacuum cleaner is very hard to call. This is because it largely depends on your cleaning needs and most importantly, budget. We might suggest an expensive vac when your budget is tight. So, to make it easy for you, we will rank each of this vacs depending on several factors. These are price, orientation, cleaning priority, performance, features, and price. So, here is how it goes;

  • Orientation – iLIFE V7s Pro (Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Wet & Dry Mopping)
  • Cleaning priority – iLIFE V3s Pro (Carpet, Floors and Pet Hair)
  • Features – iLIFE A6 (2nd Generation CyclonePower)
  • Performance  – iLIFE A6 (2nd Generation CyclonePower)
  • Cleaning Area – iLIFE A4, A4s, and A6 (180 – 200 Sq. M.)
  • Price – iLIFE V1

Frequently Asked Questions

iLife v5s or a4s: which robot vacuum has longer run time?

Both vacuums are equipped with the same 2600 mAh Li-ion battery, but their run time slightly varies. iLife v5s offers 90-110 minutes of work. iLife a4s model can run up to 120 minutes.


Are iLife X5 and v7s models suitable for carpet cleaning?

iLife X5 and v7s robot vacuums are designed mainly for hardfloors. They feature 600-800 Pa suction, standard brushes, set of modes, and no BoostIQ technology. Consequently, these cleaners cannot be used on any carpets other than low-piled ones.

What is the average charging time of ILIFE robot vacuum models?

All iLife vacuums have rather long run time from 90-100 minutes. So, on the average, their charging takes about 300 minutes.

iLife v3s or a6: which model is better?

iLife a6 is a more effecient model of a robot vacuum cleaner in comparison with iLife v3s. It provides up to 1000 Pa suction, includes two options of main brush – rubber or bristle, has a thin 2.8 in body and electrowall restrictive barrier. iLife v3s vac features up to 600 Pa suction, no central brush and no virtual walls, as well as has a thicker 3 in case. All these differences influence the cleaning and its thoroughness.

Are iLIFE robot vacuums loud?

Robot vacuum cleaners by iLIFE brand are considered to be one of the silentest. They produce from 52 to 60 decibels (iLIFE V5s and iLIFE V7s Pro). The majority of models do not exceed 55 dB the noise level.

Wrap Up

iLIFE vacuum cleaners are great and affordable. Even though they lack the latest technologies like Wi-Fi, they still compete favorably with other brands like Irobot, ECOVAS, Dyson, Neato and so on. If you are looking for a blend between reliability and performance, then iLIFE is your brand. Buy any of the above LIFE robotic cleaners and you will never regret. ILIFE, the real value for your money!

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