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iLIFE V5s Pro Series Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Hit or Miss?

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The iLIFE V5s Series is among the latest additions to the iLIFE’s product portfolio. Having succeeded the iLIFE V3s. Much of the design and features of the V5s is owed from the V3s. In this new series, there’s the iLIFE V5s and the V5s Pro which is an upgrade of the V5s. As expected, iLIFE has not disappointed with these two vacs.

It is after we saw the overwhelming positive reviews online and in many robotic vac forums that we decided to dissect this vacuum cleaner to understand why it ranks so high. So today, we are finally going to do a review on these two vacs after testing them for two straight weeks.

The iLIFE V5s and V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaners have been built to do more. You can vacuum, sweep, and mop simultaneously thus making work easier. Besides, it has a great navigation system that ensures systematic and fast cleaning. Other notable features include multiple cleaning modes, i-Dropping Technology, RoadRover wheels among many others. This cleaner is ideal for all floor types including Carpet, tiled and hardwood floors.

The iLIFE V5s and V5s Pro are very similar in terms of features. However, there are three main aspects that make the V5s Pro better. To deeply understand these two vacuum cleaners, we are going to discuss each feature in detail. Here is a review of the iLIFE V5s and V5s Pro.

Low-Profile Design

Low-Profile Design

The iLIFE V5s sports a similar design to the Roomba. A low-profile structure has also been maintained to ensure the cleaner maneuvers under furniture, beds, kickstands, chair legs, and curtains with ease. This cleaner measures 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches and weighs only 4.5 lbs making it among the lightest vacs in the market.

Strong RoadRover Wheels

The V5s comes with iLIFE’s strong RoadRover wheels for ease of movement and most importantly, to improve stability. The V5s has 58mm diameter RoadRover wheels while the V5s Pro has larger 65mm diameter RoarRover wheels. It is important to note that this is among the few differences between the V5s and V5s Pro.

2-in-1 Functionality

The V5s and V5s Pro have 2-in-1 functionality. They can do vacuuming as well as mopping. The V5 has dry mopping while the Pro series has both wet and dry.  This saves you time greatly thus allowing you to do other chores. This feature makes the V5s a great purchase especially for those homeowners with very busy schedules.

2-in-1 Functionality v5s

First, the V5s has a brushless motor system that is long lasting and ensures high suction power for vacuuming. There are also a set of side brushes that sweep the cleaners path and ensure all dirt is suctioned into the bin.

When it comes to mopping, the V5s Pro cleaner comes with a 350cm² large microfiber cleaning pad that leverages between economical water use and floor protection leaving your rooms spotlessly clean. The water tank has a capacity of 300ml which holds enough to drop water for 80 minutes.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Just like the V3s, the iLIFE V5s and V5s Pro have multiple cleaning modes. There’s Auto Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Spot Cleaning and Schedule Cleaning.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Auto cleaning caters for normal cleaning needs while Edge cleaning cleans edges, walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. On the other hand, Spot cleaning is for cleaning stained areas whereas Schedule cleaning programs the cleaner to embark on cleaning at specific set times.

i-Dropping Technology

i-Dropping Technology is a pretty new and sophisticated mechanism that helps the cleaner in mopping. This feature is only available in the V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaner. Unlike many vacuum/mopping cleaners that use water inefficiently, the V5s Pro ensures precise wet mopping by stopping water from dropping when the cleaner is still. When in motion, it allows water to drop thus guaranteeing efficiency.

i-Dropping Technology

Most importantly, this feature prevents shorts that can be brought about when water reaches the electric components of the motor.

Max Mode

Max Mode is another feature that is only in the V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaner and resembles the Carpet Boost mode as is in the Roomba. This mode enhances suctioning by up to 5x to ensure even the smallest debris, including pet hair and allergens, are suctioned into the dirt bin.

Max Mode

Advanced Navigation Sensors

Navigation is key in the functioning of robotic appliances and that is why we spent more time evaluating the navigation system in the V5s. This cleaner comes with a full set of advanced sensors for navigation as well as safety.

First, there are Anti-Collision Sensors that consist of 1 wall and 5 IR sensors that prevent the cleaner from hitting obstacles. Gladly, the previous problem with identifying transparent items in the V3s is not in this cleaner.

Dual Charging Mode with Resume Function

The V5s series cleaners come with two charging modes. It can be charged manually or automatically by itself.

Dual Charging Mode with Resume Function

In the manual mode, you can place the cleaner on the docking station. On the other hand, the automatic mode is what is popularly known. This is where the cleaner goes to the charging base by itself once its battery level goes below 15%. However, we noticed it still had some problems locating the charging base. But at least, it was not as serious and frequent as is in the V3s Vacuum Cleaner.

Another great feature in this cleaner is the auto-resume function. On the first day of our test, it ran out of charge and quickly, it went to the charging base. Immediately it got to 100%, it resumed cleaning from where it left.

Remote Controller

For easy and remote operation, iLIFE engineered this cleaner with a physical remote. During our tests, we realized that the remote is effective when you are approximately 13 feet away, beyond that there is some lag.

Remote Controller

On the remote, you can choose a cleaning mode, schedule cleaning and even send the cleaner to home base.

2600 mAh Li-Ion Battery

The iLIFE V5s comes with a powerful 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery. This battery can power the V5s for 90-110 minutes. On the other hand, the V5s has a larger capacity battery that can power it for 110-120 minutes for every single charge. This is also another thing that sets apart the V5s from the V5s Pro.

2600 mAh Li-Ion Battery v5s

What’s in the box?

On opening the package, these are the items that the vac came with;

  • Robot vacuum main component
  • Remote control
  • Extra HEPA Filter
  • Extra side brush
  • Cleaning brush
  • AC adapter
  • Charging dock
  • Mop cloth
  • Water tank
  • User manual

What’s the Difference Between the V5s and V5s Pro

In case you missed out on the features that make the V5s different from the V5s Pro, here they are;

  • Wheel Size – The V5s has 58mmm diameter wheels while the V5s Pro has 65 mm diameter wheels.
  • i-Dropping Technology – This mechanism is only available in the V5s Pro
  • Max Mode – Only the V5s Pro has this feature.
  • Battery – The iLIFE V5s has a battery that can run for 90-110 minutes while the V5s Pro’s can go for 110-120 minutes.

ILIFE V5s vs. iLIFE V5s Pro

Definitely, the V5s is a superior vacuum cleaner as it has more features. I would recommend you go for the V5s Pro anytime. However, if you are on a budget, the V5s is still a worthy purchase.

What We Liked about the V5s Series

Having used the V5s series, here’s what we like in the two vacuum cleaners.

  • 1. 2-in-1 Functionality – This is what makes the V5s the best cheap robotic vacuum cleaner. It can clean and mop and has been optimized to offer comprehensive vacuuming and mopping with a little water.
  • 2. Extra Filter and Side Brush – Now that these two components need to be replaced, it was such a great idea to give a free replacement of the HEPA filter and side brush for the first replacement.
  • 3. Max Mode – Even though this feature is only in the Pro version, we really liked how it performed. It enabled the cleaner vacuum the deepest parts of carpets as well as suction very small debris.
  • 4. Powerful Battery – Both versions of the V5s come with high-performance batteries that ensure they finish the job without necessarily going back for charging. Even if they do, you don’t need to be there.
  • 5. Low Noise Operation – On the first day, we accidentally scheduled it to start cleaning at 2:00 am. As I was going to the washroom, I spotted some LED lights only to realize the little house cleaner was working. What amazed me was the low-noise operation which is a big plus for this cleaner.

What We Didn’t Like about the V5s Series

However, we found several issues that we considered shortcomings. They are;

  • Random Cleaning Pattern – Even though it has a navigation system, it still has issues with settling on a clear cleaning pattern.
  • No Wi-Fi – Lack of Wi-Fi compatibility is also a major concern considering it is a new model.


From the fact that these two vacs don’t have Wi-Fi and a clear cleaning pattern, they face stiff competition from the likes of the Botvac Connected, Roomba 650, bObsweep and so on. Here are the V5s series’ main competitors.

The first solid competitor of the V5ss and V5s Pro is the ECOVAS DEEBOT Slim2. This vac has almost the same abilities as the V5s series. However, it comes with Wi-Fi and its price is also attractive.

Another competitor is the Roomba 650 which beats it in terms of navigation. The Roomba 650 uses the famous iAdapt Navigation system which is more elaborate, accurate and efficient. However, the Roomba 650 costs a little bit more.

Other competitors of the iLIFE V5s and V5s Pro include; iRobot Braava 380t, iRobot Roomba 614, ECOVACS DEEBOT M82 and the ROLLIBOT BL618 among others.

Is the iLIFE V5s and V5s Pro Worth My Money?

Having used these two vacs, I would say that they are still worth the money despite the few shortcomings.

First, they have been manufactured by iLIFE which is among the most popular robotic vacuum cleaner brands in the world.

Second, if you weigh between the features and the price tags, there’s value for your money. With this in mind, we highly recommend these two vacs to anyone looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner on a budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule my iLIFE V5s Pro?

iLIFE V5s Pro robot vacuum cleaner supports scheduled cleaning. You can set a schedule with the help of a remote control included into the kit. Direct the control towards the robot. Press PLAN button on the remote control and set the time and then press PLAN once again to save the schedule. In case of any difficulties, please consult the user manual.


How often should I change mopping pads on my iLIFE V5s Pro?

The manufacturer recommends to clean mopping pads after each session. One cloth serves for about 2-3 months, depending on the frequency of mopping. When your mopping cloth becomes inapplicable, please replace it with a new one. You can buy a kit of additional accessories (side brushes, mop pads, filters) on Amazon.

How does iLIFE V5s Pro climb carpets?

Since this model is suitable for low carpets, its driving system allows for overcoming small elevations. If your robot faces a carpet or a threshold up to 0.6in, it will climb it easily.

What do iLIFE V5s Pro beep sounds mean?

If your V5s Pro vac beeps one time, wheels or side brushes don`t work because of the tangling, clogs, or other reasons.Two beep sounds mean that cliff and bumper sensors don`t work properly. Try to clean them with a dry cloth. In case of three beeps, your robot notifies you that it got stuck.

Margaret Thatcher

I bought the v5s pro and the service it is offering, six months down the line is excellent…… The price is amazing too…..


You say “You can vacuum, sweep, and mop simultaneously thus making work easier.” with the life vs5/vs5 pro. However that is NOT true for the Vs5 pro. You can only either wet mop or vacuum

Richard Harrison

Hello, Dee! Thank you very much for your comment. This information is of real service to us and our readers. We’ll check the info and make necessary updates.

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