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Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals on Roomba Vacuums

Best Roomba Prime Day 2022 Deals
What are some of the best Roomba Prime Day 2022 deals and discounts lined up for this year’s sale? That’s what this round-up is all about.

The Memorial Day 2022 sale came and went. Anyway, there were no major offers on Roombas, but the good news is that Amazon Prime Day 2022 is near the corner. This means it’s time to shop till you drop. So if you are looking forward to buying a Roomba, we suggest waiting for Prime Day.

Roombas are arguably the best robot vacuums but are pretty expensive, with the top-of-the-range models going for around $1500. But fortunately, in the upcoming Prime Day sale, you have the chance to snap a Roomba at a discount.

Prime Day Roomba Deals

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is among the major annual sale events organized by Amazon, one of the biggest players in the eCommerce scene. The sale event has been held every year since its inception in 2015. Though it was first held in commemoration of Amazon’s 20th anniversary, Prime Day sale event’s main aim was to reward loyal Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon Prime Deals are exclusively for Amazon Prime members. However, during the two-day sale event, there are numerous non-Prime deals. But then, the non-Prime deals are not as generous as Prime deals. This begs the question, what is Amazon Prime? What are its subscription costs?

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that gives members several benefits, including free expedited shipping in just one or two days, depending on the address. Besides expedited shipping, Prime subscribers get several other perks, including access to popular movies and TV shows on Prime Video, ad-free music on Prime Music, Prime Reading, Amazon Photos, Rx Savings, Amazon Key, and of course, Amazon Prime-exclusive deals and discounts. Amazon Prime’s member base has been increasing because of the benefits of the service. The company reported that it has over 200 million members.

Amazon Prime Subscriptions and Pricing

Best Roomba Prime Day 2022 Deals
Indeed, Amazon Prime is a deal, but the big question is, how much do the subscriptions cost? Recently, Amazon increased the subscriptions for the service. At the moment, monthly rates start at $14.99 when billed monthly or $139 a year when billed annually.

The good thing is that there is a 30-day free trial for those who have not subscribed to the service in the last 12 months. Students with .edu emails can also enjoy a generous 6 months free trial, after which they can enjoy the full Prime services at half the price. In addition, EBT and select government assistance recipients qualify for a free trial and monthly subscriptions of just $6.99.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Now, when is Amazon Prime Day 2022? Amazon has not officially announced when Amazon Prime Day will go live. All that is there are rumors and predictions. During its 2022 first-quarter earnings report, the company confirmed that the event would be held in July 2022, and as is the new norm, it will be a two-day sale event. We will surely alert you once we confirm the dates.

Best Roomba Prime Day Sale Deals

Now, onto the day’s main business; what are some of the best Roomba Amazon Prime Day deals and discounts? We have handpicked the Roomba vacuum Amazon Prime Day deals that will likely feature in the sale.

Roomba 614

Roomba 614
View on Amazon
The Roomba 614 is the perfect match for buyers looking for an affordable Roomba. As an entry-level model, it doesn’t have any bells and whistles but fits the bill for buyers with small apartments with few rooms and less traffic. It’s suitable for all bare floors and maybe homes with pets with short hair.

Under the hood, the Roomba 614 comes with a 3-stage cleaning system that consists of a 1st Gen motor that puts up an average of 550-600pa alongside a dual multisurface brush and an edge-sweeping brush. Unfortunately, the main brush gets tangled easily when vacuuming long pet hair, but it’s excellent in terms of agitation and dirt pickup. The filtration system consists of AeroVac high-efficiency filters and a 0.3L bin. Other cleaning features include Dirt Detect and 3 cleaning modes (Auto, Clean, and Spot modes).

The Roomba 614 is a great choice, but it has an old navigation system that makes the robot get stuck often in high-traffic rooms. Another shortcoming is it won’t resume cleaning though it recharges and has a decent 90 minutes runtime. Lastly, this is not a smart robot vacuum, so operation via the iRobot Home App or Alexa and Google Assistant is not possible.

Roomba 694 Works with Alexa

roomba 694
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The Roomba 694 is another iRobot Prime Day deal that should be on the wishlist of homeowners with small to medium apartments with less traffic. It’s suitable for all hard floors and homes with pets.

Just like the Roomba 614, the 694 relies on an AeroVac 3-stage cleaning system. There’s a 1st Gen motor that puts up an average of 550-600 pa, alongside a dual multisurface brushroll assisted by a sweeping side brush. Here again, the brush is not reliable when handling long dog hair, but it sweeps, agitates, and lifts dirt effectively. Other features include a high-efficiency filter, a 0.3L bin, Dirt Detect, 4 cleaning modes (Auto, Clean, Spot, and Schedule modes), mobile app operation, and voice assistant compatibility.

But then, it has a few flaws. First, it runs on an old navigation system, so it still gets stuck in high-traffic rooms and may miss some spots. Though it supports Virtual Boundaries, no node is supplied. Another shortcoming is that even though it has a 90 minutes runtime and can recharge automatically, it won’t resume cleaning until prompted. But all the same, it’s a worthy model now that it adds smartphone operation, Alexa compatibility, and the Schedule function.

Roomba i3 EVO Series

View on Amazon
The new Roomba i3 EVO Series is the best bang for the buck if you want a blend of the latest features and affordability. It consists of two models, the i3 EVO and i3+ EVO. The two are self-emptying robot vacuums, but the former doesn’t come with the CleanBase while the latter does come with the CleanBase. The duo comes with all the standard features, plus some extras.

The i3 EVO and i3 EVO+ are both smart WiFi robots powered by iRobot OS. They are suitable for homes with bare floors, low to medium pile carpets, and pets. They feature the updated AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system that consists of a motor that puts up an average of 900pa, a dual multisurface brush with antitangle technology, a sweeping side brush, and high-efficiency filtration. The navigation system adds Reactive Sensors for accurate mapping and obstacle avoidance. Other features include recharge and resume function, Imprint Link Technology for simultaneous vacuuming and mopping with the Braava M6, etc.

But then, you can’t rely on this robot vacuum to clean high pile carpets and area rugs satisfactorily as it has average suction.

Roomba J7 Series

The Roomba J7 Series are also automatic self-emptying robot vacuums. They are available in two variants; Roomba J7 and Roomba J7+. Here again, the base model, Roomba J7, doesn’t come with the CleanBase, but the J7+ does come with the CleanBase.

The two robot units are all similar in terms of features. They are also smart robot vacuums that offer remote operation via the Smartphone app and voice assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant). In terms of cleaning performance, the J7 and J7+ are suitable for homes with all kinds of bare floors, low to medium pile carpets, and pets. They rely on a 3 stage cleaning system and a powerful battery that recharges and resumes cleaning automatically. In terms of navigation and mapping, the J7 comes with iAdapt 3.0 alongside iRobot Genius, a new technology that offers homeowners a personalized cleaning experience.


But unfortunately, the J7 and J7+ can’t be trusted when it comes to vacuuming high pile carpets and area rugs. The two come with the 2nd Gen motor that puts up an average of 900pa, which is insufficient to flush out the dust and dirt that hide deep inside the high carpet pile.

Roomba i7 Series

Roomba i7 prime day deals will be in plenty. The i7 series remains a monumental release considering it debuted the revolutionary iRobot Automatic Bin Emptying Technology. This series has two variants, the Roomba i7 and Roomba i7+. The difference is self-explanatory. The i7 doesn’t come with the CleanBase unit, but the i7+ comes with the unit.

When it comes to cleaning performance, the i7 is suitable for homes with bare floors and low to medium pile carpets. It can also handle pet messes, talk of pet hair, and kitty litter. Under the hood, it packs an AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system with all the standard features that other Roombas come with. Regarding navigation, the i7 also debuted the innovative iAdapt 3.0 navigation with Imprint Smart Mapping. The i7, just like other new models, can recharge itself automatically and resume cleaning after that. What’s more? It’s a smart robot vacuum compatible with the iRobot Home App and voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Alexa.


But there are a few things to complain about. First, it is not the best Roomba for carpets as it packs average suction. It uses the old 2nd Gen motor that delivers an average of 900pa. Besides, the 75 minutes runtime is short, considering this is one of the top-of-the-range Roomba models.

Roomba S9

Roomba S9
View on Amazon
Just like with the i7, Roomba S9 Amazon Prime Day deals will also be in plenty, considering this is the best Roomba so far even though several new models have been rolled out. The S9 is available in two variants, the S9 and S9+.

The Roomba S9 is an all-round cleaner that can handle all bare floors, pet messes, and carpets. One standout feature is the Carpet Boost function, which steps up suction to ensure that carpets are thoroughly vacuumed. If you are looking for the best Roomba for carpets, this is the best match. Besides the all-around cleaning performance, it comes with a powerful battery that puts up 120 minutes runtime, and can recharge and resume cleaning automatically. In terms of navigation and smart features, the S9 has all the bells and whistles. It comes with iAdapt 3.0 with Imprint Smart Mapping, Imprint Link Technology, and 2.4GHz WiFi compatibility for smartphone app operation and voice assistant compatibility.

Unfortunately, the Roomba S9 is very expensive, but you can get it at a discount thanks to Amazon Prime Day. Also, for such an expensive robot vacuum, it would have been wise to make it a 2-in-1 cleaner that vacuums and mops now that other top brands, for example, Roborock, are offering modern robot vacuums with mops at half the price.

The above are some of the best Roomba deals Prime Day. We also anticipate Braava Prime Day deals. For starters, Braavas are a series of robot mops from the American brand, iRobot. So, which are the best Braava deals in the upcoming sale?

Braava 240t

iRobot Braava jet 240
View on Amazon

There’s the Braava 240t, an old model that you can hardly find on the market. But don’t be surprised to find it on Amazon during the upcoming sale.

Braava 380t

iRobot Braava 380T
View on Amazon

Today, the Braava 380t is one of the popular models. If you don’t have a Roomba with Imprint Link Technology, your only option to complement the robot vacuum is the Braava 380t. It will definitely attract some crazy discounts in the upcoming sale.

Braava Jet M6

Braava Jet M6
View on Amazon

For those with the likes of Roomba i3, i7, J7, and S9, models that feature Imprint Link Technology, the Braava M6 is the best choice for one reason. It can sync with these Roombas courtesy of Imprint Link Technology to offer simultaneous vacuuming and mopping. While the Roomba vacuums, the Braava M6 mops. Expect huge Prime Day Braava M6 discounts.

Wrapping Up

That’s it, folks, a round-up of all the best Roomba Prime Day 2022 sale deals and discounts to expect once the sale event kicks off in July. For Prime members, sit back and relax, but for those without the Prime membership, it’s time to get onboard. Remember, you can also take advantage of the no commitment Prime Day free trial.

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