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Roborock S7 vs. Deebot T9 Comparison Review

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Roborock and ECOVACS are two of the most popular robot vacuum brands from the Chinese frontier.

The latest models from the two brands are Roborock S7 and Deebot T9. In this exclusive Roborock S7 vs. Deebot T9 comparison review, find out which is the best bang for the buck.

But before going into the details, here is an overview of the two models.

Deebot T9

Deebot T9
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The Deebot T9 is also a 2-in-1 robot cleaner that vacuums and mops simultaneously. Released in April 2021, the Deebot T9 is suitable for all bare floors, talk of tile, laminate, vinyl, ceramic, and the rest.

This robot also has enough suction to handle all carpet types and is suitable for homes with pets.

Which one to choose Roborock S7 or Deebot T9?

4 reasons to choose Deebot T9

  • Extreme suction: Deebot T9 has one of the highest suction power from all robots on the market – 3000 Pa. This power is available in Max+ mode (one of the four suction modes).
  • High-efficiency filter: This robot comes with filters capturing 99% of dust, pollens, debris, and allergens with a size of down to 2.5 microns.
  • Disposable mopping pads: You do not need to wash Deebot T9 mopping pads, simply through them away after several uses.
  • Extra-large battery capacity: Deebot T9 works from a 5200 Li-ion battery for up to 175 minutes. The recharging time is 175 minutes.

Roborock S7 vs. Deebot T9 Comparison Review

Now, onto the main business of the day, how does the Roborock S7 compare to the Deebot T9? Let’s find out.

1. Design and Aesthetics

When looking for a robot vacuum, always go for a model with a low-profile design that allows the robot to go under furniture and other tight spots where dirt hides. It’s also important to differentiate the different models from their appearance.

So, how does the Roborock S7 compare to the Deebot T9 in terms of design and aesthetics?

Deebot T9 Design and Aesthetics

Deebot T9 Design
The Deebot T9 doesn’t have a low profile design compared to its predecessors, but the 13.9-inches diameter and 3.66-inches height allow it to go under and between tight spaces.

When it comes to shape, this is a round-shaped robot vacuum that weighs 7.87lbs.

As for the finish, the Deebot T9 is available in two color options: white and black.

2. Cleaning Performance

The most crucial consideration when choosing a robot vacuum is the cleaning performance. As you may be aware, these vacuums are highly specialized, so make sure you pick what is suitable for you.

Deebot T9 Vacuuming Performance

Deebot T9 Vacuuming Performance
The Deebot T9 also relies on a 3-stage cleaning system where dirt is agitated, lifted, and sucked into the bin. One of the areas the T9 beats the Roborock S7 is powerful suction.

This one delivers a whopping 3,000pa making it the most powerful robot vacuum right now. There are four suction levels: Quiet, Standard, Max, and Max+.

The high-strength fiberglass body, on the other hand, ensures consistent airflow.

When it comes to agitation, the T9 comes with a floating main brush that agitates and picks up all kinds of dirt, from bread crumbs to the long dog hairs. On the sides, two sweeping side brushes reach the wall edges and corners.

Roborock S7 vs. Deebot T9 Vacuuming Tests

As usual, we test all the robot vacuums we review. This comparison review is not an exception. Some of the dirt we scattered on the bare floor and carpet includes salt, sugar, wheat flour, raw popcorn, rice, kitty litter, pet hair, and sand pebbles.

Below are the vacuuming test results.

Vacuuming Tests

Filtration and Bin System

In this segment, we will assess how Roborock S7’s bin and filtration system compares to that of Deebot T9. As you may be aware, a good robot vacuum should have a sizable washable bin. What’s more? Automatic self-emptying technology is also a feature you’d wish for.

Deebot T9 Bin Capacity and Self Emptying

Deebot T9 Bin Capacity
The Deebot T9, on the other hand, comes with high-efficiency filters that do a great job of freshening up your atmosphere. They capture 99% of allergens and filter down to 2.5 microns.

Interestingly, this robot vacuum has a built-in Air Freshener that infuses your home with luxurious fragrance as it cleans.

When it comes to the onboard bin capacity, the T9 has a washable 0.42L bin.

This robot also supports automatic bin emptying. For the record, the base model, the T9, doesn’t include the empty station, but the T9+ comes with the unit. The empty station is the main difference between Deebot T9 vs. T9+.

Mopping Performance

As mentioned earlier, the two robot vacuums also offer mopping. This is such a plus now that you no longer have to spend more money on a dedicated robot mop.

So, how does the Roborock S7 compare to the Deebot T9 in terms of mopping performance?

Deebot T9 Mopping

Deebot T9 Mopping
The ECOVACS Deebot T9 is also a 2-in-1 robot vacuum that vacuums and mops simultaneously. It relies on the OZMO Pro 2.0 Oscillating Mopping System that guarantees efficient and effective mopping.

So whether it’s tough stains or wet paw marks left behind by your dog, it’s ready for the job. It uses disposable mopping pads and a 0.18L electronic water tank.

The Deebot T9 also has ultrasonic sensors that detect carpets to boost suction and prevent the robot from wetting carpeted areas.

Roborock S7 vs. Deebot T9 Mopping Performance Test

We also tested the mopping capabilities of these two robot vacuums using everyday household messes such as urine stains, wet paw marks, cooking oil messes, margarine stains, soda, and dried porridge smears. Below are the results.

Mopping Tests

3. Battery and Runtime

Roborock vacuums rely on inbuilt batteries. The higher the battery capacity, the larger the area the robot vacuum will clean.

Besides capacity, it’s important to assess the power management options.

How Long Does the Deebot T9 Last?

The Deebot T9, on the other hand, comes with a high capacity 5,200mAh lithium-ion battery that offers up to 175 minutes runtime. Just like most new robot vacuums, the T9 will dock for recharge and resume cleaning automatically.

The recharge time is around 6.5 hours. Unfortunately, there is no fast charge function, so the robot must recharge fully before embarking on cleaning.

4. Navigation and Mapping

Robot vacuums work autonomously, courtesy of elaborate navigation and mapping systems. In this section, we are going to compare how the Roborock S7’s navigation and mapping system stacks up against Deebot T9’s.

Does the Deebot T9 Have Mapping?

Deebot T9 Mapping
The Deebot T9 is quite similar to the Roborock S7 in terms of navigation and mapping. This robot also deploys a SLAM navigation system that uses sensors only for navigation. The TrueDetect 3D 2.0 navigation system is equipped with an upgraded 3D detection and obstacle avoidance technology to detect obstacles with high precision and accuracy.

As for mapping, the Deebot T9 packs TrueMapping 2.0 technology, which adapts to different floor layouts. The robot can create precise 3D maps for a personalized cleaning experience.

The Deebot T9 also has premium features such as Virtual Walls, Advanced Custom Cleaning, Multi-Floor Mapping, Missed Area Notification.

5. Smart Features and Convenience

You definitely want a robot vacuum that syncs with other smart home devices in this smart home age.

Is Deebot T9 a Smart Robot Vacuum?

Deebot T9 Smart
The T9, too, is a smart robot vacuum that allows for remote app operation courtesy of 2.4GHz WiFi.

You can schedule cleaning, start a cleaning session, control water flow, and monitor cleaning remotely.

This robot also syncs with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Roborock S7 vs. Deebot T9

Now we have come to the end of this Deebot T9 vs. Roborock S7 comparison review. So, the elephant in the room is, what’s the best robot vacuum to buy between the two? Well, it’s hard to call a winner now that they both offer 2-in-1 cleaning and are compatible with automatic self-emptying.

However, the Deebot T9 is the best bang for the buck, courtesy of the powerful 3,000pa suction power and the built-in air freshener feature. As far as vacuuming is concerned, our choice is the Deebot T9. However, if you are looking for premium mopping, Roborock’s Sonic Mopping Technology is a feature to die for.


Unprofessional and unreliable products. Bought Deebot T9 in January 2023, it worked fine for few months and then cleaning became inconsistent. Sent for repair but the cleaning is still inconsistent. Both the customer support and reseller denied further help. Total waste of money for the substandard product and NOT recommended at all!

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