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🥇 EUFY Robovac 30 vs. 30c vs. 11s Review

RoboVac 11S

RoboVac 30C

Price History Chart

  • Price history RoboVac 11S
    Current239$January 16, 2020
    Highest315$July 31, 2019
    Lowest169$December 4, 2018
  • Last price changes
    Jan 14, 2020239$
    Jan 11, 2020229$
    Nov 12, 2019240$
  • Price history RoboVac 30
    Current270$January 16, 2020
    Highest390$January 15, 2019
    Lowest200$November 23, 2018
  • Last price changes
    Aug 9, 2019270$
    Aug 8, 2019269$
    May 22, 2019270$
  • Price history RoboVac 30C
    Current292$January 16, 2020
    Highest470$September 1, 2019
    Lowest200$July 2, 2019
  • Last price changes
    Nov 15, 2019292$
    Nov 12, 2019292$
    Nov 2, 2019293$
Open Face to Face Comparison Table
Eufy-Robovac 11SRoboVac 11S Robovac 30RoboVac 30 Robovac 30cRoboVac 30C
Main advantages
Wi-Fi SupportNoNoYes
Carpet cleaningYesYesYes
Good for Pet HairYesYesYes
Multi-Room CleaningNoNoNo
Recharge and ResumeYesYesYes
Run Time100 mins100 min100 minutes
Full Bin IndicatorNoNoNo
Virtual WallsNoYesYes
Cleaning Features
Power suction1300Pa1500 Pa1500 Pa
Cleaning System3-Point Cleaning System3-Point Cleaning System3-Point Cleaning System
Сleaning Area1292 ft2 / 120 m21292 ft2 / 120 m21292 ft2 / 120 m2
Cleaning ModesAuto, Edge, Spot, Single roomStandard, BoostIQ, MaxStandard, BoostIQ, Max
Brushes2 side brushes4 side brushes4 side brushes
HEPA FilterNoNoNo
Dustbin Capacity0.6L0.6L0.6L
Best for...Hard Floors to Medium-Pile CarpetsCleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile CarpetsHard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets
Multi-Room CleaningNoNoNo
Dirt DetectNoNoNo
Battery Capacity2600 mAh2600 mAh2600 mAh
Charging TimeAbout 5-6 hoursAbout 5-6 hours300 - 360 mins
RunTime100 minutes100 minutes100 minutes
Control and Apps
Remote Control (IR)YesYesYes
Amazon Alexa SupportNoNoYes
Google Assistant SupportNoNoYes
Voice controlNoNoYes
Weight5.51 lbs8.9 pounds5.73 lbs
In box
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries included),
  • Charging base,
  • AC power adapter,
  • Cleaning tool,
  • Extra set of high-performance filters,
  • 4 side brushes,
  • 5 cable ties,
  • Welcome guide
  • RoboVac 30,
  • 13.2 ft Boundary Strip,
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries included),
  • Charging base,
  • AC power adapter,
  • Cleaning tool,
  • Extra set of high-performance filters,
  • 4 side brushes,
  • 5 cable ties,
  • Welcome guide,
  • Worry-free 12-month warranty.
  • RoboVac 30C,
  • 13.2 ft Boundary Strips,
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries included),
  • Charging base,
  • AC power adapter,
  • Cleaning tool,
  • Extra set of high-performance filters,
  • 4 side brushes,
  • 5 cable ties,
  • Welcome guide,
  • Worry-free 12-month warranty.
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In this Robovac 30 vs. 30c vs. 11s comparison review, we want to find out which is the best slim robot vacuum in the market. As you may be aware, EUFY manufactures the slimmest robot vacuums in the market. For those with low clearance house fittings and pets, you understand that the regular vacuums like Roombas and Neato will not go under most furniture. But EUFY vacuums, which are 2.85-inches slim, will creep under sofas, beds, and kickstands where most pet hair and dirt hides.

But then, there are several Robovac models, so which one is the best option? That’s what we want to find out in this review. To start, we will look at the similarities between these three models, and most importantly, their difference — first, a short overview of the models.

EUFY Robovac 11s

This is the first slim model and hence the name 11s. The earlier model was just as good as this but wasn’t a low profile EUFy vacuum. This one offers excellent performance on bare floors and picks up the short pet hair pretty well. It is not a smart home ready to it vacuum, but it’s supplied with a remote instead. The 100 minutes in normal mode and 60 minutes when BoostIQ is active makes it a great bargain at around $200.

Robovac 30

The Robovac 30 maintains the slim design and offers slightly better performance. While the Robovac 11s delivers around 1300Pa, the EUFY 30 delivers 1500Pa. If you have a carpet, this is a good purchase though the likes of Roborock S5 and S6 are the best considering they put forward 2000Pa. Unfortunately, this model is no smart, just like the 11s.

Robovac 30c

The EUFY 30c is a connected model, and instead of remote control, it supports 2.4GHz WiFi. You can operate it from your Smartphone remotely via the EUFYlife app. Also, pair it with Alexa or Google Home and so many other smart home platforms. Regarding performance, it puts up the same performance as the base model, EUFY 30.

Robovac 11s vs. 30 vs. 30c Similarities

  • Low profile design – One of the best features the three vacuums boast is the slim 2.83-inches design.
  • Cleaning orientation – EUFY Robovac 11s, 30 and 30c have been designed to offer sweeping and vacuuming. The duo works best on bare floors and picks up pet hair effectively.
  • Filtration system – EUFY has not yet adopted true-HEPA filters. The three models have HEPA style filters that are 99% efficient but filter down to around 10 microns whereas true-HEPA filters will filter down to 0.3 microns.
  • Brush design – EUFY maintains its revolutionary V-shaped brush design in all three models. On the side, the robots are equipped with single side sweeping brushes.
  • Bin capacity – The three robot vacuums boast a 0.6L bin, but unfortunately, none has a full bin indicator or a similar notification feature.

Robovac 30 vs. 30c vs. 11s Differences

  • Suction power – The Robovac 11s comes with a powerful motor that delivers 1,300Pa. On the other hand, the 30 and 30c have improved suction and hence the name BoostIQ. The duo delivers up to 1500Pa making them suitable for carpets.
  • Boundary marking – The Robovac 11s lacks any form of boundary marking. As for the 30 and 30c, they come with physical boundary marking strips measuring 13.2 ft.
  • Autonomy – None of the three EUFY models will resume cleaning after recharging. However, they all recharge automatically.
  • Runtime – EUFY 11s, 30 and 30c have been designed with a 2,600mAh Li-ion battery, which can run for a cool 100 minutes.
  • Smart connectivity – The Robovac 11s and 30 do not have Wi-Fi. However, the 30C, as the name suggests is a connected model that supports 2.4GHz WiFi and consequently, app control and Alexa integration.
  • Remote Control – The 11s may not have WiFi, but at least it’s supplied with an IR remote. The Robovac 30 also comes with a remote to compensate for the lack of WiFI. As for the 30c, this is a connected model, so there’s no need for a physical remote.

Who Should Buy Robovac 11s?

  • If you are on the search for an affordable robotic vacuum cleaner, this is your best shot. The Robovac 11s costs around $200.
  • It is also great for pet owners as the slim design allows it to go under furniture, where pets like to groom, and also, where pet hair settles. However, it might not be the best for medium pile and high pile carpets.

Who Should Buy Robovac 30?

  • The 11s is not ideal for the medium pile carpets, so get this model and take advantage of the 1500Pa suction power that can also handle the high pile and shag carpets more effectively.
  • It is also an ideal purchase for those who want to limit where their robot vacuum can reach courtesy of the physical marking strips.

Who Should Buy Robovac 30c?

  • The 30c is much similar to the 30 but is quite expensive.
  • Buy this model if you have carpets as the BoostIQ mode activates when there is need for higher suction power.
  • Smart home enthusiasts will also like the Robovac 30c as it comes with Wi-Fi for app control as well as pairing with Alexa.
  • If you have pets, this is also the best model as you can vacuum the house regularly even from the office.