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Roomba Combo J7+ vs. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Comparison Review

iRobot Roomba Combo J7

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

iRobot Roomba Combo J7

3.9 out of 5
  • Dimensions 13.3 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight 7.35lbs
  • Cleaning Orientation Vacuum and Mop
  • Dirt Detect Yes
  • Surface Hard floors and carpets
  • Water Tank Electric, 210ml
  • Automatic Water Fill No
  • Automatic Mop Pad Washing No
  • Brush Dual Multisurface brush (tangle free)
  • Auto Empty Bin Yes, 1L capacity
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Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

4.4 out of 5
  • Dimensions 13.89 x 3.79 inches
  • Weight 10.5lbs
  • Cleaning Orientation Vacuum and Mop
  • Dirt Detect No
  • Surface Hard floors and carpets
  • Water Tank Electric, 200ml
  • Automatic Water Fill Yes
  • Automatic Mop Pad Washing Yes
  • Brush Multidirectional floating brush
  • Auto Empty Bin Yes, 2.5L capacity
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Roomba Combo J7+ vs. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, what’s the best robot vacuum and mop combo to buy in 2022?

Roomba and Roborock are two of the best robot vacuum brands today. They are reliable robot vacuum brands that offer excellent cleaning and pack several innovative features that take floor and carpet cleaning to the next level. Released in September 2022, the Roomba J7 Combo is a pretty new model and is the first Roomba to combine vacuum and mop functions. The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is also a new model released in May 2022. It also vacuums and mops, just like the J7 Combo.

While they have similarities, there are clear-cut differences that should inform your purchase decision. The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has better cleaning performance and offers a hands-free cleaning experience as it empties and refills its water tank automatically and can wash the mop pad by itself.

For more regarding how the two compare, read along.

Roomba Combo J7+ vs. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Face-to-Face Comparison Review

Onto the day's main business, how does the Roomba Combo J7+ compare to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra? To help you make the perfect purchase decision, we will compare all the essential factors considered when choosing a robot vacuum. Without further ado, let's get into it.
1. Design Dimensions and Aesthetics

The Roomba Combo J7+ is a round-shaped robot vacuum with a low-profile design. It can go under most furniture and pass between tight spaces unrestricted.

The dimensions are 13.3 inches in width x 3.4 inches high. However, the retail box is much larger now that it also has the charging and auto-empty dock.

The weight of the robot only is 7.35lbs. When it comes to aesthetics, the Combo J7+ looks very appealing and has been finished in black and silver.


The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is also a round-shaped robot vacuum with a low-profile design. It can go under most low-profile furniture such as coffee tables, sofas, and beds and pass between tight spaces such as chair legs.

The dimensions are 13.89 inches in width x 3.79 inches high. The retail box is also larger as it also comes with a docking station that houses the charging system, bin, and water tanks.

The weight of the robot only is 10.5lbs. As for the aesthetics, it is also stylish and has been finished in black with red accents.

As far as the design goes, it's hard to call a winner between these two models. They are all low-profile robot vacuums and have stunning designs. However, we feel the Roomba has the edge as it's much slimmer than Roborock, so it can go under furniture with low clearance with much ease.

2. Cleaning Orientation
vacuum and mop

The new Roomba Combo J7+ is a one-of-a-kind Roomba. It is the only Roomba so far that can vacuum and mop. All the other top-of-the-range models from the brand can vacuum only, but with the Braava mop, they can work in tandem to vacuum and mop.

When it comes to specialization, the J7+ is an all-rounder. It is designed for hard floors, including tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl, you name it.

It also has excellent suction for vacuuming low and medium-pile carpets, but on high-pile carpets, it struggles.

The Combo J7+ is also reliable in picking up pet hair and kitty litter and wiping out urine stains and paw marks on hard floors.

vacuum and mop

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is also an all-rounder. It can vacuum and mop, so you won’t have to spend more money on a separate robot mop.

In terms of specialization, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is suitable for all hard floors, from hardwood to tile and marble. One area that it stands out is carpet vacuuming.

It packs super strong suction, making it a good robot vacuum for carpets, whether low pile carpets or thick carpets.

Lastly, it is also ideal for homes with pets as it has no problem picking up pet hair and kitty litter. It can also wipe urine stains and paw marks.

As far as cleaning orientation is concerned, both models are exceptional as they are 2-in-1 cleaners that can handle hard floors, carpets, and pet messes. However, Roborock is the ultimate winner because of its high suction, which allows it to vacuum high-pile carpets satisfactorily.

3. Suction Power

When it comes to suction power, iRobot could have done better. The Combo J7+ is a new model, but it packs the old 2nd Generation motor that puts up 10x the power-lifting suction of the Roomba 600 series.

On average, the suction power is 900pa which is a letdown for a high-end robot vacuum like the Combo J7+. All the same, this is enough suction to lift the common household dirt.

For the record, the suction power is not adjustable as it has been engineered with a single-speed motor.

5100 pa

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is among the most powerful robot vacuums we have come across.

The Chinese company engineered the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra with a powerful variable-speed motor with five suction levels.

In Max+ mode, it puts up a whopping 5100 pa which is unforgiving on any dirt, from small dirt to large debris.

Here, there's no doubt the Roborock S7 is the winner. It dwarfs the Roomba by almost 6 times.

4. Mopping Performance

As mentioned earlier, the Roomba Combo J7+ doesn’t just vacuum. It also mops floors. It tags along with a 210 ml electric water tank and a retractable mopping pad.

It doesn’t feature automatic mop lifting like other robot vacuums with the mopping function. However, the retractable mop works just fine and will avoid wetting carpets. It retracts to the top.

For the record, it will not automatically wash the mopping pad or autofill the water tank. You have to wash the pad and fill the water tank manually.


The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra also has the mopping function and advanced features. There are three tanks, one onboard water tank with a 200ml capacity, and two tanks on the dock station. The two tanks on the dock station are a clean water tank with a 3L capacity and a dirty water tank with a 2.5L capacity. One advantage of the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is that you don’t have to fill the onboard water tank manually. It will dock and empty the dirty water tank and fill the clean water tank automatically.

When it comes to mopping performance, it is equipped with a mopping pad and leverages Sonic Mopping Technology that mops at up to 3000 cycles per minute, agitating stuck on dirt and stubborn stains. Interestingly, you can set mopping modes depending on how big the mess is. There are three modes; Light, Balanced, and Deep. To avoid wetting carpets, Roborock engineered this cleaner with Ultrasonic Carpet Detection that detects carpets.

But unlike the Roomba, which has a retractable mop, the Roborock has an automatic mop lifting mechanism dubbed auto-lifting VibraRise mop that raises the mopping pad immediately when carpets are detected. Another great thing about the S7 MaxV Ultra is that it will automatically wash the mopping pad so you can focus on other chores.

As far as mopping performance is concerned, Roborock beats Roomba. The automatic water refilling, emptying, and self-cleaning mopping pad makes it the best. On the other hand, Sonic Mopping Technology ensures the cleaner eliminates all stains and grime satisfactorily, as we will see in our cleaning test results.

5. Navigation

One of the areas Roomba beats Roborock is navigation. The new Roomba Combo J7+ comes with a VSLAM Navigation System dubbed PrecisionVision. It combines a host of obstacle detection and anti-cliff detection sensors that enables the robot to avoid obstacles with high precision and prevent it from falling off the stairs.

It performed exceptionally in our navigation tests, only that in the dark, things go haywire. The camera is not reliable in the dark, so it hit a few obstacles here and there. But in well-lit spots, it had no problem at all finding its way around.

One exciting addition is iRobot’s P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise). The company guarantees that the robot will avoid pet messes, especially poop.

Regarding maneuverability, it has large wheels with a good climbing threshold. It could go over obstacles of up to 16 mm / 0.63 in.

Precision LiDAR

On the other hand, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has a VSLAM-based navigation system dubbed Precision LiDAR Navigation alongside ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance.

It also combines anti-collision and anti-drop sensors to avoid hitting obstacles or falling off the stairs. There is also an onboard camera that leverages AI to detect obstacles.

In our tests, the S7 MaxV Ultra managed to avoid most of the obstacles on its way but was less accurate than the Roomba. The good thing is that even in the dark, it was still able to identify and avoid crashing into obstacles.

Regarding maneuverability, the Roborock S7 MaxV is the best. It has large off-road wheels with a climbing threshold of around 20 mm / 0.79 inches.

In this round, it is hard to call a winner as both robots have a VSLAM navigation system that combines sensors and a real-time camera. However, from our observations, Roomba was better in obstacle avoidance, so it should be on top of your wish list if you have high-traffic rooms.

6. Mapping

The Roomba Combo J7+ is an intelligent robot vacuum with smart mapping. The J7+ relies on Imprint Smart Mapping to create hyper-accurate maps of your home. Imprint Smart Mapping gives the robot the intelligence to differentiate the different rooms in your house as it can learn, map, and adapt to your home’s layout.

One unique feature is iRobot OS, which allows you to set cleaning preferences. For example, you can tell the robot to clean the kitchen only at those hours when you know the kitchen is dirty. You can also send it to specific spots. iRobot OS also gives you seasonal and personalized cleaning suggestions.

Another great feature is Dirt Detect which uses optical and acoustic sensors to detect specific spots with concentrated dirt for extra cleaning.

Regarding containment, the J7+ comes with Zone Cleaning, which enables you to decide where the robot should clean and where it shouldn’t. Also worth mentioning is Keep Out Zones, a form of digital boundary marking. If you don’t want the robot to clean a specific spot, just set the boundary on the app.


Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is also a smart robot vacuum with intelligent floor mapping. It creates hyper-accurate 3D maps of your home and can even identify furnishings such as tables, sofas, etc.

The S7 MaxV Ultra can save up to 4 maps making it ideal for homes with more than one floor. It is also well-endowed when it comes to targeted cleaning. It can differentiate your kitchen from the bedroom, so when it’s time to clean the kitchen, you can tell it to handle just the kitchen, and it will oblige.

You can also send it to a specific spot with concentrated dirt. Interestingly, you can set cleaning schedules. For example, you can tell it to clean the kitchen at 9:00 am, the bedroom at 2:00 pm, and the cloakroom at 6:00 pm. When it comes to boundary marking, the S7 MaxV Ultra boasts virtual No-Go Zones, Invisible Walls, and No-Mop Zones.

No-Go Zones come in handy when you don’t want it to clean specific spots, while Invisible Walls block the robot from accessing specific spots entirely. On the other hand, No Mop Zones, as the name suggests, guarantees that your carpets won’t get wet.

It's hard to call a winner in this round, as both models have intelligent mapping features. However, Roomba Combo j7+ is the ultimate deal courtesy of iRobot OS, which gives you more control over your robot and can also give you cleaning suggestions.

7. Filtration System

The Roomba J7+ Combo, just like other previous Roombas, doesn’t just vacuum. It also filters the air eliminating particulates that can trigger allergies or cause bad odor.

The J7+ comes with a HEPA-grade filter that captures 99.97% of allergens, dust, and other particulates in the atmosphere. For the record, this is a true-HEPA filter meaning it can capture down to 0.3 microns.

Unfortunately, this filter is not washable, so you will have to get its replacement at least 2 months for optimal performance.


Roborock, too, has a filtration system that keeps allergens, dust, and pollen at bay.

However, Roborock included an E11-rated filter which is less effective than a true HEPA filter. It captures 95% of allergens and filters down to 0.6 microns.

The good thing about this filter is that it is washable, meaning maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Roomba wins this round as it comes with true HEPA filters, which are more effective. But you might still want to go with Roborock if you want to cut down maintenance costs.

8. Brush System
two brush systems

Roomba comes with a tangle-free dual multisurface brush. One brush is for agitating dirt, and the other is for lifting dirt.

One great thing about this brush is the tangle-free technology, so it won’t get jammed even when dealing with long dog hairs.

The main brush is complemented by a spinning side brush that reaches the wall edges and deep corners.

two brush systems

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra also comes with two brush systems; a primary and secondary brush.

The primary brush is a multidirectional floating brush with rubber bristles. It does a good job in agitation and dirt lift-up, but then, unlike the Roomba, the brush gets jammed often when dealing with long dog hair.

There’s also a spinning side brush that reaches the deep corners and wall edges where the main brush can’t access.

Roborock has a robust brush system that picks up dirt effectively. However, it gets overwhelmed when handling long dog hairs. On the other hand, Roomba has an effective brush system and doesn't get tangled, even when dealing with long dog hair. This makes it the winner in this round.

9. Bin System
0.3 L

Roomba J7+ has a small onboard bin with a 0.3L capacity. It also maintains the full bin indicator that flashes red when it’s time to empty it. One cool feature of this model is automatic emptying. Even though the onboard bin is small, you won’t have to worry about frequent bin emptying as the robot’s dock has a large 1L dust bag.

Once the bag is full, you will have to get another bag. For the record, there are two variants of the Combo J7; the base model, the Combo J7, and the ceiling model, the J7+.

So, what’s the difference? Well, it’s simple, the base model doesn’t come with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, so you have to empty it manually, while the j7+ comes with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. It’s worth noting that the J7 is compatible with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal unit.

0.4 L

On the other hand, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra features a 0.4L onboard bin.

It is also a smart robot vacuum that can empty itself automatically courtesy of the Roborock Auto Empty Dock.

The dock has a large 2.5L dust bag, so you can forget the tedious manual bin emptying for up to 7 weeks.

Here again, it's hard to call a winner as both models come with automatic self-emptying technology. However, Roborock has the edge as it comes with a larger onboard bin and a dustbag that can hold more dirt.

10. Battery and Runtime
2210mAh / 75 min

One area iRobot should have improved is autonomy. The Roomba Combo J7+ may be the latest model from the American brand, but it has a short runtime. iRobot equipped it with a 2210mAh lithium-ion battery that offers a paltry 75 minutes runtime.

This is enough charge to clean just 185 square meters / 1991 square feet. But thanks to its intelligence, the J7+ Combo will automatically dock, recharge, and resume cleaning. This way, at no time, will you find your home halfway cleaned.

Unfortunately, there is no quick charge feature, and the recharge time is long, around 3 hours.

5200mAh / 180 min

On the other hand, Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comes with a lithium-ion battery but this time, with a 5200mAh capacity.

It can offer a cool 180 minutes runtime, enough to handle an area of up to 300 square meters / 3229 square feet.

Regarding power management, the S7 MaxV Ultra will also recharge automatically and resume cleaning from where it left off. One great feature is the Quick Charge function that speeds up charging by 30%. The standard recharge time is 4 hours.

Here, it's obvious that Roborock is the better option. While both come with auto recharge and resume functions, Roborock offers longer runtime and has a Quick Charge function.

11. Smart Features
iRobot HOME App

The Roomba Combo J7+ is a smart robot vacuum powered by 2.4GHz WiFi for app operation via the iRobot HOME App.

You can access all controls on the app, from setting cleaning schedules, launching a cleaning session, setting cleaning preferences, setting boundaries, and so on.

Besides smartphone app operation, this Roomba can sync with Alexa and other voice assistants so you can control it with your voice.

Roborock HOME app

Roborock, too, is powered by 2.4GHz WiFi. It also supports remote operation via the Roborock HOME app. The app has all the controls.

You can set cleaning schedules, start or stop a cleaning session, draw boundaries, set cleaning preferences, and so on. One cool feature is the real-time video function that lets you monitor your home remotely and even chat with your pets.

Just like the Roomba, the S7 MaxV Ultra also works with Alexa, so you can control it with your voice.

As far as smart features go, the two are exceptional. They all allow for app operation and can sync with voice assistants. However, Roborock carries the day courtesy of its innovative camera surveillance system that lets you monitor whatever is happening in your home while you are away.

12. Warranty and Aftersales

The Roomba Combo comes with a 1-year warranty, so you are eligible for replacement or repairs if it breaks down.

However, it is essential to read the terms of the warranty and abide by them strictly lest your warranty may be voided. In terms of aftersales and support, we are glad the team at iRobot is readily accessible and provides guides and tutorials so you won’t have a problem using your Roomba.

Regarding parts and supplies, they are in plenty and at affordable prices.


Roborock, too, comes with a 1 year warranty that covers your robot during the first year as long as you don’t void the warranty. So here again, go through the warranty terms and stick to them strictly.

On support, Roborock, too, has a resourceful team of experts that can be reached anytime. You can also check their video tutorials and guides if you are stuck.

Last, on parts and supplies, the company has them in plenty at all the top retailers, including Amazon.

Here, it's a tie as both brands offer the same 1-year warranty, have excellent support, and replacement parts and supplies are readily available.

13. What's in the Box?

The Roomba Combo J7+ comes with the following;

  • iRobot® Roomba Combo™ Robot Vacuum and Mop
  • Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal Unit
  • Dirt Disposal Bag
  • Reusable Microfiber Mopping Pad
  • Bona® Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrate (2oz)
  • Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate (2oz)
  • Extra Filter
  • Extra Edge-Sweeping Brush
  • Line Cord

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comes with the following;

  • Roborock S7 MaxV Robot Vacuum
  • Empty Wash Fill Dock
  • Water Tank
  • Mop Cloth
  • Mop Cloth Mount
  • Charging Dock
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

There is no winner in this round, as both models are well-equipped. However, Roomba has the edge as it comes with hard floor cleaning formulas.

Cleaning Test Results

Vacuuming Performance for Hard Floor To give you a glimpse of how the two robots compare in terms of vacuuming and mopping, we conducted thorough tests on hardwood floors and carpets.

To test the vacuuming performance, we made messes on a hardwood floor and high pile carpet with the common household dirt, including flour, sugar, rice, coffee, Cheerios, pet hair, kitty litter, and sand pebbles. Below are illustrations of the results we got.


Vacuuming Performance for Hard Floor

  • Sugar
  • 95%
  • 99%
  • Flour
  • 94%
  • 99%
  • Rice
  • 96%
  • 99%
  • Cheerios
  • 98%
  • 99%
  • Coffee
  • 96%
  • 98%
  • Kitty litter
  • 97%
  • 97%
  • Pet hair
  • 96%
  • 94%
  • Sand pebbles
  • 98%
  • 98%

Vacuuming Performance for Carpet


Vacuuming Performance for Carpet

  • Sugar
  • 95%
  • 97%
  • Flour
  • 95%
  • 97%
  • Rice
  • 96%
  • 99%
  • Cheerios
  • 97%
  • 99%
  • Coffee
  • 96%
  • 98%
  • Kitty litter
  • 96%
  • 98%
  • Pet hair
  • 95%
  • 99%
  • Sand pebbles
  • 95%
  • 99%

Mopping Performance

To test their mopping capabilities, we made messes using water, soda, margarine, cooking oil, urine stains, and paw marks. Below is an illustration of their performance.


Mopping Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Roomba Combo J7+ and Roomba J7?

The two models are pretty similar, but there are profound differences. The old J7 Series models can vacuum only, while the new Combo J7 Series can vacuum and mop.


2. Is Roborock S7 MaxV same as S7 MaxV Ultra?

No. The two are pretty similar, but the new S7 MaxV Ultra has advanced features, including a more advanced docking station that empties the bin, replenishes the water tank, and washes the mopping pad.

3. Is Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra worth it?

The S7 MaxV Ultra may be one of the most expensive robot vacuums, but it is worth every penny. It vacuums and mops and comes with a host of convenience features for hands-free cleaning. It automatically empties the bin, refills the water tanks, and cleans the mopping attachment so you can focus on other chores.

4. Does Roomba Combo J7+ wash its mopping pad?

No. This Roomba does not have this feature. You will have to wash the mopping pad manually. The water tank will also need to be emptied and filled manually.

5. How much water does a Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra take?

The onboard tank has a 200ml capacity, while the dock’s clean water and dirty water tanks have a 3L and 2.5L capacity, respectively.

6. Is the Roomba J7 Combo good for pet hair?

Yes. It picks up pet hair, whether short hair or long hair, pretty well, and its brush won’t get tangled. It can also wipe urine stains and paw marks.

7. Can Roomba j7 and Roborock s7 MaxV Ultra clean multiple floors?

Yes. These are intelligent robot vacuums that can store multiple maps.

8. Who is louder Roomba Combo J7+ or Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra?

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra delivers higher suction making it louder than Roomba.

Wrapping Up

That’s the end of this Roomba Combo J7+ vs. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comparison review. As you have seen, both models can vacuum and mop and have automatic bin emptying technology.

However, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the best choice as it has better cleaning performance and can automatically empty and refill water tanks. Besides, it can wash the mopping pads. It is the true definition of a hands-free cleaning experience!

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