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Amazon Prime Day deals 2019

The long-awaited 2019 Amazon Prime Day is finally here. From what we have heard so far from Amazon, we expect to see some of the craziest deals and discounts, and not in just one day. Since the inception of the first Prime day back in 2015, Amazon has kept giving customers a reason to join the Amazon Prime family and now boasts over 100 million subscribers.


If you haven’t joined yet, you could be losing out on great deals and offers, as well as a host of other privileges. You can still enjoy these deals without paying by taking advantage of the 30 days free Amazon Prime Trial.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

For starters, Amazon Prime Service is an exclusive subscription for Amazon customers that gives you access to premium services. These services include free two-day delivery on eligible products.


On this day, you get same day delivery for some products in some regions. You also get access to Amazon Prime Music, Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Pantry, Prime Now, Amazon Key, (In-Home, In-Car), Prime Air and so on. For being a loyal member, Amazon now organizes a big sale for Amazon Prime members in what is now known as Amazon Prime Day.

The sale is usually scheduled for July, and the main reason is that the other two tier events, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are all during winter. So, if you want the craziest deals and discounts during summer, Amazon Prime Day is here!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

There is no fixed date for Amazon Prime day; the exact date is announced when the time nears. Fortunately, the date for this year’s event has finally been released.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 will start on 16th July and will last for more than a day, unlike the previous events. To be precise, the Amazon Prime Day will be spread across 36 hours from the noon of July 16th to July 17th midnight.

This means that there will be more offers, discounts, and freebies, but what’s the catch?


The offers will be rolled out every 5 minutes so you need to be aware of what deals are coming through so that you may not miss out. If you took part in the 2017 Amazon Prime Day, you understand how the deals are always limited, so you want to alert when the deals are about to go live! But the big question is, are you a Prime member?

What good offers and deals can we expect during Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day caters for every type of shopper and covers all the categories. For us, it is something great because we are going to find robot vacuum deals, Smart appliances deals, and lots of other cool gadgets. In the 2017 Amazon Prime Day, some of the biggest deals included the Roomba 625 that sold for $249 down from $374 and the Eufy Robovac II which sold for $189 and has a retail price of $230. We also had deals in the other categories, and this is also what to expect this year

Prime Day Smart Devices

In the Prime Day, we should expect equally attractive discounts to be offered again. It is the perfect shopping window to get that cheap Roomba you have always wanted or even upgrade your Smart Thermostat. The elephant in the room is spotting the deals and marking the calendar.

Prime Day Robot vacuum cleaners SAVE your money (best models 2019)

During the Prime Day, Amazon will list all the offers and discounts available and when they will go live. You can browse the list and enjoy – every five minutes, new discounts. For each item that interests you, remember to scheme through the page where you can see reviews, and product details but most importantly, the regular price. You need to know if the discount is worth or not!

For us, we will have a team that will be monitoring all the deals, and we will keep you posted. Make sure to subscribe to our instant alerts of the latest deals and discounts.

Prime Day Home Automation Deals

  • LIFX A19 Wi-Fi Smart LEDSave up to 25%
  • Philips HueSave 30%
  • Flux WiFi Smart LED Light BulbSave 25%
  • Philips Hue White A19 60W Equivalent LED Smart Bulb Starter KitSave 25%

How to make the most out of Prime Day?

There are over 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers. So, in as much as this is a premium service, there is a mad rush too just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The first thing you want to do is to make a shopping list of the items you want to buy on Prime Day. The listed items should, of course, have priorities.


I say this because most Prime members end up spending all their cash on some great and irresistible deals and forget about their priorities. More often, you get yourself buying what you don’t need because it is cheap at the expense of what you don’t have, only because you are not patient. That said, you also need to be patient and wait for the time the items on your wishlist go live.

Another resourceful tip is to be on the lookout. A good way is to subscribe to discount alerts or websites like this one that brings you the latest Prime Day deals and discounts. Also, make use of Alexa on your Smartphone App. Alexa knows all the products on Amazon, so you can rely on it to find out what the best deals are at the moment. I’m also sure Amazon will again have the exclusive offers it gave customers who used their mobile Apps on Prime day.

So, what exactly are you looking out for and where do you start your search? On Prime day, there will be offers, great deals, discounts and most importantly, flash sales.

If you’d ask me, flash sales is where the jackpots are hit. But then you have to be very fast in snapping the deal and most importantly, checking out and completing the order. If you never knew, an item that you have added in your cart is only your after you have checked out on time. If you don’t, it could be bought by other Prime members and run out of stock before you notice. That reminds me of another instance that requires your patience. When an item is sold out, don’t opt for the second option just yet, the stock may be replenished so check back in a while.

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Amazon Prime Day deals 2019
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