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Amazon Prime Day Hoover Deals 2023

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Amazon Prime Day Hoover DealsAre you on the hunt for the best Amazon Prime Day Hoover deals and discounts? Then, you are at the right place as we have done the heavy lifting for you. Our editors have scoured the vacuums category and listed all the best Hoover vacuums featured in the upcoming Prime Day sale. You can find Hoover upright vacuums, carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners, stick vacuums, and more.

But before going into the details, here is an overview of Amazon Prime Day and, importantly, how to participate in the sale.

Amazon Prime Day is an annual sale organized by Amazon, one of the largest online retailers in the world. The sale has been hosted every year since it was first held back in 2015. However, the schedule has been varying. The first two Prime Days in 2015 and 2016 were one-day sale events in July. However, since then, we have been treated to two-day sale events in different months. The 2017, 2018, and 2019 Prime Days were held in July, but the 2020 sale was pushed to October. The next sale, the 2021 Prime Day, went back to July as is the norm.

One unique thing about this sale event is that it’s not open to all Amazon shoppers. Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers. It was actually launched to commemorate Amazon’s 20th anniversary, but these days, it’s meant to appreciate Prime subscribers. That said you need to be an Amazon Prime member to access the deals that will be floated in the upcoming sale.

Amazon Prime service has several benefits. First, it gives members access to Prime Day deals and discounts. Even though there will be some non-prime deals, the best discounts will be reserved for Prime subscribers. Besides access to Prime Deals, members of this premium service enjoy free expedited shipping. Orders arrive in one or two days, while some arrive in a record two hours. Besides the deals and free expedited shipping, Prime members also enjoy several other Amazon services, including Prime Video and Prime Music.


So, how do you become a member? There are two plans: a monthly plan for $14.99 a month or an annual one that costs $139 a year. Interestingly, Amazon is generous enough to offer users a 30-day free trial and a 6-months free trial for students.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Earlier on, Amazon was mum regarding the actual date that the sale event would take place. The company had confirmed that it would be in the month of July, but the exact dates remained a mystery. But it’s no longer a mystery – Amazon Prime Day 2023 will be on 11 July and 12 July. While it’s a two-day sale event, Amazon promised some early deals so stay tuned.

Best Amazon Prime Day Hoover Deals

Now, onto the day’s main business, what are the best Prime Day Hoover vacuum deals? We have listed all the Hoover models available at huge discounts during the sale.

Prime Day Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner Deals

If you are looking for raw cleaning power, upright vacuum cleaners are the best as they are significantly larger, so they can clean a large area faster and hold more dirt. They also have a one-piece design, so maneuvering is easier than canisters. Below are the best Hoover upright vacuum deals that will be up for grabs during Prime Day.

Hoover MAXLife

Hoover MAXLifeThe Hoover MaxLife line of upright vacuums has several models. These are Hoover UH74220PC MAXLife Pro Pet, Hoover UH74110 MAXLife Pet Max Complete, Hoover UH75150 MAXLife Elite, and Hoover UH75250 MAXLife Elite Swivel XL Pet.

The Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet is perfect for homes with pets as it features multipurpose pet tools that tackle those stubborn pet hairs. It also comes with a sealed allergen with HEPA filtration that captures and retains 99% of allergens and dust. It offers powerful cleaning on all hard floors and carpets courtesy of the lasting suction powered by MaxLife System. Convenience features include swivel steering and LED headlights.

Hoover MAXLife Pet Max Complete is also a good upright vacuum for pets, carpets, and hard floors. It also features MaxLife System that delivers continuous suction to suck the stubborn dirt and pet hair effortlessly. It also comes with an XL dust cup but this time with AllergenBlock Technology that captures 97% of dust, allergens, and pet dander. Unfortunately, there is no swivel steering or LED headlights.

Hoover MAXLife Elite is best for carpets courtesy of end-to-end suction and Dual Cyclone Technology powered by a 10 amp motor with WindTunnel Suction technology. The DeepClean PowerPass Brushroll also ensures effective vacuuming. You can also rely on this vacuum to tackle those stubborn pet hairs. The MAXLife Elite also has swivel steering, but no LED headlights.

The Hoover MAXLife Elite Swivel XL is also suitable for hard floors and carpets. It’s reliable in picking up pet hair, and interestingly, has been designed to prevent bad odor courtesy of the PowerFlex brushroll and carbon pet filter. With 25% more suction power, dirt, dust, and pet hair don’t stand a chance. As the name suggests, this is also a model with swivel steering for effortless turning.

Hoover Complete

Hoover CompleteHoover Complete Prime Day deals will also be enticing. During the sale, two models will feature Hoover UH30650 Complete Performance Advanced Pet Kit and Hoover UH30651 Complete Performance.

Hoover Complete Performance is best suited for carpets and upholstery. It boasts powerful suction to flush out dirt and dust from carpet pile and upholstery. The 4-level adjustment also makes it suitable for smooth transition on carpets and bare floors. Under the hood, the Hoover Complete Performance has a filter bag that captures 95% of allergens and offers mess-free disposal.

Hoover Complete Performance Advanced Pet Kit is quite similar to the Hoover Complete Performance, but as the name suggests, it offers better pet hair vacuuming courtesy of the Advanced Pet Kit. Otherwise, it’s also suitable for carpets and hard floors and also offers above-floor cleaning. One unique feature is the HEPA media bag that captures 99.97% of dust and allergens. But just like its brother, it comes with a mess-free disposal bag.

Hoover WindTunnel

Hoover WindTunnelHoover WindTunnel Prime Day deals will also be in plenty in the upcoming sale. The variants that will have discounts include Hoover UH71350V WindTunnel Whole House, Hoover UH71250 WindTunnel 2 Whole House, Hoover UH72625 WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet, Hoover UH72630 WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet, Hoover UH71100 Windtunnel Max Capacity, Hoover UH30600 WindTunnel Max, and Hoover UH30301 WindTunnel T-Series.

Hoover WindTunnel Whole is a multi-floor upright vacuum with 5-level height adjustments to suit hard floor and carpet vacuuming. It packs high suction power courtesy of WindTunnel Technology, a standard filter, multipurpose attachments, and a 25ft power cord with cord rewind.

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House is another multipurpose upright vacuum suitable for hard floors and carpets. If you have carpets and allergies, this model also fits the bill courtesy of the Advanced AllergenBlock Technology and odor-absorbing carbon filters. It boasts powerful suction courtesy of WindTunnel 2 Technology, a multi-floor brushroll for optimized cleaning, and a hassle-free 25ft cord with autorewind.

The Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max is quite similar to the other WindTunnel 2 Whole House in that it’s suitable for hard floors and carpets. It’s also perfect for pets courtesy of the carbon HEPA filtration and the larger dust cup. Under the hood, it packs raw power courtesy of WindTunnel 3 Technology, equipped with 3 channels of suction for efficient airflow. Worth mentioning is the 40ft cord that gives you more reach.

The Hoover WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet takes pet cleaning to the next level courtesy of specialized pet cleaning tools. It has a Quick Pass brushroll that is 2X faster and WindTunnel 3 Technology that is unforgiving on all kinds of dirt and messes. This vacuum is also suitable for hard floors and carpets, courtesy of its 4-position height adjustment.

Hoover WindTunnel Max Capacity is the ultimate deal for those with hard floors. It has been designed with ScatterGuard Technology that prevents dirt from flying around. There are also 5 height adjustments, so it’s a multisurface vacuum that can be used on carpets and hard floors. Other features include MultiCyclonic Filtration, an above-floor tool kit with 12ft of extended reach, and a 1.5L dust cup.

The Hoover WindTunnel Max is another good multisurface vacuum for hard floors and carpets. Interestingly, it has 7 height adjustments, so floor transitioning from thick carpets to area rugs and bare floors is a buzz. It is also powered by WindTunnel 3 Technology. Regarding filtration, there is a Clean Drop Bag System for easy maintenance backed by a HEPA filter that filters 99.7% of dust, pollen, and allergens, making it the best for allergy sufferers and pet owners. You also get a wide 15-inch cleaning nozzle and above-the-floor cleaning with 17ft of reach.

The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Tempo is powered by WindTunnel Technology, making it suitable for bare floors only but not high pile and thick carpets. But it features 5-height adjustments so you can easily move from hard floors to carpets. The good thing is that it comes with HEPA-grade filtration, which is 99.97% efficient in capturing allergens and dust. Other features include a long 30ft cord, non-contact dirt and dust disposal, and an adjustable brushroll.,


Hoover ONEPWRLast in the upright vacuum section is the Hoover ONEPWR series. Three variants will feature in the upcoming sale: Hoover BH55500PC ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless, Hoover BH53420V ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless, and Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless.

The Hoover ONEPWR HEPA+ is best suited for carpets and hard floors. It boasts a lightweight design but packs enough power to clean carpets satisfactorily. As the name suggests, it comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery plus an extra battery pack, so you are not limited in terms of runtime. The ONEPWR HEPA+ holds 4x more debris than a bagless vacuum, has a 5-layer filtration system with DirtTrap Technology, fingertip controls, and 4 premium headlights.

Second is the Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet, which is also a cordless vacuum cleaner with a single battery pack. It’s suitable for hard floors, carpets, and pet messes. It’s also lightweight and packs enough power to tackle stubborn messes. It holds 3X more dirt than stick vacuums and has an on/off brushroll that makes transitioning from bare floors to carpets easy. Other features include an antimicrobial brushroll, pet filter, and advanced swivel steering.

Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless BH53420PCE is similar to the ONEPWR EVolve Pet BH53420V, only that it comes with two battery packs.

Prime Day Hoover Carpet Cleaner Deals

While there are upright vacuums that can handle carpets, the best option is to go for specialized carpets cleaners. They are effective in cleaning carpets and are gentle on the fabric. So, which are the best Prime Day Hoover carpets cleaner deals?

Hoover PowerScrub

Hoover PowerScrub
The Hoover PowerScrub will also have two models in the upcoming sale. These are the Hoover FH50150B Red PowerScrub Deluxe and Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe offers easy deep cleaning courtesy of the SpinScrub 360-degree brushes that remove stains and embedded dirt. One great thing about this cleaner is the even clean courtesy of the Dual V nozzles. As an upright full-size carpet cleaner, it’s quite heavy, but then it gets the job done satisfactorily and dries the carpet faster.

The Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet is also a full-size upright carpet cleaner but offers better performance than the PowerScrub Deluxe. It also features SpinScrub 360-degree brushes, a Dual V nozzle, and faster drying. The extras are larger tanks and automatic detergent mixing that takes away the guesswork.

Hoover DualSpin

Hoover DualSpin
Hoover FH54050V Dual Spin Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner will also be the only model from the DualSpin series in next month’s sale.

The Hoover DualSpin features DualSpin brushes for a deeper clean and a Dual Tank system that separates clean water from dirty water. Other great features worth noting are the HeatForce Technology, which dries your carpets faster, and pet odor protection that eliminates foul pet odor leaving your atmosphere fresh.

Hoover SmartWash

Hoover SmartWash
The SmartWash Series will also feature in Amazon Prime Day with two models: Hoover FH53050 SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner and Hoover FH52050 SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner.

Hoover FH52050 SmartWash is an automatic cleaner, as the name suggests. It comes with several automatic features, including automatic cleaning. Push it forward to clean and backward to dry the carpet. The cleaner will also automatically mix the cleaning solution for precision. The FlexForce PowerBrushes, on the other hand, eliminate stains and embedded dirt.

Hoover FH53050 SmartWash is similar to the FH52050, only that it’s specifically designed for pet messes. It also uses FlexForce Pet PowerBrushes to attack pet stains. The brushes deep clean carpets to prevent the build-up of pet odor. The Hoover FH53050 SmartWash also has automatic solution mixing and automatic drying so you can get back to your comfort zone as fast as possible.

Hoover CleanSlate

Hoover CleanSlateHoover CleanSlate will also have two models on sale during Prime Day 2023. These are the Hoover FH14050 CleanSlate Plus and Hoover FH14050 CleanSlate Plus.

Hoover FH14051 CleanSlate Plus boasts powerful suction and dual tanks that separate clean and dirty water. It offers permanent stain removal and has tools for every mess. Worth mentioning is the 7″ WidePath Tool for large messes and the TightSpot Tool for crevices and tight spaces. This particular model comes with CleanSlate Plus Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner with Pet Kit.

Hoover FH14050 CleanSlate Plus is very similar to the Hoover FH14050 CleanSlate Plus. It also comes with powerful suction and can handle any mess. However, instead of the CleanSlate Plus Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner with Pet Kit, the Hoover FH14050 CleanSlate Plus comes with the CleanSlate Plus Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner.

Prime Day Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner Deals

Hard floor cleaners, just like carpets, require specialized cleaners. The good news is that Hoover will also have plenty of discounts on floor cleaners. Here are the models that should be on your wishlist.

Hoover WH21000 Complete Pet Steam Mop

Hoover WH21000 Complete Pet Steam Mop
The Hoover Complete is a great deal if you are looking for a versatile cleaner. This is a 10-in-1 cleaner that tags along with specialized tools to handle dirt on floors, kitchens, upholstery, bathrooms, sinks, windows, grouts; you name it. As a steam mop, it uses SteamStream technology to steam and deodorize surfaces. There are two washable scrubbing pads and two controls for adjusting the preferred steam level.

Hoover FH41000 PowerDash Pet Hard Floor

Hoover FH41000 PowerDash Pet Hard Floor
Another top-rated hard floor cleaner from Hoover is the Hoover FH41000 PowerDash, which is safe for use on sealed floors. It is compact and lightweight with a clever carry handle and packs the raw cleaning power to leave floors sparkling clean. It squeegees and suctions dirty water, ensuring that your floors dry very fast. It relies on a dual tank system, SpinScrub brushes, and cleaning formulas to get the job done.

Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor

Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor
The Hoover FH40160PC is also a superb hard floor cleaner that can be used on hard floors, including hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, concrete, and so on. It has wash-dry mode and dual tank technology, so you can use the brushes to scrub dirt and stains while the excess water is suctioned into the dirty water tank.

Prime Day Hoover Stick Vacuum Cleaner Deals

While they may not offer raw cleaning power, stick vacuums are essential as they offer extended reach and can transform into handheld models. In this last section of this Hoover Prime Day deals review, check out the Hoover stick vacuums that will feature in the upcoming sale.

Hoover ONEPWR Series

Hoover ONEPWR SeriesHoover has one series of stick vacuums dubbed Hoover ONEPWR. Several variants will feature in the upcoming sale. They include Hoover BH53352V ONEPWR Blade MAX Multi Surface, Hoover BH53353V ONEPWR Blade Max Hard Floor, Hoover BH53354V ONEPWR Blade MAX Pet and Hoover BH53350 ONEPWR Blade MAX High Performance.

Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX Multi Surface is the best bang for the buck if you want versatility. As the name suggests, this is a multisurface cleaner that can handle any floor type. Under the hood, it packs a powerful brushless motor that delivers 2x the power suction and Dual Cyclonic DustVault Technology that captures 99.4% of dust and dirt without losing suction. The runtime is around 45 minutes, courtesy of a lithium-ion battery. Like most stick vacuums, it transforms into a handheld.

Next is the Hoover ONEPWR Blade Max Hard Floor, which is similar to the model listed above save for the fact that it has been designed as a hard floor cleaner. It packs the same high-performance digital motor that puts up monster suction and a soft microfiber brushroll that captures large debris while remaining gentle on your floor. Another awesome feature is DustTracker LED Headlights for working in those dark spots. The rest of the features are intact, including a lithium-ion battery that offers 45 minutes runtime and the handheld mode.

Third is the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX Pet which, as the name suggests, has been optimized for handling pet messes. It comes with an antimicrobial brush roll that makes cleaning up pet hair and pet dander a buzz. Under the hood, it maintains the same brushless motor that offers 45 minutes runtime and can also transform into a handheld vac. Dual Cyclonic DustVault™ Technology, removable dirt cup, and LED lights are all available.

Last is the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX High Performance, which is suitable for both hard floors and carpets. It comes with both the motorized pet tool and microfiber hard floor nozzle. Other features include a digital motor, Dual Cyclonic DustVault Technology, Carpet Mode, easy empty dirt cup, and a powerful lithium-ion battery that offers 45 minutes runtime.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, all the best Prime Day Hoover vacuum deals, and discounts. Remember, besides the Prime Day deals, there will be lightning deals and non-Prime Day deals. To be updated on what’s on offer, bookmark this page. Lastly, don’t forget to get an Amazon Prime subscription before the sale starts.

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