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Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting Guide

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Shark Vacuums

This Shark vacuum troubleshooting guide focuses on the common problems that Shark vacuum users face and the possible fixes.

There’s no doubt that Shark is among the best vacuum brands around, but then, they are not invincible. From time to time, your Shark vacuum may malfunction.

Some of the common problems with Shark vacuums include loss of suction, roller brush malfunction, damaged components, overheating, vacuum not turning on, etc. The good thing is that there are possible fixes for all these issues.

If you are struggling with a Shark vacuum not working, this article has the solutions.

When your Shark vacuum is not turning on or not cleaning as supposed to, definitely there’s a problem. In this fix guide, we have explored several troubleshooting tips for the popular Shark vacuums. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Shark ION Robot Troubleshooting Tips

Shark ION Robot
Shark robot vacuums are a great deal as they vacuum your floors and carpets autonomously. Unfortunately, from time to time, they may malfunction. Below are some common problems you will encounter when using your Shark ION RV700 Series, RV800 Series, RV1000 Series, RV2000 Series, and Shark IQ Series.

1. Shark Vacuum Won’t Turn On

If your Shark vacuum is not turning on, it could be a bad battery, low battery, or a faulty robot vacuum. Here are possible causes and fixes for a Shark vacuum that won’t turn on.

  • Ensure the battery is plugged in, secured, and has charge
  • Clean the battery connectors to ensure there are no obstructions

If none of these methods work, you could have a hardware problem, so contacting Shark is the only option.

2. Shark Vacuum Not Charging

At times you may find that your Shark vacuum is not charging. Below are some possible causes, and fixes.

  • Ensure the Power button on the side is ON.
  • Ensure the charging dock is connected to the socket and the socket is ON.
  • Check whether the dock’s power cord is in good working order.
  • Clean the charging contacts.

If your Shark ION vacuum is still not charging, maybe the battery is dead. Replacing it could be the solution. It could also be that you have a faulty robot vacuum or charging dock.

3. Robot Not Collecting Debris

Shark Filter and Brush
Your Shark ION vacuum should have no problem picking up the everyday household dirt, talk of cereals, pet hair, sugar, kitty litter, pet hair, and so on. If it’s not picking up dirt, below are the possible causes plus fixes.

(i) Dirty or Jammed Brushes

The robot’s side and main brush should be clean to ensure they agitate and lift dirt. In this case, you might see the MAX/” i” flashing together. To solve the problem, follow the steps below.

  • Remove the side sweeping brush and clean the bristles or replace it if it’s showing signs. of wear.
    (Error LED – MAX/”i” flash together)
  • Remove the main brush, clean the bristles or replace it if it’s more than eight months old.
    (Error Led – DOCK/MAX/”i” flash together)
  • It could also be that the bin is not inserted, so to solve the problem, insert the bin correctly
    (Error LED – Clean RED/MAX flash together)

(ii) Loss of Suction

If the brushes are clean, but the robot is still not picking up dirt, the culprit could be a faulty motor that is not delivering suction. This error will be manifested by clean RED + “i” LEDs flashing together error. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Inspect the robot and check whether there is suction.
  • Check whether the brushroll is spinning.

If there’s no suction, consider buying a new motor.

(iii) Dirty Filters

Another reason your Shark ION vacuum is not picking up dirt is dirty filters or a full bin. To solve the problem, follow the steps below.

  • Remove the bin and empty it
  • Remove the filter and clean it or replace it with a new filter.

4. Sporadic and Abnormal Movement, or No Movement

Shark Navigation
You may find that your robot vacuum is moving irregularly. Below are some of the causes and possible fixes.

  • If the robot’s sensors are dirty, the navigation system is compromised, and that will cause erratic movement. Use a dry cloth to clean the sensors under the robot and bumper.
  • Inspect the wheels and check for any obstructions (Error LED – Clean RED/MAX/”i” flash together).
  • Replace the wheels if they are worn out.
  • The drive motors might be worn out, so they need replacement.
  • There could be an obstacle, so you will have to move the robot to another location (Error LED – Clean RED or MAX LED flashes).

5. Shark Not Connecting to WiFi

Shark Vacuums

You may also find that the latest Shark vacuum is not connecting to WiFi. In this Shark IQ troubleshooting guide, find reasons why your Shark ION is not connecting to WiFi and possible fixes.

  • You are entering the wrong password. Make sure you get the password right.
  • Your robot vacuum is far from the router. To solve the problem, ensure you are within WiFi range.
  • You have a bug that could be fixed by resetting the robot vacuum and restarting the app.
  • Shark Server may be down for weekend maintenance.

Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting Guide – Upright, Canister and Handheld

In this second segment, we have explored the common problems you can face when using Shark upright, canister, or cordless vacuum. So, without further ado, here is the Shark vacuum troubleshooting guide.
Shark upright

1. Shark Vacuum Won’t Turn On

When your Shark vacuum doesn’t power on, there could be a minor problem that you can fix yourself. Explore the below possible causes and fixes for a Shark vacuum that won’t power on.

  • If your power cord is not plugged in the socket, or you don’t have power in the mains, your vacuum won’t power on. Make sure you have plugged in the cord and switched on the socket.
  • If you have a handheld/cordless vacuum, it could be that your battery is not charged, so charge the battery and try to power it on.
  • A burnt fuse can also cause this problem, so make sure to check it out and replace it if necessary.
  • The circuit breaker could also have been triggered, so it has to be reset for the vacuum to power on.
  • It could also be that your vacuum is dead, so you might have to send it for repairs or buy another unit.

2. Shark Vacuum Stopped Working

There are cases when your Shark vacuum will just stop working. Several issues could cause the problem. Below are the common reasons that can cause a Shark vacuum to stop working, plus the possible fixes.

  • Check the socket, it might not be plugged in well, or it came off the socket while you were vacuuming
  • It could also be that the fuse has blown, so you will have to replace them.
  • The thermostat might have powered it off because of overheating. Wait for an hour or so and try to power it on.
  • The circuit breaker might have gone off cutting power, so it needs to be reset.
  • Though unlikely, your vacuum might be dead altogether. Send it for repairs, or it’s time to replace it.

3. Shark Vacuum Overheating

One of the common problems that almost all Shark vacuums encounter is overheating. Several reasons can cause overheating.

  • The first culprit, though rarely, is electrical faults or a faulty motor. Check for frayed cables and replace them if necessary.
  • It could also be a clogged filter restricting airflow. Unclog the filters to ensure the vacuum is sucking dirt well.
  • Also, check the dust cup as it could have tiny dirt particles blocking airflow. Unclogging the dust cup should solve the problem.
  • Another possible cause for overheating is a jammed brushroll. Check it out and remove any dirt or hair tangles that cause jamming.

4. Shark Vacuum Producing Unusual Noise

When your Shark vacuum is louder or starts producing inconsistent noise, it is a sign that it is overwhelmed. Below are some of the causes and possible ways to fix them.

  • The first culprit is a dirty filter that needs to be cleaned to allow for unrestricted airflow.
  • A dirty or jammed or dirty brushroll could also be the reason your vacuum is louder, so clean it.
  • Another reason could be a malfunctioning motor. Switch the vacuum off, wait for it to cool down, and check whether it’s still producing funny noise.

5. Shark Vacuum Lost Suction

Nothing sucks like a vacuum when it’s not sucking anything and leaves dirt and debris behind. Lost suction can be a minor problem or a major one. Below are some of the causes and fixes for low suction.

  • To start, you could be on a low suction level, so make the necessary adjustments if your Shark vacuum has adjustable suction levels.
  • The next culprit could be a full dust cup which means there is no space for dirt to be sucked into. The solution here is to empty the dust cup.
  • Also, check the filters to ensure they are not clogged as they may restrict airflow when clogged and cause suction loss.
  • A blockage in the vacuum could also cause no suction in Shark vacuum, so make sure to detach the dust cup, intake opening, and hoses to ensure there is no debris blocking suction.
  • Loose hose connections or broken hoses can also cause suction leaks and consequently low suction. Make sure they are correctly fixed and are in good working condition.
  • If none of the above tips work for you, probably the motor is bad. In this case, you have to replace the motor or buy a new vacuum.

The above are some general problems you will face when using a Shark vacuum, plus their fixes. Below, we have also explored the problems that are specific to some Shark models.

Shark DuoClean Troubleshooting Guide

Below are some of the common problems that Shark DuoClean users encounter and the possible fixes.
Shark DuoClean texnology

1. Brushroll Not Spinning

There are times you will notice the red brushroll indicator light on the nozzle illuminating. Upon inspecting the cleaning head, you realize the brushroll is not spinning, yet the vacuum is on. Below are some of the causes and fixes.

  • The vacuum is probably on the wrong setting so adjust the power switch to settings I or II.
  • A blockage on the brushroll or soft roller brush could also cause the problem, so make sure to clean them and remove anything that could cause blockage.
  • Another reason for brushroll not spinning is a loosely attached nozzle, so attach and secure it correctly.

2. Headlights Not Turning On

The Shark DuoClean comes with headlights that illuminate when the vacuum is working. If they are not turning on, below are some of the causes and possible fixes.

  • The headlights have come into contact with water, so let the vacuum dry for a few days and see if they will turn on.
  • It could also be that the headlights are disconnected, so you will have to push them back and see if the problem will be fixed.
  • If none of the two fixes above work for you, the LEDs are burned, so replace them.

3. Vacuum is Vibrating

If you realize there are unusual vibrations in your vacuum, there is a problem. Below is the probable cause and fix.

  • The bristle brush has not been installed correctly, so make sure to fasten it.
  • It could also be loose wheels, so tighten them.

Shark Rotator Professional Troubleshooting Guide

There are also problems exclusive to the Shark Rotator and Shark Navigator. Below are some of the common problems and fixes.
Shark Rotator

1. Roller Brush Not Spinning

You may find that your rollerbrush is not spinning. Below are the probable causes and fixes.

  • The first culprit here could be the roller brush switch is off. Turn it on for it to spin.
  • There could also be debris on the brush. Remove and clean it satisfactorily.
  • A disengaged nozzle could also be the reason the brush is not spinning. Attach it correctly.
  • Last, you could be having a broken belt. Replacing it should fix the problem. You can use the Shark Navigator vacuum manual or Shark Rotator manual to fix the belt once you purchase it.

2. Vacuum Tips Over

Another common problem with Shark Rotator and Shark Navigator vacuums is toppling over. If your vacuum can’t stand on its own, below are some of the causes and how to solve the problem.

A common cause is a broken latch. Inspect it and if it’s broken, buy a replacement.
An uneven surface could also be the reason your vacuum can’t stand on its own. In this case, place it on a flat surface.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, a Shark vacuum troubleshooting guide. We hope it has solved most of the issues you are facing with your Shark vacuums. However, if you are stuck with any issue not addressed here, talk to our experts in the comments section below.

Linda Schwald

I need help with my shark robot AI self emptying. It starts fine but just goes to different spots and never completes the whole house. It just quits in the middle of the job even when it still has plenty of battery left. I’ve deleted the map numerous times but it doesn’t fix the problem. It seems to me like it needs new programming. Anyone else have this experience?

Richard Harrison

Hi, Linda! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! It seems like the problem probably lies in the robot itself. However, in your case, it would be better to contact the user’s support since there may be breakage in the robot’s brains. We also would be glad to hear other users’ experience. So, please share with us if someone has any.


My Shark robot vac is charged and when I tell it to clean, it gives the musical tones and Max light flashes but doesn’t move out of dock. I replaced the battery and it has charged, however, it won’t move out for me. What can I check now?

Richard Harrison

Hi, Mary! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! For the problem solution information on your robot model is important. Shark brand posts lots of free user manuals with troubleshooting tutorials inside. So, we’d recommend you searching for the manual for your model as well as checking the state of the brushes and suction port (they may be blocked).


Our 1 year navigator had a clog in the hose. We cleared that and cleaned the filters. The vacuum is still not working right. It doesn’t seem to be sucking up anything. The lights are not working on the handle and it’s not working right.

Richard Harrison

Hi, Stephanie! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your comment. In such cases, we’d recommend checking the bin as well since clog may be there too. However, if you face trouble with indication and no suction, Shark user’s service is the best way to solve the problem.

Glenys Holbrook

I have a Shark duo Clean (Cordless) Powered lift-away.
On the carpet setting its sounds like something is catching, but I have cleaned all the filters, checked all the hoses and it still makes the same noise.

Please advise.

Richard Harrison

Hi, Glanys! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question. With robot vacuum cleaners strange sounds are often provoked by brush rotation. First of all, experts recommend checking the state of the sweeping brushes and solidity of their fixation. If brushes are wearout, bristles may cause sound of catching.


Vacuum runs for a short time then powers off. what causes this problem?

Richard Harrison

Hi, Helen! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! To solve this problem successfully it would be better to know the model of your bot and whether any indications flash at that moment. Anyway, the most obvious reason is the battery. There also may be problems with contacts between the robot and the charging base that do not ensure proper charging. We could also recommend you checking and emptying the bin – a full bin will not allow your robot to collect dirt and, consequently, continue cleaning. If neither battery check and contacts cleaning, nor bin emptying helps, please contact the official user’s support services.

Jody Baustadt

My Ion Shark works, and shows full charge, but runs out of power quickly. Whats wrong?

Richard Harrison

Hi, Jody! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! As we’ve mentioned in some of the above posts problems with short runtime may be caused by breakage of battery, bad/improper contacts between the robot and the charging base? full bin. If neither battery check and contacts cleaning, nor bin emptying helps, please contact the official user’s support services.

Melinda D

My Robot RV2500 has developed a rattle after only three weeks since purchase. Any advice to correct this?

Richard Harrison

Hi, Melinda! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question. We’d recommend checking clogs (in bin, suction port, hose system) as well as remove and clean brushes. Please also check whether your brushes are installed correctly and fixed properly. These are the most widspread reasons for noises. Hope you’ll find it useful!

michiganstopsmartmeters com

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Richard Harrison

Thank you very much for your appreciation and kind words) We do our best for you!

Karen Morgado

I have a shark robotic vacuum Model RV1001AE. I keep getting error #2. I replaced all of the filters, the little brushes, and the roller. It ran for a couple of days, and now I am getting error #2 again. We cleaned the wheel housings and blew out any debris that was trapped in the nooks and crannies. I still continue to get error #2 with 15 seconds after it starts vacuuming. The room it starts in is a hardwood floor with no obstructions. I am at wits ends as to what I should try next.

Richard Harrison

Hi, Karen Morgado! Thank you very much for your question! In Shark models error 2 means physical defect or clogging. Many owners face this error, clean the bot but still cannot remove the error indication and make the vacuum work correctly. If you checked everything in filters, brushes, and bin, we could recommend you removing the rollers one more time. Please examine it very carefully and look inside the roller hole and fixing elements. Even a small clog of hair will stop the cleaner. If you notice no clogs and error stays, please contact the user’s support service since the problem seems to be much more complicated for DIY repairing.

Pat C

Hi. My Shark robot, model RV2520AOUS is not completing its cleaning cycle of my house, and the lights on the top of the emptying bin are no longer lit. Any suggestions?

Richard Harrison

Hi, Pat C! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! In your case the problem may lay in blockage in dust bin. Please check the base and dust bin for clogs, clear all debris, put the bin back, reset the robot and try to start cleaning. Perhaps you robot gives you any other light or sound notifications? If so, they may greatly help us and you state the reason. Hope you’ll find it helpful!

Lori Woelk

My Shark IQ Robot has been working fine until recently. When I press clean, it moves out a couple of feet and then starts spinning in circles one way then the other. It acts like it’s confused, not knowing which way to go. I called the hotline and they walked me through what could be wrong, clogs, dirt, etc., but this all checked out. He said he would send me replacement parts. Other than that, any thoughts?

Richard Harrison

Hi, Lori Woelk! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! The official service center is the best (and warranty safe) way to solve the problem. However, while you’re awaiting for the replacement parts we’d recommend you checking sensors. Many robots lose their orientation in space because their cliff sensors are dirty, clogged or underwent the impact of water. If so, their cleaning/replacing may help fix the error. That’s at least one of possible wayouts.

Cheryl C

My Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaner is working fine but while on the charger the lights keep flashing green. It has 3 green lights that used to stay on after fully charged but lately the lights flash while on charger. Is there something wrong?
Thank you,

Richard Harrison

Hi, Cheryl! Thank you very much for your question! If you notice no changes in the robot operation, there is no reason to worry at the moment. The problem may be in the light indicators themselves as they also burn out and get out of order sometimes. But if you find out your cleaner keeps charge worse or need more time to recharge, please contact the Shark user’s support service.


RV2520 self emptying. The unit has retained the house map but lost the individual rooms. I have tried repeatedly to reestablish the rooms but it will not save them. I have rebooted it several times to no avail.

Richard Harrison

Hi, Tommy! Thank you very much for your question! A lot of Shark users complain of such a problem with individual room cleaning. If you’ve set your own names for rooms on the map, there may be a key. Try to change their names back to default/initial room names provided by the app. Sometimes the software just doesn’t identify rooms with your names.

James Blackwell

I have a Shark AI model RV2001drus I can turn it on press clean and it will move about 18″ and it will give error code 14 magnet strip error there is no magnet strip anywhere near clean light white and dock light red what can I do to repair, have went to app on phone and did factory reset still same problem is there a way to do a reset other than on app

Richard Harrison

Hi, James Blackwell! Thank you very much for your question! First of all, please try to check your robot for possible obstructions that can prevent free moving (clogging in wheels and brushes), also wipe the sensors. Apart from the app reset, you can reset your Shark manually. Please, turn off the power button (press and hold for several seconds). Then wait for 10 seconds and turn it on. Hope it will help solve the problem.

Stephanie L

I have the Shark AI Robot Vacmop. I got a new fluid reservoir and now it won’t release the fluid to mop. I’ve reset it, looked for clogged lines but it won’t mop

Richard Harrison

Hi, Stephanie L! Thank you very much for your question! Please check whether the dimensions of your new reservoir is suitable for the mop. Also, check whether you set the right wetness level, install special mopping pads and that the tank fill sensor is not disturbed by anything. Hope you’ll find these tips helpful.

Carolyn Freitas

Hi could you please explain why cordless duoclean is taking so long to charge. How long does it take to charge the battery. The power cut out the yesterday. And for some reason it will not charge fully. The lights on the side flashes up to number two. But the hoover will not come on. regards Carolyn

Richard Harrison

Hi, Carolyn! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! On average, robot vacuum cleaners need 4-6 hours to recharge (including the Duoclean model). If your robot needs much more time and discharges too fast, it’s reason to check the battery. Besides, we’d recommend checking the base installation and the charge sensors/connections on possible debris that may prevent normal charging.

Adrian Flintoft

My Shark duo work in upright mode but as soon as I unclip the wand or hand piece it stops. The light still shines but the motor stops. When I clip it back it & push it into upright mode the motor switches in again.

Richard Harrison

Hi, Adrian Flintoft! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! If you faced this problem for the first time, please check the bin and filters as well as the temperature of your vacuum during the mode switching. If the problem appears every time you try to switch to the handheld mode, you’d better contact the user’s support service since the problem may lay in motor operation and incorrect mode switching (demaged connections/brains).

Paul Manis

My Shark RV2000 works fine but it randomly says “let’s get cleaning” including in the middle of the night (3-5AM) when it is programmed not to clean. How can I turn this very annoying announcement off? I already set the volume to 0 but that had no effect.

Richard Harrison

Hi, Paul Manis! Thank you very much for your question! Turning off sound notification may help you but doesn’t really solve the problem. That’s why we’d like to recommend you checking all your cleaning schedule, app-robot connection and surely reboot the vacuum and app.


I have a Shark Rv2000 series. I have had it 6 months. All of sudden it wouldn’t connect to Wi-Fi.
Finally got that going and when I got in my app it said it need to re-explore so I did that. After it explored it would not create a map so let it re- explore again. Said it didn’t create a map. So I will do it again. Why has it done this.


I completed a thorough cleaning today on both my shark vacuum and the self emptying base. After allowing time for filters to dry, I reassembled everything and plugged the self emptying base in. The motor of the base immediately turned on, and will not turn off. I can’t even charge the vacuum now because the self emptying base motor will not shut itself off.


My shark is picking up hair but, not going into the canister. I have cleaned the filters and the hoses. Help!

Richard Harrison

Hi, Kelly! Thank you very much for your question! If you have a cleaner with a dirt disposal base, please try to reset the connection between your robot and the base. If you mean that your robot collects hair but it does not come into the bin, there is definitely either the clog (maybe inside the body) or a problem with suction power.


Hi all, I have a Shark model RV761R…. that starts on it own at 1AM. The schedule for it to start at 8AM and I do have quiet time on (10PM to 6AM). I also have to log in every time with selection of countries and all. The log in issue started since the app was updated few month back but the start on its own started a week ago.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

Swartzcop Kennedy

The first thing is to reset all settings on the robot. You need to delete all existing schedules, reinstall the time on the cleaner, and install all schedules again. Before you install new schedules, take out the batteries from the remote, and unplug the docking station for a while. Then install fresh batteries and plug in the base. If this reboot process does not help, please get in touch with the Shark Support Center.


When trying to start my robo vac, it says “clean”. I cleaned everything that I could, still says clean. What can I try next?
Thanks in advance.

Swartzcop Kennedy

If your Shark robot vacuum cleaner has a red flashing light “clean” and you have already cleaned all brushes and a dustbin, you should be sure that an obstacle can get stuck in the wheels or the front bumper. So put the robot in a different location and inspect it closely.


I have a Shark upright Navigator. All my dirt and let hair collects up by the round filter, and not I. The dust bin. Everything has been cleaned, filters changed etc. works great except dirt not going to the right place!

Richard Harrison

Please check if the dustbin is installed correctly; take it out and put it back (you need to hear the audible click). Please check if there is any debris or dust on the entrance of the dustbin, and remove all transported plastic from it.


The “flap” on my Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot is stuck open sometimes – I’ve added WD-40 to the hinge points and that helps for a while, but it seems to be happening more often, even with oiling the hinge points. Any suggestions on how to remedy this issue?

Richard Harrison

It seems like the incorrect positioning of the flap on your robot. Please get in touch with Shark Customer support for the replacement on the official website.

Carolyn Clark

my shark robot goes to the docking station, turns to dock but will not back up two inches to complete the dock

Richard Harrison

There are three reasons for that. First, an obstacle near the docking station could prevent the robot from the dock. So please remove all obstacles around the docking station. The second reason is dust on the dock’s charging contacts. Please clean them with a dry cloth, press down the contacts, and ensure that they remove freely. And the final reason is dust on the robot’s charging contacts; turn the robot, remove all debris from the robot’s bumper and clean the contacts and sensors with a dry cloth. Also, please check the part “Shark Vacuum not charging”.


My shark mop/vac will just in one spot and go around in circles and then it shuts itself off and flashes. it says somthing but cant understand what it is saying. You can push clean and it starts again, runs a little while and repeats the above.

Richard Harrison

If previously your robot worked normally, please check the section “Sporadic and Abnormal movement, or No Movement” from this article. As you can see, there can be several reasons for this problem: dirty sensors – they should be cleaned; obstructions in wheels – they should be inspected and cleaned; wheels or drive motors are broken – they should be replaced. Please try all these three actions to resolve the issue. If you use the robot for the first time, that means it can’t explore the room as an obstacle is located nearby. The robot explores the room for the first time, needing a minimum path of 20 inches to navigate through an area. Also, do not forget to remove all protective films from the bumper and top of the robot and dock.


My Shark RV1000 comes off the dock moves about 6 “ then stops. Both green lights flash and the red exclamation is flashing.
Nothing in the manual addresses this specific issue. Can you tell what maybe wrong and how to fix it?

Richard Harrison

When these lights are flashing that means your brush roll is not spinning. You need to turn the robot, remove a plastic brushroll cover, and take the brush roll out. Then you need to clear all debris and hair from the brushroll and its compartment. When everything is clean, you can put everything back into the robot.

Mary Beth Caggiano

Hello,I bought a shark duo clean upright last year .Today i went to use it and the suction is poor and it is making a whining noise when i turn it off. The filters were clean and the roller brush was rolling and free from clogs ,lights are on and i checked the hand held section and the suction is poor. I took it a part and saw no clogs any where ,Can you help.

Richard Harrison

Your actions were correct. You should also check that there is no dust or debris between the metal debris screen and the center of the dust cup. For that, you need to open the top lid of the dust cup. If it is still there, you need to check the hose for blockage and clean it in case of any.

Richard Wetzel

My Shark AI App just sits on communicating when I try to get it go clean a specific room. Its like the robot is never getting the message. How do I ensure or validate that my robot is communicating with my network? The wireless router in in the same room as the Shark and about 5 feet away. I can turn on the vacuum with the button on top, but it just starts cleaning in this room and doesnt go to the room I requested.

Andry Sullivan

There are a few steps you can try to ensure that your Shark AI robot is communicating with your network:

1) Check the network connection: Make sure that your wireless network is working properly and that your router is connected to the internet.

2) Check the Shark AI App: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Shark AI App installed on your device, and that you are logged in to the app using the correct account information.

3) Restart the robot and the app: Try restarting the robot and the app, and see if this resolves the communication issue.

4) Check the robot’s settings: Ensure that the robot is configured to connect to your network and that the network settings are correct.

5) Move the robot closer to the router: If your robot is too far away from the router, it may not be able to connect. Try moving the robot closer to the router to see if this resolves the issue.

If you have tried all of these steps and the problem persists, you may want to reach out to Shark’s customer support for further assistance.


Hello, I just got the shark robot vacmop for Christmas. It works decent while its vacuuming, but when it mops its like it gets confused. Spins in circles and claims its stuck multiple times. This only seems to happen after its half done mopping the house. Any suggestions? I will try cleaning the scensors but wondering if its a different issue where it vacuums fine.

Swartzcop Kennedy

Hi! Here are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:

Check the mopping pads: Make sure the mopping pads are clean and not clogged with dirt or debris. If they are dirty, clean them and replace them.

Clean the sensors: As you mentioned, try cleaning the sensors, including the cliff sensors, with a soft, dry cloth. This could be the cause of the confusion you are experiencing.

Reset the robot: Try resetting the robot by turning it off and then back on again. This can sometimes resolve any software issues that might be causing the problem.

Contact customer support: If the issue persists after trying these steps, contact the manufacturer’s customer support for further assistance. They may be able to diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

Richard Schultz

I have a Shark robot vacuum and I have it set to send notifications to my Iphone, All the settings on the phone are correct but I haven’t received a single notification. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance

Richard Harrison

There are several things you can check if you are not receiving notifications on your iPhone from your Shark robot vacuum:

  • Check the app’s notification settings.
  • Check the robot vacuum’s settings.
  • Check the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Check if the notifications are turned on within the robot vacuum app.
  • Check if the notifications are enabled for the specific events you want to receive notifications for.

M M Earley

My Self emptying AIRobotSE has a red light blinking – what does this mean

Richard Harrison

A blinking red light on your self-emptying AI robot could indicate a few things depending on the specific model you have. However, in general, a blinking red light could be an indication that something is wrong or needs attention.

Here are some possible reasons for a blinking red light on your AI robot:

Low battery: If your AI robot’s battery is running low, it may emit a blinking red light to signal that it needs to be charged.

Obstacle: Your robot may have encountered an obstacle or is stuck somewhere, and the red light is an indication that it requires assistance to continue its operation.

Error: A blinking red light on your robot could indicate an error or malfunction that requires attention. Check the user manual for instructions on how to troubleshoot the issue.

Maintenance: If your robot needs maintenance or cleaning, the blinking red light may signal that it requires attention.

It’s best to refer to your robot’s user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support to determine the specific reason for the blinking red light and how to address it.


Hi. I have had my Shark robot vacuum for 1 and a half years. I really love it. It’s very simple. Just set it to go off 2 times a week and forget it. Lately it has been going off on its own. Two sometimes three times a day. I have to keep docking it. What can I do to make it stop its continuous roming? My daughter called the 800 number but they were no help.

Richard Harrison

Try resetting the scheduling, check the battery, and look for obstructions in the vacuum’s path. If the issue persists, contact Shark customer support for further assistance.

Walt Bobrowski

We’ve just purchased the Shark RV2502AE AI Ultra Robot Vacuum. I highly recommend this model with the CleanEdge Technology blower unit for improved corner cleaning. However, we literally spent ALL DAY on SUNDAY attempting to connect the unit to WIFI. Connecting to the phone was no issue, but the unit simply refused to connect to WIFI. A frustrating ALL DAY reboots of everything (phone, router (I am the home network admin and ensured 5GHz signals were disengaged and also monitored the server logs in real-time), robot) as Troubleshooting suggested, and Shark Customer Support is only available Monday – Friday. I then suspected the Shark Server was down for “Sunday Maintenance” and we planned on calling Shark Customer Service on Monday. And wouldn’t you know it, early Monday morning (today), it connected via WIFI with NO ISSUES! BINGO! The app failed to inform us that the Shark Server was down and to try later.
There, you need to update your post and add a fourth reason for lack of connectivity: Shark Server may be down for weekend maintenance.

Swartzcop Kennedy

Thanks for the info! I added this to my article.

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