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ECOVACS Deebot 600 Review

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ECOVACS is a popular robot vacuum brand. The Chinese manufacturer has impressed with its range of affordable and versatile robot vacuums. Among them is the Deebot 600 series, which can be summarized as the perfect blend of features and affordability. The series has both dedicated vacuums and robot vacuums with mop function.

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In this ECOVACS Deebot 600 review, we want to find out whether it is the best bang for the buck. But first, let’s shed some light on the confusion about the various models in this series.

Deebot 600 Series

Formerly known as TEK Electrical Company, ECOVACS Robotics is a top Chinese company that manufactures in-home robotic appliances, including ATMOBOT, WINBOT, BENEBOT, and UNIBOT. But it’s best known for their Deebot series of robot vacuums.

Deebot 600 series is the upgrade of the previous Deebot 500, which we have reviewed here on Robotbox. It improves on a few aspects, as we will see in this review.

But then, choosing a Deebot 600 vacuum is quite a challenge because there are several models on the market, and the difference between them isn’t so clear.

We have the Deebot 600, 601, 605, 661, and 610 – so what’s the difference?

The Deebot 600 and 601 are two similar models except that the 600 is white while the 601 is black. On the other hand, the Deebot 605 and 661 are also white and identical to the 600 and 601, but they come with a water tank fitted with mopping pads. As for the Deebot 610, it is a vacuum in the OZMO series of robot vacuums with simultaneous mopping function.

Design and Dimensions

The Deebot 600 vacuums are almost similar when it comes to design and dimensions.

As mentioned earlier, the Deebot 600/601/605/661 are all the same. Besides the round shape design, they measure 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.3 inches. Regarding the weight, they are 7.5lbs when the dust bin tank is attached. However, when the mopping tank is attached, the weight increases, but negligibly.

On the sides, the vacuums have soft retractable bumpers that absorb impact when they hit obstacles. They prevent damage to your households, as well as the vacuum. When it comes to maneuverability, we are glad the ECOVACS included large offroad wheels that can transition between floors and high pile carpets effortlessly. They have a 0.55-inches climbing threshold.

Cleaning Performance

Next up is cleaning performance, and this is where there is a lot of variation. As mentioned earlier, the Deebot 600 series has the regular robot vacuums and 2-in-1 cleaners as well. Under cleaning, there are several aspects we will be discussing, including the cleaning orientation, suction power, brushing system, filtration, and, most importantly, the cleaning test results.

  • (a) Orientation
    The Deebot 600/601 are primarily robot vacuums that sweep and vacuum only. They come with the dust bin only, but if you buy the water tank with microfiber cloth separately, they will also mop the floors but not simultaneously. Purchasing the water tank doesn’t seem a good idea, so you’d rather go for the Deebot 605 or 661, whichever is readily available, as they come with the dust bin, and water tank. Here again, the 2-in-1 cleaning is not simultaneous.

    As for the Deebot OZMO 610, this is a dedicated robot mop with a mopping function. It features both a dust bin and a 0.3L water tank for simultaneous vacuuming and wet mopping. If you want the best mopping performance, this is the best choice as water management is electronically controlled courtesy of OZMO™ Mopping Technology. This is unlike the 605 and 661, which are not efficient as water management is manual. Some sensors detect carpets and stop water flow, but the system is not 100% accurate.

  • (b) Suction
    Here, there seems to be no much difference as all the 600 series robot vacuums use the same two-speed motor that delivers 800 – 1000Pa depending on the power mode. In standard mode, which is designed for bare floors, the ECOVACS 600 delivers 800Pa, and the suction is stepped up to 10000Pa in Max mode. As for the operation noise, Deebot 600 is quite loud, averaging 62db in normal mode and 65db in Max mode.
  • (c) Brushing system
    When it comes to the brush, there is also no difference as ECOVACS brought on board their revolutionary V-shaped bristle primary brushroll. As expected, it is motorized and has been designed to agitate and pick up dirt effortlessly. Well, this brush is great for vacuuming the stubborn dirt but can get clogged when picking up the long dog hair. The good thing is that you can detach it and opt for direct suction if you are dealing with pet hair. The 600 series vacuums also have side sweeping brushes that sweep the wall edges and direct the dirt onto the path of the primary brushroll.
  • (d) Filtration
    Regarding filtration, it’s unfortunate that none of these robot vacuums use true-HEPA filters, which are 99% efficient and can filter down to 0.3 microns. Instead, ECOVACS used HEPA-style High-Efficiency filters, and even though they are 99% efficient, they filter down to 10 microns only. That means the tiniest allergens like pollen and dust mites will not be captured. If you have allergies, we suggest you go for a robot vacuum line Neato D7 Connected, which uses true-HEPA filters.

    As for the dust bin, the 600/601 comes with a large 0.52L bin, and so does the 605 and 661. But then, the Deebot OZMO 610 comes with a 0.45L bin.

  • (e) Cleaning tests
    Now, ECOVACS recommends its vacuums for specific cleaning needs. But as usual, we try to give our readers a glimpse of the performance in a real household. We did thorough tests on the Deebot 600 vacuums using the common household dirt; Cheerios, kitty litter, pet hair, rice, flour, sugar, and sand pebbles. Below are the cleaning test results on different surfaces.

Battery Performance and Power Management

ECOVACS has maintained the same battery for almost all their robot vacuums. This is a rechargeable NiMH 3000mAh battery to be precise. All the 600 vacuums with this battery do an average of 110 minutes when on bare floors (normal mode) while on carpets (Max Mode), the vacuum runs for around 92 minutes. The runtime starts dipping after the first two months and will need a replacement after 12 to 18 months, depending on the frequency of use.


Regarding power management, all the Deebot vacuums will go back to the charging dock automatically. The recharge time is 2 – 3 hours, but unfortunately, there is no auto-resume function. That means you will have to prompt it again to complete the task at hand.

Navigation and Mapping

When it comes to navigation, Deebot 600/601/661/605 all use the same system that is equipped with obstacle detection sensors (Obstacle Detection Technology) and drop detection sensors (Stair Safety Technology) as well. As for floor mapping, the robot uses Smart Motion, a SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm to plan efficient cleaning paths. While the Chinese company promises a systematic cleaning pattern, it isn’t the case in real life. The robot wandered around in semi-random patterns, but at the end of the day, the job was done. This, however, won’t be the case in large apartments, with high-traffic rooms. We are glad ECOVACS included Find Me, a feature that helps you locate the robot when it is stuck.

As for the Deebot 610, we noticed a lot of improvement as the robot uses a more advanced navigation system. This vacuum got stuck rarely, even in high-traffic rooms. It has anti-collision and anti-stairs sensors, just like Deebot 601/600, but the software is more advanced. When it comes to floor mapping and intelligent scanning, the 610 still relies on a SLAM algorithm and uses a Smart Cleaning Path. Though it isn’t as smart as promised, it is a step ahead of the 600/601 models.

Smart Features

One thing we appreciate about ECOVACS is the mix of features. While the 600 Series may not match the likes of Roomba S9 and Shark ION R101AE, there are a host of convenience features you will like.

First, all these vacuums come with 2.4GHz for Smartphone operation via the ECOVACS Home App available on PlayStore and AppleStore. The app gives you total control over the robot. You can run most of the operations remotely as long as the Deebot is connected to your home internet. We recommend a Wi-Fi mesh system for reliability, especially if you are running other smart home devices. These vacuums also work with voice assistants, so if you are a fan of Alexa, ECOVACS has got you covered.

But then, the OZMO 610 is the best choice as it has additional features. To start, this robot vacuum has a physical remote, and even though it offers just the basic functions, it comes in handy when you don’t have Wi-Fi. Another thing, you can easily control the water flow from the app.

Deebot 600 vs 601 vs 605 vs 661 vs 610

Now, we are almost coming to the end of this Deebot 600 review. It’s time to have a final verdict on which is the best Deebot 600 vacuum to buy. But just before that, here is a recap of the models.

The Deebot 600 and 601 are the same in terms of features and performance. Please note, these are dedicated robot mops without the mopping function. But you can buy the water tank separately and use the unit interchangeably.

On the other hand, the Deebot 605 and 661 are the same as the 600/661 only that they offer optional mop. The two come with a dustbin, and a water tank, equipped with microfiber mopping pads. But the problem is that the two functions don’t come simultaneously. Insert the dustbin tank for vacuuming and, after that, insert the water tank to mop. Quite tedious, isn’t it?

Lastly, the Deebot OZMO 610 is a high-end model that features 2-in-1 simultaneous cleaning. This vacuum comes with a dustbin and water tank integrated into the unit. Engineered with OZMO Mopping Technology, it is the best Deebot for apartments with bare floors, and carpets. The OZMO 610 vacuums and mops at the same time making house cleaning a buzz. Also, water management is more efficient, and now you have a Deebot 600 that won’t mop your carpets!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Deebot robot vacuums of the 600 series know where to go?

Deebot robots of the 600 series navigate with the help of numerous sensors. They detect obstacles and drops. When sensors find some danger, they make the vac change cleaning direction. Also, Deebots use SLAM algorithms to plan their cleaning paths.


Can I wash mopping pads of my Deebot vacuums in the washing machine?

After each use, mopping pads should be washed. Deebot brand recommends manual washing and washing in the washing machine.

Are Deebot robot vacuum cleaners expensive?

Ecovacs produces a lot of models, but the majority of them are quite affordable. It`s clearly seen if compared with other brands models with the same technical level.

Can I schedule my Deebot 661?

Deebot 661 supports app control. It means that you can run the cleaner remotely, change the settings, and schedule cleaning sessions. Just choose the days and hours of cleaning.


From the above analogy, it’s clear that Deebot 610 should top your wish list. While it may cost you more than the 600/601 and 661/605, it is more convenient. Besides the simultaneous 2-1in-1 cleaning, the app has several extras, and the navigation and mapping system is more enhanced.
That’s all we had for you in this ECOVACS Deebot 600 review; we hope you are now informed.

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