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Best EUFY RoboVac Black Friday 2021 Deals and Discounts

EUFY Black Friday

Black Friday 2021 is here, and that means time to shop and drop.

If you are looking for a cheap robot vacuum, we have lined up all the best EUFY RoboVac Black Friday 2021 deals.

Whether looking for a cheap model or one of the high-end RoboVacs, you came to the right place. But just before we list down the best EUFY RoboVac Black Friday 2021 deals, here is a short overview of the event.

Black Friday 2021

Most people have been asking our editors whether Black Friday 2021 is still on. This is in light of the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in lockdowns and containment measures. While most local stores will remain closed or restrict the number of customers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still on.

Black Friday 2021 is scheduled for Friday, the 26th of November, the day after Thanksgiving, as it has always been. On the other hand, Cyber Monday will be held on Monday, the 29th of November, the first Monday after Black Friday, as is the norm. But then, this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be extraordinary. There will be more customers shopping online because of the lockdown measures.

In recent months, we have seen more and more people embracing online shopping. So, the human traffic that was in the past witnessed at the local stores will shift online. But the good thing is that the robot vacuum brands have not been affected by lockdown, so we still expect to have crazy deals and discounts as usual.

But the big question is, why Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Well, you might have saved enough to get yourself a EUFY RoboVac robot vacuum, but still, we advise that you wait for the upcoming sale. The advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the crazy deals and discounts. For example, last year, there were discounts of up to 60% on the market’s best robot vacuums.


So, if you want to get the best value for money, wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But then, you don’t have to wait for the actual sale date as most stores, including Amazon, have early deals from mid-November.

Best EUFY RoboVac Black Friday Deals 2021

EUFY RoboVac is no longer the only cheap robot vacuum brand. Now that the likes of Roborock and Deebot also have affordable robot vacuums, we expect the Chinese brand to have some fantastic deals. Below, find out which will be the best EUFY Black Friday 2021 deals and discounts.

Robovac 11s Slim

Eufy RoboVac 11S (BoostIQ)
View on Amazon

The EUFY Robovac 11s Slim was among the best EUFY Black Friday deals last year.

It is the cheapest EUFY vacuum at the moment, and just like last year, expect up to 40% off on this vacuum.

But is it a worthy purchase?

Well, you get what you pay for. Robovac 11s is not the best in terms of performance and convenience.

  • It does a great job on small to medium-sized apartments, but on carpets and high traffic rooms, there’s still a lot to be desired.
  • The 11s Slim also lacks WiFi, so there’s no app operation or Alexa.
  • After all, it’s an entry-level robot vacuum.

Robovac 11s Max

Robovac 11s Max
View on Amazon

The Max model is part of a campaign by EUFY to reach out to the carpet owners segment. It is a new model that will be making its third entry into Black Friday.

It should have quite a huge discount bearing in mind that a few people would opt for a robot vacuum that lacks smart connectivity in 2021.

  • In terms of performance, the new Max features an upgraded motor that takes suction power to 2000Pa. This is enough to handle the low pile and high pile carpets as well.
  • But it still lacks WiFi, just like the EUFY 11s.

Robovac 15c

Robovac 15c
View on Amazon

This is among the most popular EUFY robot vacuums in the market.

If you are looking for a connected model, the EUFY 15c will be a great choice.

  • It comes with 2.4GHz for app and Alexa operation.
  • Regarding cleaning performance, it is ideal for bare floors, pets, and maybe low pile carpets. On high pile carpets, it will struggle.

Robovac 15c Max

Robovac 15c Max
View on Amazon

The EUFY 15c Max is a model released in 2019, and just like the 11 Max, it will be making its third entry into Black Friday.

With the predecessor having huge discounts, there won’t be similar discounts for the Robovac 15c Max.

  • The biggest addition to this model is the new motor that delivers a maximum of 2000Pa. This makes the EUFY 15 Max an ideal model for low pile carpets, bare floors, and pet hair.
  • This is also a connected model and boasts 100 minutes runtime.

Robovac 15T

RoboVac 15T
View on Amazon

The EUFY 15T is a pretty new model and will also be making its third entry into Black Friday.

It is also among the cheapest models featured in the recent 2021 Amazon Prime Day sale.

During Black Friday 2021, it will also be among the best EUFY deals attracting up to a 40% discount.

  • The EUFY Robovac 15T is quite similar to the rest of the RoboVac entry-level vacuums, only that this time, it has a touch panel, hence the T at the end of the model number.
  • The RoboVac 15T has a 1500Pa max suction power and maintains a three-stage cleaning system.

Have it on your wish list if you have bare floors and low to medium pile carpets, as well as pets. Note, it sacrifices WiFi and instead comes with an IR remote.

Robovac 30/30c

RoboVac 30C
View on Amazon

These two EUFY vacuums were among the trending products during last year’s sale events, attracting up to a 35% discount and will still feature in the 2021 Black Friday.

Expect a huge discount, especially for Robovac 30 now that no one is buying a vacuum without WiFi.

So, which of the two models should you buy?

The Robovac 30 and 30c have no significant difference, only that the 30c features WiFi for app operation and Alexa compatibility.

  • Otherwise, they both have a three-point cleaning system with a maximum suction of 1500Pa.
  • The runtime is 100 minutes, and both can cover 1292sq ft.

Robovac 35c

Robovac 35c
View on Amazon

Robovac 35c was introduced early last year and has been quite a success.

It featured in the recent 2021 Amazon Prime Day sale, and it will also be among the hot deals during Black Friday 2021.

Now, what does this model add?

Well, nothing much, and in fact, it comes with a shorter boundary marking strip than the earlier Robovac 30c.

Check out our Robovac 30c vs. 35c comparison review for more.

RoboVac G30

RoboVac G30
View on Amazon

The RoboVac G30 is one of the latest robot vacuums from the Chinese brand. It will be making its second entry into Black Friday, and now that it’s no longer a new model, expect huge discounts.

A 10-15% discount will be awesome, and more so, it’s an affordable model.

The RoboVac G30 has several new additions.

  • First, it’s a model you can rely on to deep clean carpets.
  • The 2nd Gen motor puts up a whopping 2000Pa and adjusts suction automatically, courtesy of BoostIQ Technology.
  • The G30 is also ideal for high-traffic rooms and large apartments as it comes with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0.

RoboVac G30 Edge

RoboVac G30 Edge
View on Amazon

The RoboVac G30 Edge is an upgrade of the G30 and boasts one extra feature: support for boundary strip detection.

If you are looking for a powerful RoboVac model for carpets that comes with containment, get the G30 Edge, as it comes with a 13.2 ft boundary strip.

Otherwise, all the rest of the features are intact.


The G30 Edge will also be making its second entry into Black Friday, and even though it costs more than the RoboVac G30, it will attract at least a 10% discount.

RoboVac G30 Hybrid

Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid
View on Amazon

The G30 Hybrid is another great EUFY robot vacuum that should be on your wishlist. As the name suggests, this is a 2-in-1 cleaner that vacuums and mops simultaneously. It’s ideal for bare floors, carpets, and pet messes.

Under the hood, the G30 Hybrid packs a powerful motor that puts up 2000pa suction power. It also has BoostIQ Technology that adjusts suction power automatically depending on the surface.

The G30 Hybrid is an intelligent robot vacuum that uses Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 for navigation and mapping. It is also a connected model, so you can operate it using the mobile app or your voice assistant.

RoboVac X8 Series

RoboVac X8 Series
View on Amazon

Recently, EUFY unveiled the RoboVac X8 Series, a high-tech robot vacuum designed to tackle pet hair effectively. According to the Chinese company, it can pick up 57.6% more pet hair, and that’s why it has been dubbed the pet magnet.

The X8 has 2000pa suction courtesy of the Twin Turbine Technology and is a 2-in-1 cleaner that vacuums and mops simultaneously.

Other features include iPath Laser Navigation and an AI-based floor mapping system.


At the moment, we don’t know much about the X8 availability. But the company is taking preorders.

There you have it, folks, all the EUFY Black Friday 2021 deals. But then it’s not guaranteed that you will snap any of them whenever you like.

Black Friday is for savvy shoppers. Below are some of the tips that will help you shop during Black Friday 2021.

First, know which robot vacuum you want. If you have decided to buy a EUFY robot vacuum, know the models available, make a wish list depending on your budget, and most importantly, your needs.

  • There are cheap EUFY vacuums as well as the expensive models.
  • In the same token, we have EUFY robot vacuums for carpets, bare floors, pet hair, and so on.

Many shoppers are dragged to the best deals only and end up buying a vacuum that doesn’t suit their cleaning needs.

Anticipate the deals as well. Know when the deal will be dropping, and be prepared to shop and checkout fast as the stocks are limited.


Before the deals go live, make sure to have your account logged on and all the information updated. Also, remember to check out the terms and conditions of the deals.


That all we had for you in this review of the best EUFY Black Friday 2021 deals and discounts. Besides EUFY, there are several other robot vacuum deals and discounts. Make sure to read our review of the best Roomba, Neato, Dyson, Deebot, and Roborock deals for Black Friday 2021.

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