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Do you like to write?

Why Write for us at RobotBox?

  • Help others with related informational content
  • Be an Expert
  • Gain exposure – your guest post will be shared on our social media channels
  • Promote and drive referrals to your website/Blog
  • Potential for a regular contributor account

What Should I write about?

We are offering guest posting opportunities for writers who are familiar with a variety of different topics such as

Common topics we write about:

  • Cleaning Tips/Hacks
  • Home Appliances
  • A/C and Heating Information
  • Robot vacuum cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaning / Stain removal

Should I pitch you my topic/ideas before submitting the original article?

Yes, please!. Send us an email at info@robotbox.net to Pitch Your Article

Any tips to make my article a good fit for Robotbox.net?

  • Write in blog post style with 20-50 word paragraphs
  • The article must be grammatically correct, written in plain simple English, should be easy to read and to engage.
  • Include citations, hyperlinks, wherever appropriate & natural
  • Keep it simple, fun and Informative.

What is the minimum length of the article?

Minimum of 1500 words, maximum……(within reason of course)

Will I get paid for my article?

In short……No!

Should I include links in the article (contextual links)?

Yes, please include links which will be helpful for readers and support your stats, claims etc. in the article. No blatant “anchor text” and shoehorned keywords, just natural relevant links your reader would be interested in clicking on.

Will you edit my article content?

Yes, we reserve the rights to edit the articles where we feel to be in keeping with our website needs.

Please submit manually written, high quality, original articles only.
We do not accept Plagiarized or Spun Content.

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