Review Neato Robotics Botvac Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2018)

The Neato Botvac is a conventional vacuum cleaner that has been built to offer unrivaled top class performance. With Wi-Fi connectivity and App compatibility, it remains among the few vacuum cleaners that give home owners the convenience they deserve. Besides connectivity, it is a beast when it comes to performance. The SpinFlow Power Clean and Eco & Turbo Cleaning Modes take vacuum cleaning to a whole new another level. Here is the Neato Botvac comparison review.

D-Shape with ConnerClever

If you look at the design of the Neato Botvac, you might think aesthetics was the only thing in the designer’s mind. The truth of the matter is that the shape of this cleaner helps it in its core function, cleaning. The D-Shape and sharp edges give the cleaner access to those tight corners and along walls where dirt mostly hides.

Advanced SpinFlow™Power Clean

The Advanced SpinFlow™Power Clean system is among the best and unique features of the Botvac Connected. This cleaning system comprises a versatile brush system, a large dirt bin, and high-performance filters.

First, the brush is 50% larger than ordinary vacuum cleaners in this range. The large size ensures precise edge cleaning by ensuring that not even a speck of dust escapes the path. This cleaner comes with a combo brush which is ideal for all-around cleaning, and especially picking hair on carpeted floors. There’s also the spiral blade brush for optimized deep cleaning.

Second, the large dirt bin collects more dirt and is easy to clean. It also reduces the average cleaning time by reducing the number of times you will have to empty the bin.

Lastly, it has ultra-performance filters that have been optimized to filter dirt and debris as small as 0.3 microns.

Eco & Turbo Cleaning Modes

Neato understands that different days call for different cleaning needs. There are days when you have to do some easy cleaning while there are situations that call for intensive cleaning. For this reason, the Botvac has two cleaning modes for extreme cleaning needs.

The Eco-Mode is ideal for those normal cleanings that you have to just for the sake of it. When on this mode, the robot cleans for a longer time and operation noise is minimal. On the other hand, Turbo Mode is for a dirty house. This is the super-charged cleaning mode where the has 2 times the average airflow. In this mode, all dirt including dust and pet hair is picked up.

Schedule Cleaning

The Botvac is a robot and requires no supervision at all thanks to the Schedule Cleaning feature. With this feature, you can schedule cleaning sessions and the Botvac will automatically embark on cleaning even when you are not around. You can program it for 7 days and choose between multi-room cleaning and spot cleaning.

Auto-Charge & Resume

The Botvac uses its navigation to locate its docking station whenever it drains its battery to very low levels. After the charge is over, it then leaves the charging base and resumes cleaning automatically. You don’t have to start it again.

Patented Neato Technology

Navigation is an important aspect in robotics, leave alone robotic pool cleaners. The Neato Botvac has been engineered with Neato’s patented Laser-Guide Technology. This technology helps the vacuum cleaner scan and map out your house for methodological cleaning instead of random cleaning. This technology guarantees detailed cleaning in every room and area in your house.

Boundary Marking

For those who have specific areas where they don’t want their cleaner to reach, this cleaner is the best. It has Boundary Marking, a feature that allows homeowners mark areas where they deem as boundaries. This keeps the cleaner away from these zones.

Wi-Fi & App Compatibility

Like earlier said, this cleaner has both Wi-Fi and App compatibility. You can connect to the Neato App easily via Wi-Fi. On the App, you have access to functions like Start, Stop, Pause, Resume and Schedule. You can also receive notifications while on the go.

Long Lasting Li-Ion Battery

Battery life is equally important when shopping for a robotic vacuum cleaner. Even though capacity is paramount here, efficiency is also imperative. The Botvac’s battery blends high capacity and efficiency. Efficiency is further backed up by the Eco Mode.


The Botvac comes with a 6 Months warranty for the battery. The rest of the other components are under a 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty.


  • D-Shape with ConnerClever
  • Eco & Turbo Cleaning Modes
  • Laser-Guide Technology with Boundary Marking
  • Advanced SpinFlow™Power Clean
  • Scheduled Cleaning
  • Multi-room and spot cleaning
  • Auto-Charge & Resume
  • Wi-Fi & App Compatibility
  • Long lasting Li-Ion battery
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What’s in the box

  • Main component
  • Charge Base
  • Power cord
  • Two ultra performance filters
  • Combo brush
  • Spiral blade brush
  • Side brush
  • Boundary markers
  • Brush & filter Cleaning tool
  • Unrivaled Cleaning – The Botvac Connected has been built and designed for optimum cleaning. First, the D-Shape with ConnerClever design allows it to access the unreachable corners and walls. The Advanced SpinFlow™Power Clean, on the other hand, ensures even the smallest debris are picked up.
  • Wi-Fi and App Compatibility – This is the best feature of the Botvac Connected. It allows users give the cleaner instructions via Wi-Fi on the Neato App.
  • Large Dirt Bin – The large 0.7L dirt bin reduces the frequency of emptying thus reducing the average cleaning time especially during intensive cleaning sessions that take longer.
  • Auto-Charge & Resume – This feature gives users the freedom they require. This is because they don’t have to be around to charge the cleaner when it runs out of battery. The cleaner goes to the charging base by itself and resumes cleaning thereafter.
  • Night Operation – Most people prefer night cleaning when there is no much activity in the house. This cleaner is ideal for this as it uses laser navigation as opposed to camera vision which requires light.
  • Not ‘Smart Home’ Integrated – Most people want a home robot that is compatible with the major Smart Hubs like Google Nest and Smart Things. The Botvac only works with the Neato App. If it would be compatible with Google Nest or another popular Smart Hub, it would be great.

The Neato Botvac’s Competition

The Botvac Connected competes quite favorably with other similar cleaners from Neato as well as other manufacturers. One of the major competitors of the Botvac Connected is the Roomba 650 +. One advantage of the Roomba 650+ is that is relatively cheap compared to the Botvac by around $200. However, the Botvac beats it in terms of features. For example, the Botvac has an elaborate navigation technology while the 650+ relies on Thinking Cleaner which is a third party product.

In a discussion of the Neato Robotics Botvac Connected vs Roomba 980, they seem to be powering each other down with no clear winner. The Roomba 980 beats the Botvac Connected when it comes to navigation as it has the state of the art “VSLAM” navigation system while the Botvac uses Laser navigation. You can also argue that the 980 has ‘Carpet Boost’ Mode even though the Botvac covers this with their Turbo Mode. The only problem that I have with the 980 is the price. If I were on a budget, I’d go for the Botvac as the Roomba 980 price is higher by more than $200.

Another competitor of the Botvac Connected is the Neato D80. It boasts of most of the features in the Botvac and the price is way much lower. The only shortcoming of the D80 is that it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity.

Is the Botvac Worth the Money?

Absolutely. With the Botvac Connected, you get real value for your money. The Botvac Connected is a great deal for anyone who wants to make their cleaning easier. This robotic vacuum cleaner does all the work by itself. It has a powerful cleaning system that guarantees detailed cleaning even in tight corners and along walls. For user convenience, it is Wi-Fi and App compatible meaning you can operate the cleaner remotely. In fact, this is the best feature of the Neato Robotics Botvac Connected.

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Review Neato Robotics Botvac Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi
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