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How to Clean a Mattress: 5 Simple Steps

Any sleeping place needs regular cleaning at least once every three months. Even if you are careful and do not allow yourself to eat in bed.

Often, stains are not washed off immediately after they appear. Either from the lack of time or from the fact that you did not pay attention to them in time.

The fact remains the older the stain, the more difficult it is to remove. You can call the cleaning service and let them do their job, but it can be expensive.

In this article, we will consider in detail how to remove stains from the mattress at home so that it becomes clean and fresh.

How to clean a mattress using baking soda?

You will need a clean sponge or brush with short bristles, soda, clean water, and a vacuum cleaner.

Moisten the surface of the mattress with a sponge or a brush.

Apply a small amount of soda to the place of contamination.

Leave the mattress like this until completely dry. Soda absorbs unpleasant odors and removes the cause of contamination.
Vacuum the place of contamination. Use a damp sponge or brush to remove dried soda.


Such cleaning removes stains from sweat, tea, juice, alcohol, food, or the ones that children or pets could have left. Such cleaning just refreshes the appearance of the bed.

How to clean the mattress from bloodstains?

An ordinary 3% hydrogen peroxide will help. Apply peroxide to a cotton pad or piece of clean, soft cloth and rub into a stain. Ideally, the place should start to foam – the product has reacted and the chances of success are high. Repeat several times, wipe with a dry cloth, and the stain should go away. For more information check here

If this does not help, you can mix the salt, peroxide, and starch in the proportions of 2:1:1 and apply to the contaminated area. Leave to dry, remove the remaining mixture. It can be repeated several times until the stain is completely removed.

How to remove a tea stain from a mattress?

With 1 teaspoon of glycerin diluted in half a liter of warm water. Take a clean sponge or rag, moisten with this mixture and gently wipe the stain. After that, wipe that place with clean cool water and dry it thoroughly. If necessary, repeat it to completely eliminate contamination.

How to remove a coffee stain from a mattress?

Take 2 teaspoons of glycerin, add half a teaspoon of ammonia. Moisten a cotton pad or a piece of clean cloth with the resulting mixture, and wipe the contaminated area. Wash the affected area with soap and water, and wipe with clean water. Dry it. This method can even get rid of old spots.

How to clean the mattress from cosmetics and makeup stains?

Lipstick leaves behind not only a bright pigment but also greasy spots. To remove them, you must use regular dish soap. Dilute a small amount in water and wash the affected area in a circular motion. After that, wipe thoroughly with a damp, clean cloth, and dry it.

If this does not help, use alcohol. Apply a small amount to a clean cloth or cotton swab and wipe the dirt. Wipe again with warm water and dry it. Greasy stains should come off the mattress.

How to remove a wine stain from a mattress?

Sometimes parties can end quite unusually so that then you have to wipe wine stains from the mattress. Although it seems that stains of this origin are difficult to remove, it’s worth a try. A fresh red wine stain can be removed using very hot water.

If you act quickly, the spot will soon disappear. Dry the mattress well and that’s it. If time is lost, use the following remedies.

Alcohol diluted with water can help remove fresh stains.

Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in a teaspoon and a glass of warm water. Wipe the damaged area with the mixture. Repeat several times if necessary. Wash the place with white detergent or dish soap and clean water. Again, dry it really well.

How to remove food or juice stain from a mattress?

This is advice for eat-in-bed lovers. Fresh stains are removed using a solution of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Then, gently wipe it with clean water and let it dry. If this is not enough, add a soda solution. Dilute a tablespoon of soda in a glass of warm water, apply to the stain, wait for the affected area to dry, remove the remaining soda with a vacuum cleaner or brush, and that’s all, the mattress is clean!

All of the above tips on how to clean the mattress at home are relevant, repeatedly tested and absolutely safe for children or pets. If you don’t feel like messing around at home or have no desire to do, contact a special service or purchase special cleaning agents for mattresses in household cleaning departments.

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