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EUFY Robovac 15c Max Review

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Are you looking for the best EUFY vacuum for carpets? Look no further, the Robovac 15C Max is the ultimate deal.

Robovac 15c Max
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It boasts all the features the EUFY 15c has and adds to it a more potent motor, and a few more tweaks.

In this Robovac 15c Max review, we want to find out what this fairly new model adds and what it has not achieved yet.

To start, here is what we liked and things that ought to be improved.

  • Low profile design
  • Deep carpet vacuuming
  • Three power modes
  • Reusable filters
  • Long runtime
  • Smart connectivity
  • SLAM navigation
  • No resume function

Design and aesthetics

It’s quite hard to discern the Robovac 15c Max from other EUFY robot vacuums. This is because it comes with the same low profile design and the finish as well.

It stands at 2.85-inches and has a 12.8-inch diameter.

Cleaning performance

This is the most important consideration when buying any cleaner. There are several cleaning components we need to analyze here.

  • 1. Orientation – The Robovac 15c Max is designed for cleaning bare floors and carpets as well. Unlike the EUFY 15c that struggles on medium and high pile carpets, this one does an excellent job as we will see later on in the cleaning test results.
  • 2. Suction power – The component responsible is the motor and EUFY chose the best. This vacuum comes with the latest brushless motor, efficient enough to produce up to 2000Pa making the Robovac 15c Max among the most potent robot vacuums. In addition, it can run on three power modes; Eco, BoostIQ and Max, which is the beast mode.
  • 3. Brush system – Like all vacuums, the Robovac 15c Max relies on a pair of side brushes and a primary brushroll to initiate agitation. Nothing is different in this model.
  • 4. Filtration – Here again, there is no significant difference as the new variant still uses HEPA style filters. But there is some slight difference in the filter design. The Robovac 15c Max features a UniBody filter and the 0.6L bin now has a wider wind tunnel. The filter is also inclined to capture dust more effectively.

Cleaning tests

EUFY logoAs usual, we test all the robot vacuums in our reviews. Gladly for the Robovac 15c Max, allowed us access to his home, a four bedroomed apartment with partial linoleum, hardwood, and a high pile carpet, with several area rugs.

Also, the house has two furry friends, Chihuahuas to be precise. The two dogs provided enough mess to test the Robovac 15c Max.

We also used the common household dirt to test the vacuum, alongside the pet hairs, and some kitty litter.

Bare floors

On bare floors, the EUFY 15c did an impressive job and managed to clear all the large debris including the pet hairs and kitty litter.

The only problem seemed to be the flour which left a trace of the + pattern of the flour. But after a fe passes, everything disappeared completely.

The results were all similar when on linoleum and hardwood.

Bare floors

Low pile carpets

On low pile carpets, BoostIQ quickly came into play and stepped up suction but still, it was evident that the robot couldn’t clear the flour and some sugar. But upon switching to Max mode, it picked up all the dirt leaving just a few traces of flour on a few areas.

Low pile carpets

Medium pile carpets

When it came to medium pile carpets, the Robovac 15c Max was overwhelmed by the flour and sugar. Here also, kitty litter, and some rice also remained behind. However, upon switching to Max Mode, all the dirt disappeared, save for a few cloudy patches of the flour.

Medium pile carpets

High pile carpets

Lastly on high pile carpets, the Robovac 15c Max was up against some area rugs, flokati and the large Polypropylene Fiber carpet. We started with BoostIQ and the robot failed terribly. It only picked up the large Cheerios, some rice, and the pet hair.

Then we switched to Max mode and here, the results were exemplary. The robot picked up all the large dirt and the only thing left behind was the flour and, of course, some sugar which were deep inside the carpet pile.

High pile carpets

Battery and runtime

Anker is best known for their batteries, and the company replicated the same in their robot vacuums. The Robovac 15c Max comes with the same 2600mAh battery that lasts it for around 100 minutes in normal mode. But as you step up to BoostIQ and Max mode, it drops to 88 minutes and 80 minutes, respectively.

When it comes to recharging, it takes around 4 – 5 hours for the cleaner to be ready for the next task. Unfortunately, there is no resume function so you will have to prompt the robot again. For the daily user, the battery pack should last you from 12 to 18 months.

Navigation and mapping

Navigation and mapping are two important aspects of robot vacuums. Unfortunately, EUFY has failed to do much upgrade with the 15 Max.
Robovac 15c Max boasts a SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm. If you have high traffic rooms, this might not be the best even if it comes with obstacles and drop detection.

As for floor mapping, the EUFY 15c Max is also a disappointment as it doesn’t have an intelligent floor mapping and scanning system. It moves in random patterns so in those large apartments with many rooms, some spots may be skipped.

Smart features

From the ‘c’ at the end of the model number, you can easily tell that this is a connected model. The EUFY 15 Max has 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity which enables operation via the EUFY home app available on Android and iOS.

On the app, there are several features that allow you to monitor and control your vacuum Besides, the Robovac 15c Max is compatible with Amazon Alexa and several other third party integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robovac 15C Max suitable for carpet cleaning?

Robovac 15C Max is one of the best Eufy models for carpet cleaning. It has 2000 Pa suction and BoostIQ technology to increase suction on carpets. The robot vacuum is recommended for low and medium pile carpets as well as for pet hair cleaning.


Does Robovac 15C Max come with virtual walls?

Unfortunately, the model does not support virtual barriers.

Is Robovac 15C Max quiet?

The 15C Max vacuum produces abou 55 decibels. This is a very quiet model, which won`t disturb you even when you`re sleeping.

How can I connect my Robovac 15C Max to WiFi?

To connect your robot vacuum to WiFi, you should download EufyHome app. Open the app, add your device, and follow the instructions to set up the WiFi connection. While waiting for connection, your device LED will be slowly flashing blue. Then it will flash more rapidly. Finally, when WiFi connection is completed, you`ll see solid blue light.

Who should buy Robovac 15c Max?

The Robovac 15c may not have so much extras from its predecessor but then the small addition makes the difference.


The inclusion of a more powerful motor makes the Robovac 15c Max a great deal for homeowners with high pile carpets, area rugs and flokati as well.

So, if you badly want a EUFY vacuum but the average suction power was a concern, you now have your match – 2000Pa under the hood is a great fete for the Chinese brand.

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