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🥇 Roomba s9+ vs Roborock S6 vs Deebot Ozmo 950

Roborock S6

Deebot Ozmo 950

Price History Chart

  • Price history Roomba s9+
    Current1,099$January 23, 2020
    Highest1,399$July 23, 2019
    Lowest999$December 18, 2019
  • Last price changes
    Jan 20, 20201,099$
    Jan 7, 20201,394$
    Jan 3, 20201,395$
  • Price history Roborock S6
    Current650$January 23, 2020
    Highest650$September 2, 2019
    Lowest650$January 13, 2020
  • Last price changes
    Jan 22, 2020650$
    Jan 13, 2020650$
    Sep 2, 2019650$
  • Price history Deebot Ozmo 950
    Current700$January 23, 2020
    Highest803$November 22, 2019
    Lowest600$November 12, 2019
  • Last price changes
    Jan 9, 2020700$
    Jan 7, 2020711$
    Jan 6, 2020800$
Open Face to Face Comparison Table
Roomba s9+ (9550)Roomba s9+ Roborock S6Roborock S6 Deebot ozmo 950Deebot Ozmo 950
Main advantages
Wi-Fi SupportYesYesYes
Carpet cleaningYesYesYes
Good for Pet HairYesYesYes
Multi-Room CleaningYesYesYes
Recharge and ResumeYesYesYes
Run Time120 minutes180 minutes200 minutes
Full Bin IndicatorYesNoNo
Virtual WallsYesYesNo
Cleaning Features
Power suction2200 Pa2000 Pa1500 Pa
Cleaning SystemSuperior 3- stage cleaning systemVacuum Cleaner and Mop2-in-1 Vacuuming & Mopping
Сleaning Area2153 ft2 / 200 m22691 ft2 / 250 m23767 ft2 / 350 m2
Cleaning ModesDetailed clean, Quiet clean, Custom, Vacuum passesQuiet, balanced, turbo, max, moppingNormal, Max, Max plus
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Rubber BrushesA tangle-free main brushOptimized brush design
HEPA FilterYesYesNo
Dustbin Capacity400 ml480 ml430 ml
Best for...Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, CornersBare Floor Types & СarpetHard Floors & Carpets
NavigationAdvanced vSLAM + Imprint Smart MappingSmart LDS Navigation with 14 types of sensorSmart Navi 3.0. Such
Multi-Room CleaningYesYesYes
Dirt DetectYesNoNo
Battery Capacity3300 mAh5200 mAh5200 mAh
Charging Time120 minutes150 min300 minutes
RunTime120 minutes180 minutes200 minutes
Control and Apps
Remote Control (IR)NoNoNo
Amazon Alexa SupportYesYesYes
Google Assistant SupportYesYesYes
Voice controlYesYesYes
Width12.25 in13.78 in13.70 in
Height3.5 in3.78 in3.66 in
Weight8.15lbs7.94 lbs6.61 lbs
In box
  • iRobot® Roomba® s9+ Robot Vacuum
  • Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal
  • 2 Dirt Disposal Bags
  • North American Line Cord
  • Extra High-Efficiency Filter
  • Extra Corner Brush
  • Roborock S6 robotic vacuum
  • Charging dock
  • Power cable
  • Water tank
  • Mop
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • 10 disposable wipes
  • 2 mopping pads
  • Charging dock,
  • 4 side brushes,
  • 2 high efficiency air filters,
  • 2 mopping pads,
  • Cleaning tool
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In today’s review, we’ll compare and analyze the three most advanced and newest robots – Roomba s9+, Roborock S6, and Deebot Ozmo 950. These models were produced by iRobot, Xiaomi, and Ecovacs companies, respectively. Our participants have the most innovative technologies and belong to the luxury class robots. Let’s see what these newbies can brag about and whether they are worth the money.

Roomba s9+

Roomba s9+ (9550)
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Roomba s9 + is the most innovative robot vacuum cleaner of the iRobot company at the moment.

This model was released in 2019 and attracted the attention of specialists and users around the world. It’s rightfully considered one of the best due to the significant changes both in appearance and functionality.

The s9+ has a D-shape case, thanks to which robot can better clean in the corners and along the baseboards.

The location, shape, and volume of the dust collector have changed too since now the vacuum cleaner can empty itself on the charging base.

The vacuum cleaner uses a classic three-stage cleaning system, but it has completely new brushes. Engineers set up an updated five-ray side brush and 30% longer central silicone rollers.

The robot uses the new Imprint Link technology, thanks to which it can work together with another novelty – the iRobot Braava jet m6 mopping robot cleaner. The mentioned technology allows you to synchronize robots for joint cleaning.

A powerful battery, an enlarged filter, advanced navigation, several new technologies make this model a real breakthrough in household robotics.

  • improved shape
  • nice battery
  • well-thought-out turbo brush design
  • high suction power
  • HEPA filtering
  • adaptation to the cleaning of any surfaces
  • thoughtful navigation
  • mapping of rooms
  • app and voice control
  • Imprint Link technology
  • Dirt Disposal Base
  • small dustbin
  • high price

Roborock S6

Roborock S6
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In 2019, Xiaomi also announced the new Xiaomi Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner that can undoubtedly be considered the flagship model of the company.

This robot belongs to the third generation of models and has several changes compared to its predecessors.

Roborock S6 is a robotic vacuum cleaner with an optional floor mopping function.

For dry cleaning, it is equipped with a five-pointed side brush and a central silicone roller. For wet cleaning, the robot uses a container with water and special fiber cloth.

The model has excellent navigation, offers decent quality of cleaning, and modern management through the application and voice assistants.

The robot can make maps where you can divide the apartment into sections that need to be cleaned or bypassed.

A powerful battery provides more than two hours of battery life in various modes, and this should be enough for 129 square meters of cleaning.

  • both dry and wet cleaning
  • an improved set of brushes
  • high suction
  • powerful battery
  • nice navigation
  • Mapping technology
  • mobile app and voice control
  • silent work
  • very similar to Roborock S5 model
  • can be rather expensive

Deebot Ozmo 950

Deebot ozmo 950
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Deebot Ozmo 950 is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner for the complete cleaning of homes of all sizes.

This model has a long battery life and excellent navigation technology. The robot performs a thorough dry and wet cleaning of the entire house.

Thanks to the optimized brush design, the Ozmo 950 collects maximum debris and can clean cracks up to 4 mm deep.

The Ozmo system is also used for wet cleaning. It means that the cleaner does not wet the floor, but the fiber itself. This even distribution of fluid allows you to achieve the best effect without left dirt and stains.

Deebot Ozmo 950 has several cleaning modes with different suction power. The maximum power of 1500 Pa is achieved with the Max+ mode.

It can be used when you need intensive deep cleaning. Laser Mapping Smart Navi 3.0 also contributes to efficient cleaning.

  • both dry and wet cleaning
  • high suction
  • several cleaning modes
  • floor type detection
  • powerful battery
  • laser navigation
  • mobile app and voice control
  • small dustbin
  • high price

Design, Size, and Dimensions

Roborock S6 and Deebot 950 are made in the classical style – they have a round shape and plastic cases. The first model has a bright white color, and the second is sustained in black tones. Roomba s9+ is very different both from its Roomba relatives and from the opponent robots. iRobot decided to step back from the usual forms and made the s9+ D-shaped. It’s a proved fact that thanks to such a structure, robots better clean in the corners and along baseboards than round models. A series of tests verify it, so the effectiveness of the non-standard form is proven.

Speaking of dimensions, we note that the s9 + weighs 8.15 pounds and has a height of 3.5 inches. Such dimensions make it the thinnest model of all Roomba vacuum cleaners.

Roborock weighs less than Roomba. It’s as heavy as 7,94 pounds but is taller than s9+ (3.78 inches).
The Deebot model becomes the lightest of the three robots weighing only 6.61 pounds. If we talk about height, it stays precisely between the ultra-thin Roomba and tall Roborock. The height of Deebot Ozmo 950 is 3.6 inches.


Roomba s9+ robot has the Imprint Smart Mapping and vSLAM functions of building a room map. Using various sensors and a special camera, the vacuum cleaner makes a plan of dwelling. This plan keeps in its memory and your app for further cleaning and navigation. The map can be divided into zones for convenience. iAdapt 3.0 and PerfectEdge technology help the robot determine the floor type, choose the appropriate mode, and show better cleaning in the corners and along the walls.


By the way, all three robots use multi-story mapping systems.
In Roomba, it’s called Imprint Smart Mapping, Roborock S6 has Map Management 3.0, and Deebot Ozmo 950 uses Smart Navi 3.0. Such navigation systems help robots work quickly and accurately at the same time, giving you easy management.

A mapping system scans rooms and remembers them. The mobile application displays a map and makes it possible to independently divide rooms into zones, as well as restrict movement (with virtual walls), set a place for local cleaning, highlighting a spot on the map, or simply pointing with a finger where the robot should work.


Besides, this technology allows robots to remember up to 3 cleaning plans. If you need a robot vacuum cleaner for a two- or three-story house, each of our models will suit you as they remember the floor cleaning plan for each floor.

Dirt Detection

Roomba s9 + widely uses the so-called Dirt Detect function and enhances the suction power and brush rotation speed on the most contaminated areas of the floor.


Unfortunately, Roborock and Deebot cannot determine the degree of contamination of the floor, but they perceive the type of surface. In particular, they define carpets and also increase suction during such cleaning.

Filter System

During operation, all three models clean both the floor and the air. The air sucked with the dirt passes through special filters that trap the smallest particles. Then the cleaned and safe air returns to the room.

Roomba and Roborock are equipped with HEPA filters, which are considered the best at the moment. Such cleaning elements retain dust, small dirt, allergens, and pathogenic particles. Deebot also uses a powerful highly-efficiency filtering system, which is practically not inferior to HEPA filters.


The management over the three devices goes through the branded mobile apps with all accompanying conveniences like cleaning schedule, location tracking, etc.

Besides, robots don’t use material virtual walls. You can draw restrictive lines on the map in your application.
Roomba s9+, Roborock S6, and Deebot Ozmo 950 can also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistants.

In addition, Roomba s9+ can also be connected with Braava jet m6 mopping robot through Imprint Link technology to perform synchronized sophisticated floor cleaning. After finishing its work, Roomba gives a command to the Braava robot, which completes the wet cleaning of the floors.

Suction Power

All three robots have excellent suction power, which is far superior to most robot vacuum models. If we place the robots in increasing order, we’ll get the following order.

Deebot Ozmo 950 is capable of developing a power of 1500 Pa. Such suction works in Max+ mode. During standard cleaning, the power is 1200 Pa.

Roborock S6 takes the second place. It has a suction of 2000 Pa. This power is enough to clean absolutely any flooring and pollution.

And the most powerful of the three robots is Roomba s9+. This model has suction up to 2200 Pa.

Run Time

Roomba s9+ has a 3300 mAh battery, lasts up to 120 minutes, and charges in 200 minutes.

Roborock S6 is equipped with a more powerful 5200 mAh battery. It is enough to provide 150 minutes of battery life. At the same time, recharging will also take 150 minutes.

Deebot Ozmo 950 has the same 5200 mAh battery, but it can work incredibly long – up to 200 minutes. Charging time is not mentioned.

Dustbin Indicator

Full Bin Indicator informs the user about the degree of fullness of the dustbin and tells him when to empty it. This useful element simplifies robot maintenance. But unfortunately, not all models have the indicator.

Of the robots presented, only Roomba s9+ with a 400 ml container is equipped with such a function. It’s a funny fact because, actually, you do not need to deal with emptying the dust bin yourself. This robot can perform self-cleaning on the station. This technology is called Automatic Dirt Disposal.

The indicator would be more useful in Roborock S6 with its 500 ml container and Deebot Ozmo 950 with 430 ml, but they do not have it. We also note that these two models can carry out wet cleaning. Therefore, they have removable water tanks with volumes of 160 ml and 240 ml, respectively.


Roomba s9+ is a rather quiet model. This vacuum cleaner has a noise level of 65 decibels, which allows you to run it whenever you want. At the same time, it does not prevent you from doing your own business or resting, but it’s not the quietest model.

Roborock S6 is more silent than its previous opponent. This robot works by producing no more than 50 decibels.

And finally, Deebot Ozmo 950 can be called the quietest of the presented vacuum cleaners, since its noise level varies from 45 to 65 decibels. This factor depends on the selected cleaning mode, but the minimum noise level allows it to work in the same room with a sleeping person and not wake him.


Being flagship models, each of the robots offers customers a wide range of additional accessories.

Aside from Roomba, the kit includes:
  • AC cord,
  • charging dock,
  • dual-mode virtual barrier,
  • one additional HEPA filter,
  • extra side brush,
  • 12-month warranty.
Roborock provides:
  • charging dock,
  • power cable,
  • one 160 ml water tank,
  • mop,
  • 2 mopping pads,
  • 10 disposable wipes,
  • 24-month warranty card.
Deebot can be bought with:
  • a docking station,
  • power cord,
  • one 240 ml water tank,
  • 2 additional high-performance filters,
  • a washable and reusable mopping pad,
  • disposable mopping cloths,
  • 4 side brushes.

Tests on different types of floors

Obviously, all of the characteristics mentioned above indicate that our robots belong to top models. Thanks to precise navigation, mapping, fantastic suction power, Carpet Detection function, and much more, Roomba, Roborock, and Deebot are suitable for cleaning any floor type. You may safely buy s9 +, s6, or 950 if you have ceramic tile, marble, wood or tile floors, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and carpets.

The robots do not get stuck when moving from hard floors to carpets (and vice versa), as they can overpass small elevations from 16 to 20 mm in high.

None of the three models miss floor areas, as they use well-thought-out driving strategies. First, the vacuums clean the edges of the room. Then they work with the inside part performing various movements.

Also, Roborock and Deebot carry out wet cleaning of hard floors. The surface is wiped with a damp fiber. In general, robots do not leave stains and wet spots. But this mode of operation consumes a little more battery power.


In conclusion, we’d like to note that robots really have the best characteristics and can handle the cleaning of any complexity. However, remember that the cost of these models is much higher than the prices of the budget class robots.

And mostly, you overpay not for innovation, but rather for the right to own the latest model. Each of the three robots will cost you no less than $ 800.

Roomba s9+ is suitable for large houses and offices, where people are too busy to spend time on such trifles as cleaning a dustbin. The robot will cope with any garbage and hair, clean and remember the plan of several floors, notify you of the cleaning, and empty the container. If desired and possible, you can buy a Braava jet m6 mop for synchronized floor cleaning. But we warn you right away that it will cost you a fortune.

Roborock S6 will do the same job. Plus, it refreshes the floor with wet cleaning. By the way, some users believe that this model is mostly similar to its predecessor “brother” Roborock S5, so there is no point in overpaying for the same, but a newer model. This issue is controversial, and it’s up to you to decide.

Deebot Ozmo 950 is also lovely for wet and dry cleaning of surfaces. It is a great model with high suction and a powerful battery.

To a large extent, the choice between the three models is equivalent. It all depends on whether you need wet cleaning and how much you are willing to spend. And the robots will take care of the rest.