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🥇 Roborock S5 vs. Roomba 980 vs. Roomba i7+

Roborock S5

Price History Chart

  • Price history Roomba 980
    Current899$January 16, 2020
    Highest1,802$January 8, 2018
    Lowest699$September 7, 2018
  • Last price changes
    Jan 16, 2020899$
    Jan 11, 2020936$
    Jan 7, 2020940$
  • Price history Roomba i7+
    Current995$January 16, 2020
    Highest1,400$January 31, 2019
    Lowest695$December 13, 2019
  • Last price changes
    Jan 15, 2020995$
    Jan 14, 2020999$
    Jan 11, 2020995$
  • Price history Roborock S5
    Current500$January 16, 2020
    Highest635$September 10, 2019
    Lowest500$July 22, 2019
  • Last price changes
    Dec 30, 2019500$
    Dec 16, 2019635$
    Dec 9, 2019500$
Open Face to Face Comparison Table
Roomba 980Roomba 980 Roomba i7+Roomba i7+ Roborock S5Roborock S5
Main advantages
Wi-Fi SupportYesYesYes
Carpet cleaningYesYesYes
Good for Pet HairYesYesYes
Multi-Room CleaningYesYesNo
Recharge and ResumeYesYesYes
Run Time120 minutes75 min150 minutes
Full Bin IndicatorYesYesNo
Virtual WallsYesYesNo
Cleaning Features
Power suction1700 Pa1700 Pa2000Pa
Cleaning SystemAeroForcePremium 3-Stage Cleaning SystemCyclonic 3D
Сleaning Area1991 ft2 / 185 m21991 ft2 / 185 m22691 ft2 / 250 m2
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot, Carpet boostAuto, Spot, Carpet boostQuiet, Balanced, Turbo, Max, Zoned cleanup, Carpet boost
BrushesTangle-free Dual Multi-SurfaceDual Multi-Surface Rubber BrushesSelf-adjustable Brushes
HEPA FilterYesYesYes
Dustbin Capacity600 ml500 ml500 ml
Best for...Hardwood, Vynil, Marble tile, Ceramic tile, Laminate, LinoleumFor Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard FloorsFor Pet Hair, Carpet & Hard Floor
NavigationiAdapt 2.0Patented adapt 3. 0Smart LDS Navigation with 13 sensor types
Multi-Room CleaningYesYesNo
Dirt DetectYesYesNo
Battery Capacity3300 mAh3300 mAh5200mAh
Charging Time120 min120 min240 min
RunTime120 min75 min150 minutes
Control and Apps
Remote Control (IR)NoYesNo
Amazon Alexa SupportYesYesYes
Google Assistant SupportYesYesYes
Voice controlYesYesYes
Width13.90 in13.31 in13.78 in
Height3.60 in3.62 in3.78 in
Weight8.69 lbs7.28 lbs7.72 lbs
In box
  • Charging station,
  • Line cord,
  • Extra side brush,
  • 2 dual mode virtual wall barriers with batteries,
  • Extra filter
  • Clean base automatic dirt disposal,
  • 2 dirt disposal bags,
  • North American line cord,
  • Dual mode virtual wall barrier,
  • Extra high-efficiency filter,
  • Extra side brush
  • Adapter,
  • Charging dock,
  • Water tank,
  • Mopping pad,
  • English user manual
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You will agree with me that upon the release of the Roborock S5, it was clear that Roomba’s dominance was diminishing. The Chinese brand Roborock was finally catching up with its American counterparts.

In this Roborock S5 vs. Roomba 980 vs. Roomba i7 comparison review, we want to compare the features to find out which is the best model, for which kind of homeowner. But before we go further, here are the highlights of each model.

Roomba 980

The 980 is the ceiling model in the Roomba 900 series.

It boasts much of the features the 960 has save for a few additions. The 960 and 980 both have a 3-stage cleaning system, VSLAM navigation, recharge and resume function, dual multisurface brush system, AeroForce filtration and 0.3L bin with full bin indicator just to mention a few.

The extras that the 980 has include Carpet Boost mode which boosts suction from 1000Pa to 1670Pa in max mode, and a powerful battery that lasts 120 minutes on average, which is longer than the 75 minutes Roomba 960 does.

Roomba i7 vs. i7+

These two are the latest robot vacuums from iRobot, and the outstanding feature is iRobot’s exclusive CleanBase Technology which empties the bin automatically.


Please note, the difference between iRobot Roomba i7 vs. i7+ is the CleanBase unit. The i7 (7150) doesn’t come with the CleanBase while the i7+ (7550) comes with the CleanBase unit.

Other new additions include the new iAdapt 3.0 navigation which brings on board Imprint Smart Mapping that has features like Zone Cleaning. Unfortunately, Roomba cut down on the runtime as the duo do 75 minutes, and also, the two vacuums lack Carpet Boost function and deliver a paltry 1000Pa.

Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 is the flagship model from Roborock as an independent brand after breaking away from Chinese giants Xiaomi. There are four color variations of the S5 – S50 (White), S52 (Inter Milan Blue), S51 (Rose Gold) and S55 (Black).

The S5 is an upgrade of the previous Roborock model called Xiaomi Mi Vacuum. This one has improved suction – from 1800Pa to 2000Pa. Other new features include Zone Cleaning, Manual Cleaning, and digital boundaries.

Roborock S5 vs. Roomba 980 vs. Roomba i7+ – What is Similar?

  • 3-stage cleaning system – Just like all robot vacuums, Roomba 980, i7 and Roborock S5 will sweep, agitate and suck up dirt.
  • HEPA-style filtration – The three vacuums lack a true-HEPA filtration system and instead use HEPA-style filters.
  • Recharge and resume functionality – All the three vacuums will resume cleaning after recharging.
  • Smart connectivityRoomba and Roborock use 2.4GHz WiFi for app and voice-activated control.

Roborock S5 vs. Roomba 980 vs. Roomba i7 vs. Roomba i7+ – What are the Differences?

  • Suction power – Roomba i7 and I7+ have the lowest suction power (1000Pa) and run on a single speed. Roomba 980 has two speeds and delivers a maximum of 1670Pa in Carpet Boost. Roborock, on the other hand, does an impressive 2000Pa.
  • Brush design – Roomba has a dual multisurface brush system and a single side sweeping brush. Roborock, on the other hand, has a single tangle free brushroll and a single side sweeping brush as well.
  • Cleaning orientations – Roomba i7 and 980 will only sweep and vacuum. However, the S5 will sweep, vacuum, and mop.
  • Navigation systemRoomba i7 and 980 have a VSLAM navigation system called iAdapt 3.0 and iAdapt 2.0 respectively. Roborock uses SLAM navigation called LDS.
  • Runtime – Roomba i7 and i7+ have the shortest runtime, 75 minutes. They are followed by Roomba 980 at 120 minutes and finally, Roborock S5 at 150 minutes.
  • Boundary marking – Roomba 980 and i7 have Virtual Walls that uses physical nodes to set boundaries. Roborock, on the other hand, has digital boundaries – draw the limits on the app.
  • PriceRoomba 980 and i7+ are expensive and cost well over $900. The i7 is a little cheaper at $650 as it lacks the CleanBase unit. Roborock offers the best value for money as it costs less than $600.
  • Manual Cleaning – Roborock S5 can be easily controlled manually using a simple joystick on the app. Or even buttons Roombas lack this feature.
  • Zone CleaningRoomba i7 and Roborock S5 can be programmed to clean specific zones. However, the 980 lacks Zone Cleaning function, which is available in iAdapt 3.0 only.

Who Should Buy Roomba 980?

Roomba 980The Roomba 980 will suit any bare floor owner, whether it is a hardwood floor, tile or vinyl. Carpet Boost mode steps up suction to 1670Pa flushing out the tiny dirt and debris that hide deep inside the carpet pile.

The VSLAM navigation helps the vacuum to maneuver seamlessly, making it a great deal for large apartments and high traffic rooms. Besides, the smart floor mapping and scanning ensure entire floor coverage in large apartments and fast cleaning. The long runtime, on the other hand, ensures large floor areas are cleaned on a single charge.

Pet owners will also love the 980 because of the tangle free brush and high suction power which jointly pick up all the pet hairs indiscriminately.

Who Should Buy Roomba i7+?

Roomba i7+The i7+, just like Roomba 980, works exceptionally on bare floors. The self-emptying bin technology works autonomously for up to 30 days, and that makes it a great deal for the busy homeowners who don’t have the time to empty the bin regularly.

Homeowners with heavy shedding pets will also benefit from this model as the tangle free brush picks up both short and long hairs without jamming the brush. We also front the i7+ for homes with many rooms, and crowded furniture as the VSLAM navigation maneuvers around precisely and more accurately, avoiding the obstacles.

Those with busy homes and large apartments will also benefit from the Zone Cleaning function as you can concentrate on specific dirt hotspots instead of vacuuming the entire house.

Who Should Buy Roborock S5?

Roborock S5The S5, just like the two Roombas, is suitable for all bare floors, including tile and hardwood. The excellent 2000Pa suction in high power mode is all that’s needed to flush out dirt that hides deep inside the deep high pile carpets and shags.

Large apartment owners also have something to smile about courtesy of the 150 minutes runtime which is enough to finish vacuuming a large apartment on a single charge.

On the other hand, advanced cleaning features like Zone Cleaning and Manual drive make cleaning busy homes easier and faster. No need to vacuum the entire house; identify the common dirt hotspots or manually drive the robot to areas where there is dirt.