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5 Tips On How To Remove Red Wine from Carpet

Spilled red wine on a carpet requires a prompt action to get rid of the wine stain. Otherwise, the carpet will have a permanent stain. In general, the quicker you tend to the spill the higher your chances of removing the stain completely.

The most immediate step is when wine is spilled on the carpet is grabbing the kitchen papers. Grab a few of them depending on how much wine you have spilled on the carpet and place them onto the spilled wine. You should apply some pressure on the papers to so that they absorb he satin from the carpet. When the papers are soaked, discard them and switch to a new set, press it down on the spill until all of the wine has been fully extracted into the kitchen papers.

Make sure not to wipe or rub the stain, since you will end up spreading the spill into a larger surface area and therefore damage more of the carpet fiber. When almost all of the wine has been extracted, net up is a stain removal exercise. With stain removal, there seems to be a number of schools of thought shared among avid wine drinkers who have had to deal with regular wine spillages. Each of them has it’s own effectiveness.

1. Removing Wine Stains With More Wine

Yes, you read that right. Interestingly, one of the most popular tips given for wine spill removal is neutralizing red wine stain using white wine. The concept behind this is the fact that white wine contains an enzyme that when put on the stain caused by red wine, it neutralizes it, making it much easier to remove.

You only need to pour some white wine on the stain caused by red wine, then blot the stain gently using a damp cloth. When most of the red wine has been removed, you can use a mild detergent to clean up the stain area using the same method. To remove the remaining stain and detergent, use a new damp cloth to blot the area. Blow dry the damp area of the carpet with some cool air, and keep brushing the fiber to lift the wet and flattened carpet.

2. Pouring Some Soda Water on The Stain

Soda water is another popular agent popularly recommended for wine stain removal. The effervescence of soda water can help to get rid of the stain from the carpet’s fiber. Additionally, the high salt content of the soda water ideally helps to prevent the wine’s stain from settling onto the fiber. Applying soda water on the carpet for wine stain removal should be done as described with the white wine procedure.

While this method is often regarded as less effective than the use of white wine, there’s usually no harm in trying it out if you don’t have any white wine in your closet. It can also be a cheaper and the next more effective alternative than white wine.

3. Pouring Salt onto the Stain

Salt’s natural ability to effectively absorb fluid makes it one of the most effective agents for wine stain removal. If you don’t have any soda water or white wine around, the salt you use in your kitchen can be a great component for your emergency kit to prevent a wine stain from getting worse.

Once you remove the excess wine from your carpet, you can simply pour some salt onto the stain and allow it to settle as you go get other stain removal products. Before you begin your wine stain removal process, be sure to vacuum the salt thoroughly. If you don’t have salt, don’t worry, baking soda can still do the trick.

4. Mixing Hydrogen Peroxide with Carpet Shampoo

Another popular suggestion on removing carpet stains is creating a solution of carpet shampoo and hydrogen peroxide for use on the stain. Since hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent, it might cause bleaching, so be careful with it. although you can use the hydrogen peroxide to remove a wine stain, you can also remove the carpet dye if the mixture or application of the solution is not done as it should, and it might leave a permanent unsightly mark on your carpet.

5. Using a Vinegar and Detergent Solution

If you don’t mind trying to create homemade wine stain removal solution for your carpet, consider mixing about 1/3 cup of white vinegar in 2/3 cup of water. Mix the two well, and pour the solution on to the carpet stain, and begin blotting with a clean cloth. When the stain begins to lighten, put some mild dish washing detergent on to the stain and blot the remaining stain. Now rinse the detergent off by spraying some water onto the surface and keep blotting using a dry cloth. To prevent flattening of the carpet as it dries, blow dry and brush it when it dries.

6. Getting Professional Help

If your stain removal procedure doesn’t seem to work, you can opt to contact a professional carpet cleaning service. These are ideal as they are equipped with the proper cleaning technologies, which include a wide range of effective stain removers. Such materials and equipment might not be available in your local DIY stores, or might not make sense buying them just for tackling stubborn stains.

If you have any doubts or difficulties removing the wine stains in your carpet, you should contact a reputable carpet cleaning service immediately after the spill to help alleviate the problem promptly. If you opt for this, you don’t want to wait until the stain has stayed in the carpet for a long time before you contact them. The longer you wait, the more likely it is for the stain to stick onto the carpet fiber.

As you wait for the professionals to arrive, it helps to remove the excess wine by blotting as much wine as possible from the stain. Nonetheless, when they do arrive, you can be sure that they can rid the stain completely. The modern technology has improved dry cleaning methods, allowing for effective removal of stubborn stains, and keeping the carpet safely.


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